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Dynasty Warriors 9 (v1.11) - CorePack | 21.2 GB

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Title: DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 真・三國無双8
Genre: Action



Release Date: 13 Feb, 2018


Experience the thrill of one versus thousands in an all new open world setting with DYNASTY WARRIORS 9, the latest installment in the series!

・A New Open World Warriors Game
For the first time in the series, the expansive land of China is shown on a single map with the introduction of an open world format for diverse progression through the game. The 'one vs. thousands' exhilarating action of the Warriors series and the beloved characters from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms tale are carried over, but the freedom through an open world stage provides a brand new Warriors experience.
Key Missions unfold and progress the story of the player character, and are supplemented by numerous missions from various regions such as Regular Missions that affect the Key Missions and requests from other characters. The situation will be ever changing depending on what missions are selected. In the many battles that occur on the map, players will find a variety of strategies and tactics open to them such as "attacking head on," "launching a surprise attack from an elevated position" or "infiltrating at night", for numerous ways to enjoy the expansive world of the Three Kingdoms.
The map is displayed with beautiful graphics and features many different regions of China such as snow plains, jungles and deserts which reflect the passage of time and changing climate. Key cities and checkpoints, such as Luoyang and Hulao Gate, and landmarks such as the Yellow River and Mt. Song, are replicated, allowing for deeper immersion into the game world.
・A Redefined Action System
The new State Combo System reacts and responds to the surrounding conditions, building up on the base Warriors action system. The three core elements are: "Flow Attacks" that change depending on an enemy's state; "Reactive Attacks" that optimally adapt to situations; and "Trigger Attacks" that change an enemy's state.
The addition of Interactive Action allows players to take advantage of the surrounding terrain and environment. In addition to climbing mountains and swimming across rivers, using grappling hooks to climb walls and launching fire arrows into oil barrels to induce explosions are among the new actions for broader strategic gameplay.
・The epic tales from the Three Kingdoms through the eyes of new and returning officers
Experience the Three Kingdoms story woven through a vast roster of characters. Seven new officers (Cao Xiu, Man Chong, Xun You, Cheng Pu, Xu Sheng, Zhou Cang, Xin Xianying) have been added for a total of 90 playable characters; all 83 officers from the Dynasty Warriors series return, with new costumes.




Megaup 5 gb

Kbagi 5 gb

Uptobox 5 gb

Megaup 1gb

Kbagi 1 gb

Mirrorace 1 gb



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Thanks for the Repack @NORO :89_clap:

Edited by Kartikeya.Narayan

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Thank you!!

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is the controller working now with this???

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Zeal Coolguy

is there difference and new thing in this version or it just fix bug or something...

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On ‎7‎/‎10‎/‎2018 at 4:46 AM, bryan87 said:

no it doesnt


but if you download here


and replace files it'll work


just tested


Thanks Bro!!

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Hi thanks for the links. 

Edited by imjune

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