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Hi Guys,

I hope all of you are doing fine there and as you know now days our site goes through various updates & bugs so we implemented a new Tracker for Bugs and Suggestions reports here : http://corepacks.com/index.php?/bugs-tracker/ or you can click  Site Bugs & Suggestions from Complaints and Suggestion Parent Section.


Some Questions :

What is the benefit of this Tracker?

Well there is advantage of having this type of Tracker in site as it tell us what's going on through the community bugs and suggestion reports.

What are the options of Status regarding Suggestion & Bug report?

Statuses are :

Pending = We have not yet reviewed the suggestion.

Bug Report = The submitted report is a Bug Report.

Suggestion = The Submitted report is a Suggestion Report.

Fixed  = The issue has been fixed and/or implemented and should be pushed live shortly if it hasn't been already.

Closed = Feedback or opinion better posted on our forum for discussion. Also for reports we cannot reproduce or need more information. In this case just add a comment and we will review it again.

How to Post a Suggestion or Bug report ?

To Post a new suggestion or bug report go to Bug Tracker : http://corepacks.com/index.php?/bugs-tracker/

Then go to  Site Bug/Suggestion category from there and post a suggestion or bug report by clicking Add new bug/Suggestion Button.

Give a Title about the Bug or Suggestion, add details (content) what is that bug or suggestion and how it works (with suitable images if necessary).

Select the type of report then as Bug (if it is a bug report) or suggestion (if it is a suggestion report).

Then Post it simple :)

Can I delete my bug/suggestion report ?

No you can't delete it after posting it but if you want it to be removed contact any Staff member.

How long I have to wait for my bug/suggestion report consideration?

Well it's depends on some reviews and time.


If you have any more questions please post it in comments :)

Admin Site Tech Crew


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Guest help dishonored 2 torrent   
Guest help dishonored 2 torrent

seems there a major bug with dishonored 2 torrent file it keeps failing to load on my server yet other files upload and download fine

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