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  2. Drownedwalk1622

    Can't open

    1. Run cmd as administrator* -> type the following command & hit enter. cd C:\windows\System32 -> type the following command & hit enter. regsvr32 jscript.dll -> type the following command & hit enter. regsvr32 vbscript.dll Try now
  3. Yesterday
  4. uh, because they aren't in this version because they are not cracked yet version 1.06 is just the base game basically the DLCs in this one are just like equipment and stuff
  5. grooya

    World War Z [MULTi10] - CorePack | 15.1 GB

    can i please get a clean torrent without rars and viruses on stupid sites,i use adblock and its ridiculous how much shit is redirecting,u didnt had that before!
  6. S!r.ReaDy

    Can't open

    Hi, basically title says its all. I can't open any zip/rar file downloaded from Corepack. Yes, I did try to disable anti-viruses, redownload, use other browsers, etc. Same. Ideaas?
  7. Will this be updated with V1.03 anytime soon?It was announced today
  8. ishq

    What a Pikachu World

    Pika Can't wait to see you.just an amazing Character of All time.Its An My Good Old Memory when i was kid And Watch Cartoons.What a Childhood. Release on May 3 2019.And Guys Can't miss this great movie.Also please watch This movie in cinema's.if you want more pikachu movies in future.
  9. MostafaAShraf

    Far Cry 4 - Repack V2 | 5.69 GB

    I downloaded the second link you posted cuz of the size issue and all I got was the info of the corepack would appreciate it if you send me the torrent link
  10. ishq

    MK11 | Review

    i know that before release its always an masterpiece like all previous series.
  11. Cortana 5

    MK11 | Review

    The most epic game release of 2019. Test your might. M.K.11 is here.
  12. tried to installed it thrice..and able to finished and completed the setup. but it seems,.. it does not really installed on mu computer!.. drive D: to be exact. And the the firewall is off also, could not seems to installed it properly. Do i missed something? help please?
  13. Hey admin uptobox makes me download through chrome, not idm (does not support hotlinking) while the other link kumpulbagi doesn't work anymore.the 1gb files on openload are also missing. Can you please reupload on any other file hosting sites like zippyshare etc. where idm works? Please this is my sincere request....
  14. BedBug

    Cuphead v1.2.2 - GOG

    Update Notes: DOWNLOADS: Letsupload https://ouo.io/BMou3h
  15. BedBug

    MK11 | Review

  16. Drownedwalk1622

    AC Unity (dead link)

    What do u mean by complete edition? AFAIK Only dlc Dead Kings is free and it will come with it.
  17. Thanks a lot, working perfect: https://youtu.be/68NqEQlkXn4

    Uploading repack

    Corepack a humble request to upload Call of Duty Modern warfare Remastered v1.13 with all dlc. THANKS IN ADVANCE
  19. ~Os~


    Can someone please give me download links of Hulk (2003) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hulk_(video_game) The Incredible Hulk (2008) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Incredible_Hulk_(2008_video_game)
  21. WHYS0S3RI0US


    For all those which don"t want to risk an ip leak : https://github.com/cmdwhoami/whoami_vpn_killswitch.bat whoami_vpn_killswitch.bat will help ya to prevent leakin trough killiing the connection ... all Credits to cmdwhoami
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