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Dragon Age II - Ultimate Edition [v1.04 - MULTi7] - CorePack - 5.9 GB | AVAILABLE!

Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition [v1.0 + DLCs + CrackFix + MULTi11] - 9.2 GB | AVAILABLE !

Strange Brigade Deluxe Edition [V + All DLCs + Multiplayer + MULTi11] - 16.2 GB | AVAILABLE !

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden [v1.04 + MULTi11] - 3.6 GB | AVAILABLE !

My Time At Portia [ v1.0.128791 + MULTi7] - 3.35 GB | AVAILABLE !

Onimusha: Warlords / 鬼武者 [ Eng/Jap voice + Multi8 + Bonus] - 5.2 GB | AVAILABLE !

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      The Council Complete Season [MULTi6] - 5.7 GB | AVAILABLE!

      Dishonored 2 [v + Imperial Assassin's Pack] - From 21.9 GB | AVAILABLE !

      Ni no Kuni II - Revenant Kingdom [v3.00 + DLCs + MULTi7 ] - From 9.3 GB | AVAILABLE!

      Dishonored Death of the Outsider (v 1.145) - From 14.8 GB | AVAILABLE!

      Dying Light The Following - Enhanced Edition [v1.16.0 CD + GOG + MULTi11] - From 11.8 GB | AVAILABLE!

      Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Complete Edition [All DLCs + HD Textures + MULTi15] - From 66 GB | AVAILABLE !

      Monster Hunter World [v163956 + 56 DLCs + MULTi12] - 14.1 GB | AVAILABLE !

      Cyber Phantom

      A Message To All Uploaders

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      Cyber Phantom

      Amigos all CorePack Uploaders,

      Recently we've gone through the content that our Uploaders upload onto the different sections of the site and we found out that most of the links posted (particularly in Full ISOs and Cracks and Updates section) are stolen from other websites that too without proper credits. 

      Even some of the members of CP have complained regarding this issue and inorder to put the pieces in place, starting from today Uploaders will no longer be allowed to post anything in Full ISOs and Cracks and Updates section(except for a few verified Uploaders who post their own links). As a Uploader you can still post other content like movies, Android apps and stuff.


      Also to make sure who are serious as an uploader we're demoting all of the people with Uploader ranks(obviously without the verified ones) and the ones who got demoted can apply again if they agree to comply by the rules and post their own links.


      PS. From now on We'll be keeping strict watch on what content is being uploaded by uploaders

      CorePack Team.

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      Cyber Phantom


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      Good Decision @Cyber Phantom & CorePack Team

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