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      How to Download Any CorePack Repack Using JDownloader2

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      Thanks to RageGFX

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        • By -Herbert-
          Best Downloader for CorePacks Repacks - JDownloader 2
          So have you just joined CorePacks? Welcome CorePackian!
          Or maybe you just haven't seen this guide yet.
          Well in any case if you are here, you are probably wanting to download a game and wondering about the best way of doing it.
          JD2 works GREAT with the better upload sites such as kbagi and openload, which is what Corepacks mostly uses when uploading repacks.
          What is JD2?
          It is the download manager that makes downloading CorePacks repacks from direct links as easy and practically as fast as torrenting them.
          It handles any upload site file links with full automation. It will deep scan for links, automatically detect captchas, verify your downloads and if any parts are corrupt, it will try and fix it for you and then will extract your download automatically, super awesome!
          JD2 vs IDM?
          So I have just tested Internet Download Manager and tried doing the same thing that JD2 does, all it wanted to do was download the html files. So this is utter fail, if anyone knows how to get idm to act the same as Jdownloader 2 I would LOVE to know! I have tried to find a way to use Jdownloader 2 to export a list of file links but unfortunately it won't let you do it, this is a shame because it would have been great to use Jdownloader 2 to get the links and then transfer them to IDM.
          So this is where JD2 excels, as it concentrates solely on downloading multiple part archive downloads and does what IDM can not do to make it as easy as humanly possible!
          ATTENTION: You need Java properly installed on your PC for JD2 to work.
          Please review the following links before using JD2. It is important to be aware of what can cause download errors as they can only be fixed before they can happen, not after!
          Solve most CRC errors - Common Issues - Security software - Speed issues - Other issues
          First Time Setup and How to Use JD2
          It would help to download and install JD2 first, so here is an adware free link: JDownloader 2
          Add a kbagi Account to JD2
          As most of our repacks are now uploaded to kbagi, you should first make and add a kbagi account to JD2.
          1. Goto http://kbagi.com/

          You can click translate in the language pop up in google chrome to change the site language, this makes completing registration simple, use register via e-mail, NOT Facebook!
          2. Now open Jdownloader 2, goto settings, settings, account manager.

          2.1 Now click add, search for kbagi.com, then enter your username and password and click save.

          OK, we are done now so it is time to download a repack.
          How to Download a Repack with JD2
          1. Choose a repack, scroll down to the binbox links and choose between either kbagi or openload if possible.
          With JD2 open, highlight the link, right-click it then choose copy.

          You will be asked to enter a captcha automatically, kappa.

          In the LinkGrabber tab, right-click on the newly added download and choose start all downloads.

          In the Downloads tab, right click the highlighted selection and choose force download start to download a bit faster.

          OK, now wait for download to finish!
          So now what? - As JD2 will eventually leave you with the iso or installation files ready to use, go enjoy yourself doing whatever it is you do, or you could even goto sleep as you can make JD2 turn off your computer once it is complete, waiting for you to install the repack when you wake up, KAPPA!
          ANY PROBLEMS? Go back to the beginning of this guide for the available fix links!
          Help is also always available so please post if you have a problem.
          I hope you enjoyed this guide and probably the best way to download CorePacks repacks.
        • By -Herbert-
          Fixing Corrupt Downloads
          Please read every bit of help available here to greatly reduce your chances of getting download errors, many are caused by conflicting applications with download managers, especially antivirus software. Prevention is better than the cure!
          Jdownloader 2 - It is the download manager that makes downloading CorePacks repacks from direct links as easy and practically as fast as torrenting them.
          Read this - especially most common problems, choosing and installing security software and speed issues. Also check out how to solve most CRC errors.
          Internet Download Manager - A download manager capable of downloading almost anything from a website, such as video and audio content among other capabilities.
          Check this guide about possible conflicts before using.
          There are a lot of download managers, however these two are considered the best adware free ones, if you download them with these links. For a better internet experience, try using the unique features of both.
          Fixing corrupt downloads with a torrent - You can repair some game downloads with a torrent.
          Another possible problem is if your download folder is on your desktop, if the link to it gets messed up in Windows you can get folder/file not found errors, so try putting the folder on the root of your drive to test this.
          And of course you can always ask on CorePacks for a copy of a good version of your bad file/s.
          Don't forget it could be the download server at fault too, so try alternative sources if you can.
        • By VaultBoy
          Steampunks at it again!!!!!
          Installation:1.Unpack, burn or mount iso
          2.Install the game (if you already have DX, VS, ... installed you can uncheck those at the end of the installation)
          3.Start the Game by launching our Keygenerator from your desktop shortcut or from the game folder (stp-dh2.exe)
          4.That's it, Enjoy the Game For those who want to update the keygen, just copy over our keygen to your installed folder.
          For those who have a clean installed game, just copy over the content of the STEAMPUNKS folder to your installed gamedir and enjoy the game by starting our keygen stp-dh2.exe.
        • By Adrian SEALELLI
          Weed Shop 2
          Weed Shop 2 is a first person recreational Marijuana dispensary simulator where you'll get to grow the hottest strains, expand your business, hire employees and much more!

          Download Link:
          Download Unrar Install Copy Crack Play

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