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      On 12/26/2018 at 1:48 PM, GrimmR93 said:

      this game doesn't work anymore with latest win 10 1809,don't download it.didn't know if it still work with ver 1709 .

      Can admin confirm this? Im at the latest version of windows 10 maybe thats why it doesnt work.

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      Does this work in windowns 7 x64 ?

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      For People who are facing problem in installing and running this game, follow these steps to successfully install the game

      1) Disable your Antivirus Completely

      2) Enable "Developer Mode"

      3) Run Setup as Administrator


      When setup finish, installer will install "InstallApp.exe",  you will face error while registering DLCs. Follow these Steps

      4) Click on "Finish" Button to  close Installer

      5) Go to Forza Horizong Game folder then "Apps Files" folder

      6) Copy "Appxmanifest.xml" and paste in "Uninstall Folder", which is located under main folder of "Forza Horizon" Game folder.

      7) Now go to "App Files" folder and Run "InstallApp.exe" as Administrator. This time, this will install successfully

      8.) Now Enable your Antivirus

      9) Voila.......  Now run Game from Start Menu by clicking on "Forza Horizon 3"

      10) Game will start in Windowed Mode, let it load until first screen appear, "Click Alt+Enter" to go Full Screen

      11) Game will ask you for Save Game Folder, Create New Folder where game save its progress



      1) You need to adjust Video settings manually according to your need. This will disable Dynamic Settings.

      2) If you can't get desire resolution i.e. 2k or 4k, simply go to this folder and open "Settings.xml (or whatever exact name) with Notepad,

      Change the value according to your need.


      3) Block "Forza Horizon 3" in Windows Firewall for both "Inbound" and "Outbound" rules

      4 ) Further, if game crash then Disable Windows Game Overlay and play. Hope it will not crash anymore.

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       the game opens and closes immediately after this


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      15 hours ago, bldozzer said:

       the game opens and closes immediately after this



      Whats the version of your Windows 10?

      If you follow everything  correctly there is no way its collapse.  Make sure that your system is Updated and you run Setup as Administrator.

      I think that you need to disable Antivirus completely and then run InstallApp.exe as Administrator but first move Appxmanifest.xml to Uninstall folder. Hope your problem may solve.

      Edited by cyber_flame

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      16 hours ago, bldozzer said:

       the game opens and closes immediately after this


      OK. Now simply do this but first disable your Antivirus:

      1) Download crack fix.

      2) Click on Start Menu, Right Click on Forza Horizon 3 and select "Uninstall this App"

      3) Once Uninstall, go to Game folder and Copy all crack files to your game's Appfiles folder (Make sure all files copied well)

      4) Now go to game folder then Appfiles folder and run InstallApp.exe as Administrator
          (You will see both game and DLCs registration Done in "Green")
      5) Now open windows Firewall and block Forza Horizon 3 in both inbound and Outbound rules

      6) Run the game from Start Menu by selecting Forza Horizon 3

      Here are pics of in-game Screen Shots ( I Just played a little)


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