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Erika Asuna

Site / Forum Rules & Guidelines

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Erika Asuna

1. Site / Forum Rules
1. General Rules

  1. You are free to speak any language, although English is highly preferred.
  2. Use only decent language on the site.
  3. Do not act disrespectfully and/or abuse other members (specially Staff Members).
  4. Do not ask/beg for promotions.
  5. Do not ask for personal information from other members (specially Staff Members).
  6. Do not try to hack or share other members personal information (specially Staff Members).
  7. Do not link to other Repack websites.
  8. Creating multiple accounts on CorePack is not allowed.


  • Racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and religious bigotry is not acceptable.

2. Chatbox Rules

  1. Only English is allowed.
  2. Do not make Game Offers (Offline Activations, Game Account Sharing, Giveaways).
  3. Do not spam/flood the Chatbox.
  4. No +18 content/discussions are allowed whasoever.


  • The General Rules also apply to the Chatbox, with the only exception being rule 1.1 which is overwriten by rule 2.1
  • If you make Game Offers outside the Game Offers section, you'll lose access to your PM Box and be warned.

3. Topics / Posts

  1. Do not post any 18+ rated content.
  2. Do not post any advertising, I.E. referral URL's on the site.
  3. Do not post fake cracks or programs containing adware/malware/viruses.
  4. Do not spam the forum with the same message repeatedly or variations of the same message repeatedly.
  5. Do not post meaningless posts and keep them relevant to the topic you are posting on.
  6. Do not purposefully flood forum sections with posts.
  7. Do not topic bump dead topics, only reply to active topics.
  8. If you wish to update your Topic/Post, use the edit function. Do not add more posts to make updates as this counts as spam.
  9. Do not post topics which already exist in CorePack (duplicates with the same information and/or intent).
  10. Do not post meaningless topics, keep them relevant to the forum section you post them in.
  11. Plagiarism is not acceptable, do not just copy and paste the written content from other websites (You must also state all of the sources used at the end of your post).


  • Once you have made over 50 posts, the plagiarism rule no longer applies to you.

4. Warning System

  1. You'll be given warnings if you constantly break the rules.
  2. When you reach 10 warning points you'll be permanently banned from the website.
  3. You can use the warning appeal form to try and get the warnings removed from your account.


  • We can ban you at any time depending on the severity of your actions, regardless of your warning points.
  • You can only appeal for your warning if you have actively listened to your warning and stopped breaking the rules, or feel that you have been unfairly given a warning.

5. Section Rules

  1. Dead Links Section Rules
  2. Request for Competition Section Rules
  3. Full ISO Section Rules
  4. Non-Official Repacks Section Rules
  5. VIP Lounge Section Rules
  6. Denuvo Game Offers Section Rules
  7. Android Section Rules
  8. Movies Section Rules
  9. Request Repacks Section Rules
  10. Game Issues Section Rules
  11. Essential Game Programs & Tutorials Section Rules


  • The Forum/Site rules also apply to those sections!
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Erika Asuna

2. How to help as a Member

1. Report System

  1. Do not abuse the report system to report game issues, dead links and/or make suggestions.
  2. Use the report system to report anyone who breaks the Site/Forum rules.


  • You'll be warned if you don't use the report system properly.

2. PM

  1. Only PM the Admins if you have a problem with the Site and/or a Staff Leader.
  2. Only PM the Staff Leaders if you have a problem with your Account and/or an Elite Moderator.
  3. Only PM the Elite Moderators if you need help with the Forum, or have a problem with a Member or Moderator.
  4. Only PM the Moderators if you need help with the Forum, or have a problem with a Member or Jr. Moderator.
  5. Only PM the Jr. Moderators if you need help with Forum, or have a problem with a Member.


  • If you harass Staff Members over PM, you may lose your access to the PM Box, as well be given a warning (or even banned depending on the severity of your actions).

3. VIP
How to become VIP

  1. Helping members with game issues and dead links (report the Dead Links in this section).
  2. Making meaning-full topics (suggestions, reviews, news, gaming calendar, releases and general help).
  3. Helping members in Chatbox.


  1. You get access to an exclusive section in the Forum.
  2. You get priority in Game Offers.
  3. You're one step closer to join the Staff Team.


  • You can help in any way you would like as long as you follow the Site/Forum rules!
  • You can also help keep the Site clean, by reporting duplicate/trashed Topics.
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