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Greedfall crash fix

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I have encountered two bugs so far. Both crashes the game.

  1. Crash at upgrade workbench: While in borderless mode, opening the upgrade menu causing a crash(at least for me). Just change into fullscreen mode. And put it to your default resolution. If it crashes at startup follow next instruction(usually it does not crash while in default resolution).
  2. Crash at startup after changing the resolution: Default resolution of my system is 1600x900. While in fullcreen mode , if I change it to any different resolution, it crashes the game at startup. To fix this, go to C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\GreedFall. Open graphicconfig.txt(that is your config file). change it to your previous resolution setting. Now start the game.

this is my config list. You can just copy paste it.


VIDEOADAPTER=0          // 0 : AutoDetect / 1 : First graphic card
MONITOR=0               // 0 : First monitor
WINDOWED=0              // 0 : Fullscreen / 1 : Windowed / 2 : Windowed Fullscreen
RESX=1600               // In pixels
RESY=900                // In pixels
REFRESHRATE=60          // In Hz / 0 : AutoDetect 
VSYNC=0                 // 0 : no vsync / 1-4 : number of vsync to wait 
VIDEOMEMORY=0           // In MB / 0 : AutoDetect
TEXTUREQUALITY=0        // 0 : Medium / 1 : High / 2 : Ultra
USECMDLIST=1            // Activate driver command list / 0 : Off / 1 : On


Put USECMDLIST to 1. Cause if you set it to 0, even if you are in fullscreen mode, your game may crash at upgrade menu.

thank you

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