What is Uploader Rank & How to Get it?

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1. What is Uploader Rank?

Uploader Rank is rank which is given to peoples who love uploading stuff on CorePack (Games ISO,Movies, Anime & Android Stuff) (Except Repacks)


  • Don't PM any Staff for requesting Uploader Rank.
  • Don't Upload Other Teams repacks neither CorePack's (Only Admins are allowed for that).


2. How to get Uploader Rank?

  1. You must be member of CorePack for at least 15 days before you apply for Uploader rights!
  2. Click here or Click Uploader Form through your account on top tab.
  3. Fill the info in the form like what you are going to Upload in CorePack, it can be games, movies and other stuff.
  4. Fill the Category in which you are going to Upload.
  5. Fill the additional information by ticking Yes or No.


  • You can Apply only one time in 15 days of time, if you got declined then please try again after 15 days!
  • No Uploading for 30 days without any reason may lead to demotion of the rank. If you are busy with something then please let the Admins know.
  • Do not Upload malware/viruses to site. Anyone found doing that will result in warning with demotion!
  • Upload in Correct section, don't be noob, if you need help then please ask any Staff or Mod about this.


That's it for now.


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