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~AՆ૯૪ A८Һυ~

Sign-up now to experience more than 100 PC games for free on Uplay+: https://ubi.li/ZIXWH

Uplay+, Ubisoft subscription for PC games, will be available on September 3rd. Every player will get free access to more than 100 games until September 30th.

More info: uplay.com

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Posted (edited)

yeah bro i know that thanks i played division 2 in my uplay and now uplay+ shows on upper side.

yeah join it later but i hope its like microsoft game pass for pc download full game and play it on pc then its good but uplay shows its an streaming service if it is then google stadia and uplay+ day one flop.

because gamers not need streaming services with high latency also gamers already have pc xbox or ps4 so its day one flop.Angry joe bro also agree with me its day one flop service because nobody have good internet to play.

in my country net just sucks also my ping higher then you think i played bf1 division 2 or any other game with 170 to 180 ping.so this service not for me.also nobody have fiber connection also in US confirmed by angry joe in his video.

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