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      Grand Theft Auto 5 Review

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      52115.pngGuys I Almost Waited For This Game For Almost One And Half Year The Date Shifted And Shifted And After So Much Wait The Game Released And I Played It ! May 3dm Owner Live A long Life ..!! :naughty:

      So Here Is my Re-view About The Game So Here I Start!!

      According To Me, The Long Wait Give Me Wonderful Outcome Or It Was Awesome Outcome . It Came As Worth Waiting For It !! :wavetowel2: Out The Game Was Mind-plowing Though It Had Some Flaws But Overall The Game Came Up As A Charm!!

      The Main Feature Which I Was Impressed With Which Was Low-Specs!! That Makes This Game ! Game Of The Year :thumbsupup:

      Though I was Not Impressed By The Driving Portion It Was Not Superb !! I Wanted A Amazing Driving Experience!!

      Story Was Amazing Or I Say Killing Which Gave Gamer Advantage To Play 3 Roles All Of Them Were Crazy Asses I loved All Those Guys!! The Best One Was Trevor Philips !! His Company Employees Are Idiots Or I Say Fools !! I Loved His Entry In The Story!! Lol. :Peace:

      Michael De Santa Awesome Guy Fed Up With His Family Majorly His Kids The Daughter Want To be Famous For That She Goes Got Talent {Fame Or Shame} And Does A Strip Dance on Live Tv!! lol. son play Video Game :type: And Uses Drugs For Enjoyment!! He Advice Franklin To Never Have Kids !!

      Franklin Clinton lol. Fed Up With His Aunt And His People!!

      Jokes And Dialogues And Slang's Were Superb It Made Laugh!! Superb Comedy :saddam:

      I Loved The Game And All The Crazy Characters Inside It Yes We Faced Some Issues Inside Game but That's Not Developers fault !!bcoz building a game almost with almost 100 GB Ain't Easy Man.!!

      My Rating aform.jpg 9/10

      Meta Critics a-form.jpg8/10

      Steam aform.jpg9/10

      I salute To Game Devlopers For Their Haardwork On Making Of This Game


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      Jake Long

      Good One Mate :) Keep It Up

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      I still wonder why they took down the ability to eat from restaurants & fast food's .

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      Just insane!!!

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      Superb game

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