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*NEW* VIP and Donator new benefits!

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Hello Corepack community, I'm here to bring you some news:

We are opening a VIP and Donator only section soon.

- What is the point? There are 2:

1) VIPs and Donators will get access to download links earlier than normal. (by a few hours)

2) VIPs and Donators repack requests will be made top priority compare to normal request.

More benefits will be added soon. (Look out for them)


- Why?

- This is our way of rewarding members that contribute greatly to the site.

- How can I get access to these benefits?

- You can either contribute to the site and become a VIP or donate to earn the Donator rank.

- How can I become VIP ?

- Go to this thread and follow the instructions.


- How do I donate?

- Follow instructions of this thread.

Have some question? Leave it down below.

Stupid question but can a Donator become a VIP and vice versa?


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Stupid question but can a Donator become a VIP and vice versa?

donator is higher rank than VIP.gets preferance first.


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Here's a suggestion, it's only a suggestion, please don't kill me on this. When a donator or VIP make a request for a repack of a game, is it possible that staff members can reply back on that same thread? I just shows a little bit of the preference.


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i want to come VIP but the theread link is dead.....can you tell me how



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