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      Darksiders III Review Round-Up

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      1. IGN Review - Why so furious?


      The straightforward simplicity of Darksiders III is a refreshing change of pace after exploring so many dense open-world games. That simplicity doesn’t refer to the combat or boss battles, though, which are complex and almost startlingly unforgiving. Its throwback philosophy is comfort food for action gamers of a certain age, but it would’ve been nice to see the third game in the series introduce some new concepts to relaunch Darksiders in the modern age.

      SCORE: 7/10 (GOOD)

      2. GameSpot Review - Soils-Like


      THE GOOD

      •  One-on-one combat encounters in open areas offer engaging challenges
      •  Inventive character designs stand out

      THE BAD

      •  Battles are fought against a frustrating camera and lock-on system just as much as any enemies
      •  The generic and drab environments aren't enticing to explore
      •  Progression is simplistic and devolves combat into repetition
      •  Platforming and puzzles are dull and few and far between
      •  Numerous technical issues

      SCORE: 4/10 (POOR)

      3. METRO Review -  The Slow and the Furious


      In Short: It commits no cardinal sins but this belated return to the world of Darksiders comes across as shallow, frustrating, and disappointingly dull.

      Pros: Some inspired enemy designs and relatively fun boss battles. Fury can be mildly amusing at times.

      Cons: Although fine at first the combat is nowhere near interesting enough to carry the whole game, which is dragged down by a dull open world, simplistic puzzles, and fiddly camera and lock-on. 

      SCORE: 4/10

      4. GamesRadar+ Review - "Turning the series from Zelda Clone to Dark Souls Copycat has paid off"


      Darksiders 3 feels like coming home for fans, and combat is a blast - but it can be hard to appreciate the good when dealing with a laundry list of technical stumbles.


      • The Darksiders style is in full force
      • Combat is smooth and satisfying


      • Framerate frequently stutters and dips
      • Blurry textures and frequent pop-in
      • Puzzles can rely on frustration more than intuition

      SCORE: 3.5/5

      5. GamingBolt Review - The Sound and the Fury


      Darksiders III marries the best parts of Darksiders will new mechanics, a fun world to explore, enjoyable characters and story, and an engaging combat system.

      THE GOOD

      Gorgeous art style. New and old elements work well together. Lots of ways to level and customize Fury. A fun world to explore. Enjoyable story and characters.

      THE BAD

      Difficulty spikes can be irritating. The first couple of hours are slow. Hard to know when dying will cost you souls. It's still a prequel.

      SCORE: 8/10

      6. Destructoid Review - Dated but still delightfully dark


      Impressive effort with a few noticeable problems holding it back. Won't astound everyone, but is worth your time and cash.

      SCORE: 8/10 (GREAT)

      7.  GameInformer Review -A Quality Experience From Another Age



      • CONCEPT: Continue the Darksiders story with Fury as she attempts to defeat the seven deadly sins on a post-apocalyptic earth
      • GRAPHICS: Visuals lack the detail we’ve come to expect in modern games. Darksiders III also has a few technical hiccups, but the animation is good and the world and character designs are distinct
      • SOUND: The score is stirring and elevates the stakes during exploration and boss fights, but the voice performances are hit and miss
      • PLAYABILITY: Fury moves through the world with grace, swapping quickly between navigation abilities. She lives up to her name in combat by fighting with an angry persistence that is fun to control
      • ENTERTAINMENT: What Darksiders III lacks in production values, it makes up for with good design. The smaller, personal elements of the story are interesting, but the larger picture is confusing
      • REPLAY: Moderate

      SCORE: 8/10

      Edited by Kartikeya.Narayan
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      i didnot play darksiders 2 was thinking to start with this!

      now i have to re-think 😕

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      Is darksiders 2 worth playing?

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      Wtf IGN or gamestop now its 100% proof you just give good rating on those games who just give you a lot of money like ubishit,EA greedy.

      And tell me whats good in odyssey i play just an copy of origin or 30$ game but sold in 60$ with Denuvo or VM And also tell me why wahts good in

      Madden NFL just same game Every year with 2 3 improvements and what do you see in this game you give him 8 rating totally greedy ratings

      company's.Totally disagree with your Review or rating or your pros and cons. and also tell me if its not release with good combos so tell me AC

      odyssey release with latest combo yeah its release with latest combo and also its an ubishit game.i am really angry after seen this rating.

      Sorry guys i am not hurt anyone.but i feel really sad after this rating. i am big fan of this series. and after long time its returns.

      16 hours ago, Fzizm said:

      Is darksiders 2 worth playing?

      bro totally worth playing both 2 parts was good.


      Edited by ishq

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      Blair Rafe Knox

      The game is good, all three games were good and worth it. Btw i play/ am into nearly every single category that there is in games. 

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