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    Media Error in Binbox.io

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    So recently I got a problem when I accessing binbox website. it does not come with the captcha its just says Media error, in the end, i can't unlock link in binbox when most of the link in this forum is using it. I got curious and opened inspect tab and see something like "document.write"  when I search it I related to something that prevents the content for showing in cause using a slower connection as 2G, but I was using ethernet cable from ISP, why inbox would detect the connection as 2G and prevent the captcha to show? Please, is there anyone ever experience like this ? or maybe someone did know the fix ?


    binbox error.png

    binbox error2.png

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    Turn off all browser extension then try!

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    Erika Asuna

    Press the refresh button (on the captcha box, don't refresh webpage) until the image appears, this is a problem on their side.

    I've had this happen to me in the recent days too, used to work fine.

    Edited by Erika Asuna

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    Please Don't ask for any help that is not related with the topic. Don't spam here!

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