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      Herbert Slaith

      Site & Forum Rules and Other Information

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      Herbert Slaith

      Hello and welcome to CorePacks! By becoming a registered user at CorePacks Repacks, you automatically agree to the following rules:

      General Site & Forum Rules

      • You are free to use any language, although English is highly preferred and the shoutbox is English only.
      • Use only decent language on the site (do not even use *'s etc. to cover up bad language)
      • Do not act disrespectfully and/or abuse other members, only clean and ironic jokes are OK.
      • Do not post any 18+ rated nude or offensive content on the site.
      • Do not post any advertising, i.e. referral URL's on the site.
      • Although we have a file attachment feature, please use file hosting sites as much as possible.
      • Game account hacking is not condoned on CorePacks so don't do it.
      • Do not ask for the personal information of any staff members.
      • Torrent Links are allowed on CP but with a suitable direct link too. (Do not post fake torrents or torrent links without any direct download link!)
      • Do not link to other repack sites or repacks and do not link to any other piracy sites.
      • Creating multiple accounts on CorePacks is not allowed.
      • If you accumulate three warning points, you will be permanently banned.

      Do not post fake cracks or programs containing adware/malware/viruses.
      You will be instantly banned for this offence if it is seen as a malicious attempt to hack members, such as uploading or linking your own fake crack or program.
      Noob mistakes will be given a warning point and posting restrictions.

      Due to this possibility, it is important that you be wary of crack uploads from untrusted members, as we cannot be held responsible for anything that happens in these cases!

      Do NOT abuse or blackmail staff members.
      Sharing someones personal details (DOXXING) is NOT allowed.
      Racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and religious bigotry is NOT acceptable.

      Any member found to be acting in these ways will be BANNED!

      Signature Rules

      • The signature feature is only to be used to express yourself creatively.
      • Do not make your signature too tall or use it to show inappropriate content.
      • Do not add more than one external website address in your signature.

      Forum Posting Rules

      General Posting Rules

      • Do not spam the forum with videos or the same message repeatedly or variations of the same message repeatedly.
      • Do not post meaningless posts and keep them relevant to the topic you are posting on.
      • Do not purposefully flood forum sections with posts.
      • Do not topic bump dead topics, only reply to active topics.
      • You must make an effort to respond properly to posts.
      • If you wish to update your post, use the edit button to update your post. Do not add more posts to make updates as this counts as spam.
      • NOTE: If it looks like you are cheating with your posts, then you are most likely making too many posts too quickly with no regard for the above rules. Treat the forum with respect, engage in conversations, help people, do good things! :)
      • Only ask for an access code for a Deadnuvo game on the relevant Deadnuvo game page and only do this when you have met the requirements. Do not ask for one anywhere else on the website and do not ask anyone via PM for one. You will be disqualified if you do this!

      Topic Posting Rules

      • If you wish to update your topic, use the edit button to update your OP topic post. Do not add more posts to make updates as this counts as spam.
      • Do not post topics or similar topics which already exist on Corepacks and do not post meaningless topics, keep them relevant to the forum section you post them in and relevant to Corepacks where applicable, this means gaming and repacks.
      • Do not link to other repack sites or other repacks from rivals of Corepacks.
      • Plagiarism is not acceptable, do not just copy and paste the written content from other websites. Make the effort to write it up yourself in your own words.
      • You must also state all of the sources used at the end of your post like this:
      • SOURCE: "www.source.com" "www.source.net"
      • The exceptions to this rule are when posting in the Game Sources and Other Downloads forum sections and posting specific instructions for game issues and other technical help.
      • NOTE: Once you have made over 50 posts, the plagiarism rule no longer applies to you!

      Forum Section Rules

      We also have rules pertaining to some of our forum sections.

      Game Sources - Full ISO's

      Full ISO Section Rules

      Game Sources - Non-Official Repacks

      Other Downloads - Android

      Off-Topic - Request Repacks

      Repacks Request Rules

      Off-Topic - Essential Game Programs & Tutorials - Programs/Softwares

      Rules For Posting Programs

      Other Information

      It is important to know how to report members who are breaking the rules. Depending on the issue, you can use the report button or PM a member of staff.

      Please see the rules regarding this here: Who to PM ? | Info About PM'ing l Reporting

      You can also help to keep the site clean by reporting duplicate threads and trashed threads.

      You can do this by going here: Thread & Topic Work Forum

      Helping us in this way also helps you to become a VIP Member of CorePacks.

      You can see how to become a VIP here: Become a VIP

      Warning points are our way of maintaining the site and forum rules. We try our best to avoid having to give them to our Members and sometimes they maybe given in error. Therefore, please note the following information:

      • If you are a good member of the site and we can see that you have only made a small mistake, only a friendly warning will be sent to you.

      You can make an appeal to have your warning revoked by using "Warning Appeal/Unban Requests" at the top of the site if:

      • You have actively listened to your warning and have stopped breaking the rules.
      • You feel that you have been unfairly given a warning.

      Thank you for reading our site and forum rules. Now go and enjoy CorePacks!

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