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A suggestion about opening an Activation section

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Hi, I Have a suggestion. If we open a new permanent  sections for game activations then I think it will help many people. Recently due to the uncracked updates many gamers are missing the latest missions or DLCs of many popular games. So if we open an activation section, people will make a topic there with title like this --"Need activation of Ghost recon Wildlands",(they can also put their online time in the subject section), Staffs who has that game in there legit account will answer into that topic and after got activated that topic will be locked.

Maybe this will be a bit heavy on the stuffs but I think this will help many members & also CP will get many new members.

**Only games with trial version(where they give you the full game files for a limited time)  & games installed with latest prepack will be available for activation here.

**Only Legit game account will be used & will be applied same rules as FCOFA or ACOOFA

**Only stuffs will be allowed to activate games.


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We already have denuvo games offers section for that

So no need for more sections ....

We are trying to activate AAA titles for our members and that should be enough

Thanks for the suggestion

Topic locked

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