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CorePacks Peoples - A Detailed Information About CorePacks Ranks

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Hey there CP Peoples, so as you know we have many ranks in CorePack community which needed to be explain to all of the users.

So here is brief information about the ranks on CorePack.


We have currently these ranks on CP :

Administrator, Retired Admin, Staff Leader Elite Moderator  , Moderator, Junior Mod ,Programmer, Donator , Designer , Retired Staff , VIP , Repack Tester, Members

(The highest rank is "Administrator" which mainly handles the site and other issues with users accounts)


(Rank chart is in the order of increasing power )
Members - Members are the thing which makes up this community. They are the peoples who are the registered users of CorePack community. They have many features to use in site after registering on it. Like posting comments, Topics in some section, liking others topics and comments and they have a username too which is not given to un-registered members of course.

VIP -VIP's are the helpers of the site, they've got the same features as members got but with additional access to some sections which are not visible to members. They help in site by different ways. For a detail info about how to become VIP is here . They help by helping members on shoutbox and help in solving their issue with site and repacks (games).

Repack Tester- This rank is been given to those who test CorePack repacks before CorePack officially publish them to make sure all things working fine or not. If you wanna become a Repack Tester you must need to be sure that your internet speed must be good (Around 20MBPS) as well as you have good computer to run all latest high end games.

Retired Staff - Retired staff are peoples who done a great work towards the site by serving towards it whenever it is necessary. It is given to Staff which mean these ranks :  Elite Moderator, Moderator, Jr. Mods which are refer to Staff in CorePacks. Hats off to these guys by celebrating CorePack Members & Staff Remembrance Day on every year 10th of June.

DesignerDesigner is a rank given to those peoples who are good in making topic designs for the community. For (eg-here). As from now we conduct two designing competition on every year to find out the best Designer for our community (Any rank can participate in it but mostly we lurk for members). After becoming designer they have access to other section which are for Designer ranks here on CorePack.

DonatorDonators are the peoples who support the site by donating to the site. They help site by donating some time as well as money towards it's development and server payments. If you want to become a donator or want to support towards the site please refer to this page  here . Your small help towards the site will help this site in various form. If you don't have enough money to donate you can help site by Browser Based Miner Hashing here.

Junior Mod- Jr. Mods are the first Staff people on CorePack Community. They are known as Jr. Mods of Moderator rank. They have features to edit any topic, comment, and have access to Moderator panel in CorePack. This rank can be earned by helping site members (Mostly given to active VIP's). If any member have any issue with any other member, he or she may contact a Jr. Mod for assistance.

Moderator -Moderator are the second Staff people on CorePack Community. They have the features of Jr. Mods and more. They have features to edit any topic, comment, and have access to Moderator panel in CorePack. They are also known as Global moderators and have access to all community topics.

Elite ModeratorElite Moderators are the Staff peoples on CorePack. They are the Super Mods and have more power then other Staff peoples ranks. They have access to many features as Jr. Mods and Moderator do. You got any issue regarding a Jr. Mod or Moderator please contact them.

Programmer - Programmer is a rank which is given to peoples who code for CorePack. It can be a compressor/decompressor tool or Installer. They are important peoples for CorePack as they develop things that CorePack use.

Staff LeaderStaff Leaders are leaders of the all Staff except Admins. They manage the site as well like Admins do. They have access to give promotion to peoples and other staff. If any of the member got any issue with other staff members please contact Staff Leaders and they will take care of it. They are second in command after Admins.

Retired Admin Retired Admins are the peoples who served their time here on CorePack by helping the Site as Admin or Staff Leader. This rank is given by main admin Team. We are very thankful to those Retired Admins who served their time here by helping this whole community out. Thanks them here : Here.

Administrator- The kings and the first in command peoples of this site. They are the peoples behind the CorePack improvements and Site development, Repacking releases known as CorePack Repacks. They are the global admins and have rights to demote any or promote any member. If any member have any issue with account and site please contact Admin Tech Crew team and let them know. The details of the Teams :

The CP Repackers Team : @ShivShubh , @THE KNIGHT, @-RAVEN-

Site Tech : @-PUNISHER-, @-RAVEN-

Founder : @ShivShubh , @Leader , @Razor12911

Current Forum Manager : @-RAVEN-



SysBoT - SysBoT is a CP Official account used for testing out the stuff in CorePack and other things. This BoT is used by Admin Tech Crew Team.
Legend - Legend is a rank which is given to Admins only who done a great job in community by handling Staff/Site. It's only given to Admins.
That's All guys hope this topic help many users out in understanding the ranks on CorePack.
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Updated as of 13/01/2018.
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