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Become a CorePack's VIP


Most Important :--> "Please don't ask for promotions because it will only minimize your chances of becoming VIP, the Admins do see your work carefully and when the time arrives they give you the status of VIP as a reward."

It can be achieved only by helping...(either help Staff Moderators by reporting spammers and by helping users about their problems issues)


Ways to Become VIP :

  • By Helping Members : By Helping members you can get VIP status easily.You have to help the site Staff Members (By Reporting Spammers) & Users (By helping them with their issues) and by helping here :
  1. Game Issues
  2. Dead Links (By Reporting Dead Links/Rules to this section)


  • By Making Meaning-full Topics : This is the way of becoming VIP by making meaning full topics (Note : Do not make topics that are already posted in the community). You can make topics about :
  1. Games Reviews (Make Here)
  2. Gaming News (Make Here)
  3. Gaming Calendar every month (Make Here)

NOTE : Make sure not to make any stupid topics which doesn't make any sense at all or duplicate topics. Doing this will result in a warning point.


  • By Helping Members in Chatbox : You all can help members in Chatbox. If someone ask about help in Chatbox, help that user with his/her problems.


You can help in any way you would like..if you do practice both it will be much better...Help the community!!


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