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      Resident Evil 2 Story Trailer Creeps Out of Tokyo Game Show

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      Tokyo Games Show 2018 is taking place this week and Capcom has kicked things in fine fashion with the reveal of a new Resident Evil 2 Remake story trailer. For long-time Resident Evil fans, the story’s obviously going to be very familiar, although Capcom has given the remake an absolutely fantastic lick of paint for a modern audience.

      The iconic duo of Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield make their return. One is a rookie police officer, the other a college student. Together they’re embroiled in a zombie outbreak in Raccoon City, nearby to the original’s Spencer Mansion. Together they’ll need to uncover the truth behind the mysterious Umbrella Corporation, and the role which the Birkin family has played in the events that are unfolding.


      “As both of them search for safety and survivors within the ruins of Raccoon City, fate will tear them apart just as quickly as they joined forces,” explains Capcom. “A near-fatal accident sends Claire and Leon down different paths, forcing both characters to navigate the dangers of Raccoon City, the Police Department, and beyond. If they want to live through the nightmare that begins to unfold in front of them, they’ll need to put their survival skills to the ultimate test amidst a city filled with terrifying creatures, both human and otherwise.”



      Capcom has shuffled around the Resident Evil 2 Remake slightly, adding in a few locations and cut-scenes, as well as changing how the campaign works. Rather than switching between Leon and Claire to see their A and B routes, Resident Evil 2 features two distinct campaigns each with unique stories for that particular character. Aside from that though, and the moving of the camera to a behind-the-shoulder view, Resident Evil 2 Remake is the same survival horror classic that was so beloved 20 years ago.

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