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Found 17 results

  1. Most of the Assassin's Creed Repacks Are Dead and The anthology post of that is messed with multiple repacks of syndicate. Users every time report and ask about those repacks. @ShivShubh done some Assassin's Creed Repacks before some months. I don't remember the games. Its better if Re-Repack All OR Remaining Assassin's Creed games and make the anthology post proper. Remove all old AC repacks. Thank You...
  2. Just a suggestion I wanted to add. I found out while browsing that Assassin's Creed Ezio collection was available in Native 4K resolution, at least for PS4 pro. I'm a great fan of Ezio, and I would very much like to play the Ezio collection in 4K. So, if possible, please get it and upload it. You guys are great. Thanks a lot! https://game-insider.com/2016/11/15/assassins-creed-the-ezio-collection-optimized-with-4k-dynamic-rendering-for-ps4-pro/ http://powerupgaming.co.uk/2016/11/15/assassins-creed-the-ezio-collection-supports-4k-dynamic-rendering-on-ps4-pro/
  3. would it be possible to upload a full anthology of telltale games please (excluding the new unfinished walking dead) ?
  4. Hello and welcome to all Visitors, Member, Mods & Admins ( I hope I didn't forget someone ? ) As you can see, Repacked games in general have problems in setup more than Un-repacked games. Also, you see some members have problems in setup games all over the forums .. Actually there are a lot of members who are just register here to show their problems here and they never comeback! So, I think you should include a guide for all errors that might face people while setup games .. you will post ad pin it in the correct section ( I believe "Tutorials" section ) .. and in every game topic .. you will put a big warning sign (image or gif) .. it says that "you must read this guide before you post your problems" then give them the link of the guide. Competitive team repacks .. made a great guide for repacks troubleshooting .. I think you can ask her to take her guide and put it here and edit it as it fit you. P.s: Although she made this guide but people still post their problems in comments before they read the guide which have the solution!!! ? but the warning image in every topic will do the job .. and you could even give warning for people who post their problems while the solution in the guide!!! Thank you for reading this for for interacting. Good Luck
  5. -ZH!¥ÃM™RRC-

    Navigation Fix

    CorePack V3 Releases Not Added To Navigation. Fix It. And Some of Old Suggestions are still not fixed. Thank You...!
  6. As the title suggests i suggest that while uploading a profile pic or cover pic, the recommended resolution should be shown there.
  7. Hi...! 1. Everyone ask dead link fixing on everywhere. they don't have any perticular way to request dead links. Add a purticular manner in Rules. [Game's Post Title] {Dead Links} [Dead Parts] Example
  8. Hello users, admins, and more. I have a suggestion if you would kindly listen if its ok, when you would upload the REPACKS is there any chance you guys would upload it on MediaFire?. You see, when I (I don't know if I am the only one) download games from a singlelink (I'm a singlelink user) you guys upload it on Google Drive or Openload Or Mega, its ok really but when I download a game (of course a large game) I use IDM (InTERNET Download Manager) and in the new version, IDM supposedly expire or terminate the download in a specific time length maybe? but our internet is really slow so I tend to download the game twice or thrise. If you would kindly upload to MediaFire if and only it is possible. This is just a suggestion and a opinion not a demand for satisfaction but anyways you guys are great awesome keep up the good work!!
  9. Atomic Reaper

    Repack Tutorial Suggestion

    With the Non-Official Repacks section I feel there should be a Corepacks version tutorial topic on repacking games.
  10. Ganesh mgk

    Shadow of mordor error

    During extracting its shows a warning like this.. [ATTACH]2077.IPB[/ATTACH] After extracting when i click setrup its hows like this.. [ATTACH]2078.IPB[/ATTACH] Any fix for this ..Thanx in advance
  11. Just that, add a checkbox to enable shutdown pc when installation ends. When installing highly compressed games they take a lot of time and resources so this way you can go to sleep while installing. ALSO have you guys seen CODEX installation dialog? it has an easy way to choose the drive you want to install the game, instead of writing the route or navigating to it, you can just click and pick D:\
  12. Guys can you make a new Section Dedicated for DLC Alone in your own Unique Repack Style,with the Smallest Size ! Like Repacking The Proper DLC's Release by Skidrow ! Consider this request guys,if you make one then itl be a great help caz downloading whole game with new DLC Again is not possible for all i guess ! P.S Even a single link is enough i mean any one link like OZO or 24Upload or Direct any one !
  13. Guys i have an idea like Mods,Elite Mods,Vips,Admins ..why dont we make a new Post Like SPam Ops (Since its a Gaming forum,Like Black ops,Spec ops,BSAA,S.T.A.R.S) Like that a Team of members who can delete spam and all members can report spam To them too !!
  14. There Should Be A Feature So That User Can Share Youtube Videos in Post Or Topics. :police: :prop: There Is No Need Of A New Feature We Can Use Embedded Coding Of The Videos That Is Available On The Site. :punk: That's All :pontiac_black:
  15. Admin can you consider about giving us the option to Delete our Replies to post ! caz it seems like once i made a reply i can only edit but i dont see any option to delete it! but if that option is already there and i haven't noticed it ,Then im sorry for being a NOOB !
  16. Admins please Provide 3GB or 5GB Direct Links ! Caz if its 5GB i can start the download in night and itll be finished by Morning And I hope Many Have Better Speed at Nights ! *My Bandwith is more at Night . And if its Torrent its Triple OK !!!! Caz your the Best Repack Uploader at current Better than BlacBox,R.G mechanics still its hard to find your repack Torrents ...so Please Consider my Request!
  17. First Of All.You Guys Are Awesome.....!!! The Ways Big Size Games Are Repacked By You Is Bound For Praise. It's Great To Have Such Corepacks Repacks In Less Size As Well As Available For Direct Downloads. My suggestion Is Why Not Put It In The Torrent Sites And Challenge Blackbox And Various Other Repacks. I Liked The Shadow Of Mordor Repack That Was There Available In Kickass.to But I Don't See The Repacks Of Other Games In Torrent Sites. Actually I Prefer Torrents Rather Than Direct Downloads So I Would Also Love To Have Your Repacks With a Magnetic Link Or It's Torrent File It Would Also Help You Guys In Making a Good Name In The Various Torrent Sites Also.
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