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      7 hours ago, stoical said:

      Hi, any solution for ERROR CODE 34 'INFINITE GPU LOOP'??

      The game is un playable because of it.!

      @THE KNIGHT 

      try reinstalling DirectX and Microsoft visual c++

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      2 hours ago, DeAdsHOtck said:

      try reinstalling DirectX and Microsoft visual c++

      Hey @DeAdsHOtck thanks for the reply but I have already tried that same error, now I'm reverting back to NVIDIA 417.22 from 417.35..

      hope it works!!

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      On 12/15/2018 at 9:26 AM, Kalpesh said:

      Even I faced the same thing! 

      Just try the links below:

      Main game files + English language pack:


      Part1= https://dl5.downloadha.com/hosein/Game/December2018/10/Just.Cause.4.Gold.Edition.v1.0-CPV1_www.Downloadha.com_.part01.rar

      Part 2=


      Part 3=


      Part 4=


      Part 5=


      Part 6=


      Part 7=


      Part 8=


      Part 9=


      Part 10=


      [A] Hi-Resolution Texture Pack:

      [Direct Link]

      <2 Gb Parts>


      Part 1=


      Part 2=


      Optional Useless Video:

      [Direct Link]

      <2 Gb Parts>


      Part 1=


      Part 2=




      Hi! can you please share the password? i cant extract the files

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      why windows 10 detect trojan SETUP.EXE¿

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      Anyone heard any news about the first patch for this game that allows you to re-map the keyboard and sorts out some of the glitches, it came out about a  month ago?

      I cant find  any updates anywhere which means that this game is pretty unusable at the moment.

      Great job getting the day one version released though x

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