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  2. Now I have posted a similar message in the Forza Horizon 3 page, I don't mean to be spamming the page I just trying to find a fix to my issue as this issue I'm having is the same for Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 3 Thank you for the repack I really appreciate it. I'm currently having issues playing the game. The game installs and the cmd window appears and it completes the first part but when asked to register dlc files it fails. Installation took about 30 minutes. I've been looking for a fix but I currently can't find anything. When I open the game the game window opens for a second but closes and nothing else happens. Looking for answers as I would like to really play this game and I have been looking for a fix. I'm also having the same issue on Forza Horzion 3. My Windows Build is
  3. i m getting code 12 isodne.dll error....:(
  4. First I got the "universal app... failed" error, enabling Windows 10 Developer Mode worked. Then I got the DLC error, copying the .xml file worked. Now I run "Activate Forza Horizon 3" and it says done for both of them now, but no Forza shortcut is created, already tried running "forza_x64_release_final" and "InstallApp", all of them as admin, and nothing. Anyone? #### EDIT: Game working fine. Only found the shortcut on the Windows Start menu. Thanks anyway.
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  6. it does not go through help me
  7. cryptious

    Dont Starve Together A New Reign-PLAZA

    hmm, how to play with LAN connection ? this game always said, "this account already login in another bla bla bla"
  8. new crack or deleting that line 47 duplicate didnt fix it. any other solution? System.Exception: Deployment of package Microsoft.ApolloBaseGame.1acaa008db_1.130.1736.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe with package origin Unsigned failed because no valid license or sideloading policy could be applied. A developer license ( or enterprise sideloading configuration ( may be required. at InstallApp.Main(String[] args)
  9. Try running the shortcut as admin.
  10. activation fails. windows 10 1803. whats the problem?
  11. Hello guys help me. I got this error massage as soon as finished the Forza Horizon 3 installation. (I Turn OFF the Security protection but didn't turn ON the Windows Developer Mode,Is that the reason for this?) I got this ICON on Desktop. Help me guys
  12. Hello @THE KNIGHT Please Update The Game Is New DLC and Updates
  13. better u request in that particular game thread for the links or do it in request section
  14. Hello @THE KNIGHT Can you please update the game not links please update wolfestain 2 the new colsuss because it contains updates which are required to play the game in right manner pleaes update this game. It has many glichtes and bugs in older version so, please update wolfestain 2 the new colussus to latest update Thank you.
  15. Now that the free game For Honor offer is over, does this work? Uplay is asking for an activation code. Me things the free game is over and activation is required. So, it does not work for me today June 20th with uplay and corepack installed edit: For Honor install was about 17 mins, but open to ideas if this works after the free game offer ended?
  16. Can someone please help mee. thank you all in advance!
  17. keorithy

    ReCore: Definitive Edition - CorePack | 11.5 GB

    thank you. the game works now.
  18. sry but i can provide direct links only no torrent

    Upcoming Repacks By Spidey Forever [Non Official Repacks]

  20. eddienunes

    ReCore: Definitive Edition - CorePack | 11.5 GB

    I did all this and the game still does not start - games works ONLY on Windows 10 x64, build 1703 or later. I also recommend you to install Windows Store, Xbox and Xbox Identity applications for crack to work. Also virtualization (Hyper-V Support) must be set off either in OS settings and/or in BIOS. If the setup won’t turn on Developer Mode on your OS, turn it on manually I'll check in the task manager and it will appear as runtime broker
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  22. admin can lock this one up.
  23. Well, I figured out a solution to this problem. I installed the iso file of this game and it worked out well. Somewhere along the lines of repacking this game, guys like me aren't able to see or find the .exe files. So this is something for the repackers to ponder and wonder what it is that gets taken out. Yes, the .exe file showed up on the start menu.
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