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Aqua Moto Racing Utopia - CorePack | 2.7 GB

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Title: Aqua Moto Racing Utopia
Genre: Action, Indie, Racing, Simulation, Sports
Developer: Zordix AB 
Publisher: Zordix AB    
Release Date: 30 Nov, 2016


Aqua Moto Racing Utopia™ is a challenging jet ski racing game which combines extreme speed, stunts and state-of-the art water simulation into a modern action filled gaming experience. 

Featuring an epic career mode with three single player Championship campaigns, 4 player split screen racing and also an 8 player Online racing mode, Aqua Moto Racing Utopia will bring you hours upon hours of action filled fun. Add to that 4 creative party modes for that perfect gaming party. 

Aqua Moto Racing Utopia lets you create your your own unique avatar to show of online with its powerful creation tool, it also lets you design your own vehicle to stand out from the pack when you push past that last competitor to claim first place in a tight race. 

Sharpen your riding skills to perfection in 10 different beautiful environments with different weather and lighting conditions. Learn when to, and not to, push that boost button to pass your competitors through calm water or through huge North Sea waves. 

When it all blows over you ride your watercraft towards the setting sun in a perfect gaming Utopia! 




Runabout Division 
Ski Division 
Freestyle Division

game Modes 
custom Race 
time Trial 
party Modes 
local Multiplay 
online Multiplay 
leisure Mode Of Free Exploration

leisure Modes 
duckling Mama 
aqua moto Hockey 
king Of the Hill 
keep the Flag 

key Features 
10 Different Environments 
50 Challenging Racing Tracks 
44 Different Watercraft of two types, Ski and Runabout 
Interactive water 
Gut-Wrenching Stunts 
Customizable avatar rider 
Vehicle color settings 
Playable with controller and/or keyboard 
Thematic Soundtracks, one for each venue 
Roaring engines 
Excel in Achievements 
Big Picture ready



OS: Windows 7 64bit 
Processor: AMD Dual-Core 2GHz or Intel Dual-Core 2GHz 
Memory: 4 GB RAM 
Graphics: Atleast 1GB vram, Shader Model 5 
DirectX: Version 11 
Storage: 6 GB available space

OS: Windows 7 64bit 
Processor: AMD Quad-Core 2GHz or Intel Quad-Core 2GHz 
Memory: 8 GB RAM 
Graphics: 2GB vram, Shader Model 5 
DirectX: Version 11 
Network: Broadband Internet connection 
Storage: 6 GB available space









Direct Links - Click Here






Aqua Moto Racing Utopia - CorePack.nfo

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