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Request for Competition Section Rules

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1. Request for Competition Section Rules
1. Topic Rules

  1. Only one Topic/Competition per user at a time.
  2. Use the Topic Parameters listed below.

2. Topic Parameters

  1. Name of Competition.
  2. Explanation of Competition (How it will work).
  3. Will there be Judges or Community driven votes.
  4. Suggested Reputation Points and Winners (Ex: 3 winners, only users with 15 REP Points or above can compete!)


  • Inappropriate Competitions (with racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and religious bigotry) will result in warning.
  • Site/Forum Rules also apply to this section, do not try to exploit the rules in anyway.


Welcome to CorePack official approved competition request thread.

Rules for requesting competitions :-

- One application per user at a time (do not post more than 1 submission until the first was has been approved or disapproved)

- Follow site rules here in this thread.

- Competition about racism or inappropriate will result in warning.

Format of requesting :-

Name of competition

Explanation of competition (how will it work)

Will it be judges or will it be a community vote competition

Suggested rep points and winner (3 winners or above)

Post your request here as a new topic : Here

Hope you all understand well about what to request in competition.


CorePack Staff



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