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Found 13 results

  1. Xiao En

    State of Decay 2 Links

    Hey! I tried the links given in the State of Decay 2 [V 1.3187.26.2 + ALL DLCS + MULTi17] - CorePack | 9.2 GB By THE KNIGHT, June 11 in CorePack Releases Page Yet, these does not download. I tried to use torrent but it does not start waited for hours. I have a good and reliable internet connection. Please re-upload the game. Thanks! I also tried to use JDOWNLOADER 2 in the links given some files are present but some of them are now gone. Even tried downloading them individually.
  2. Herbert Slaith

    Best downloader for Corepacks Repacks!

    Best Downloader for CorePacks Repacks - JDownloader 2 So have you just joined CorePacks? Welcome CorePackian! Or maybe you just haven't seen this guide yet. Well in any case if you are here, you are probably wanting to download a game and wondering about the best way of doing it. JD2 works GREAT with the better upload sites such as kbagi and openload, which is what Corepacks mostly uses when uploading repacks. What is JD2? It is the download manager that makes downloading CorePacks repacks from direct links as easy and practically as fast as torrenting them. It handles any upload site file links with full automation. It will deep scan for links, automatically detect captchas, verify your downloads and if any parts are corrupt, it will try and fix it for you and then will extract your download automatically, super awesome! JD2 vs IDM? So I have just tested Internet Download Manager and tried doing the same thing that JD2 does, all it wanted to do was download the html files. So this is utter fail, if anyone knows how to get idm to act the same as Jdownloader 2 I would LOVE to know! I have tried to find a way to use Jdownloader 2 to export a list of file links but unfortunately it won't let you do it, this is a shame because it would have been great to use Jdownloader 2 to get the links and then transfer them to IDM. So this is where JD2 excels, as it concentrates solely on downloading multiple part archive downloads and does what IDM can not do to make it as easy as humanly possible! NOTES: JD2 has a known issue with dlfox.com links, speed is severely limited, so use IDM! UPDATE: dlfox.com links are working nice and fast for me! Make sure that all the download links are added to JD2 after auto detection, e.g. on kbagi it can miss out the last few links and you must add them in manually to complete the download. ______________________________________________ ATTENTION: You need Java properly installed on your PC for JD2 to work. Please review the following links before using JD2. It is important to be aware of what can cause download errors as they can only be fixed before they can happen, not after! Solve most CRC errors - Common Issues - Security software - Speed issues - Other issues - Knowledge Base First Time Setup and How to Use JD2 It would help to download and install JD2 first, so here is an adware free link: JDownloader 2 Add a kbagi Account to JD2 As most of our repacks are now uploaded to kbagi, you should first make and add a kbagi account to JD2. 1. Goto http://kbagi.com/ You can click translate in the language pop up in google chrome to change the site language, this makes completing registration simple, use register via e-mail, NOT Facebook! 2. Now open Jdownloader 2, goto settings, settings, account manager. 2.1 Now click add, search for kbagi.com, then enter your username and password and click save. OK, we are done now so it is time to download a repack. How to Download a Repack with JD2 1. Choose a repack, scroll down to the binbox links and choose between either kbagi or openload if possible. With JD2 open, highlight the link, right-click it then choose copy. You will be asked to enter a captcha automatically, kappa. In the LinkGrabber tab, right-click on the newly added download and choose start all downloads. In the Downloads tab, right click the highlighted selection and choose force download start to download a bit faster. You can also click the speed graph to change the maximum number of downloads, 4 or 5 is recommended. OK, now wait for download to finish! So now what? - As JD2 will eventually leave you with the iso or installation files ready to use, go enjoy yourself doing whatever it is you do, or you could even goto sleep as you can make JD2 turn off your computer once it is complete, waiting for you to install the repack when you wake up, KAPPA! ANY PROBLEMS? Go back to the beginning of this guide for the available fix tips and links! Help is also always available so please post if you have a problem. I hope you enjoyed this guide and probably the best way to download CorePacks repacks.
  3. Sorry guys to inform you but all the PES download links are not working and in PES 2015 there is no download link
  5. Hello users, admins, and more. I have a suggestion if you would kindly listen if its ok, when you would upload the REPACKS is there any chance you guys would upload it on MediaFire?. You see, when I (I don't know if I am the only one) download games from a singlelink (I'm a singlelink user) you guys upload it on Google Drive or Openload Or Mega, its ok really but when I download a game (of course a large game) I use IDM (InTERNET Download Manager) and in the new version, IDM supposedly expire or terminate the download in a specific time length maybe? but our internet is really slow so I tend to download the game twice or thrise. If you would kindly upload to MediaFire if and only it is possible. This is just a suggestion and a opinion not a demand for satisfaction but anyways you guys are great awesome keep up the good work!!
  6. Hey CorePack Community, I have a request will you guys make a Repack of State of Decay: YOSE with one link? Thanks in Advance! GodSpeed >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>O0O0O0O
  7. qeewee19

    FIFA 17 Dead Openload Link

    Hello, Excuse me, i wanna report that fifa 17 openload link is dead. Only the PART 24. Thank you very much, sir.
  8. Ivex Kazama

    Nier Automata OpenLoad DeadLinks

    Hi all, just reporting some dead links on Openload Servers for Nier Automata (Nier Automata Inc. all DLCs{Based on CPY} - CorePack | 25.4 GB) - Dead Links OpenLoad 1GB files & Hotfix: https://openload.co/f/pZClRe8F-7o/Nier_Automata_-_CorePack.part07.rar https://openload.co/f/YQwV9uaxKg4/Nier_Automata_-_CorePack.part10.rar https://openload.co/f/VssuN8vjLBM/Nier_Automata_-_CorePack.part11.rar https://openload.co/f/bKlfJ5qHPHU/Nier_Automata_-_CorePack.part13.rar https://openload.co/f/hvPsmH4O0SQ/Nier_Automata_-_CorePack.part15.rar https://openload.co/f/SAiG6kNSek0/Nier_Automata_-_CorePack.part16.rar https://openload.co/f/8pzS9qqhwbE/Nier_Automata_-_CorePack.part23.rar https://openload.co/f/qF2avHoZ4b8/Nier.Automata_fix.rar
  9. Nishanth VM

    Witcher 3 GOTY links dead

    Please anybody upload witcher 3 again ...
  10. Hello everyone, i really wanted to download this game Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition but the one drive line in the game description is dead.... I would be grateful if it is fixed again... thanks in advance
  11. All in the title . I suggest a torrent link for this one or a Mega/Uptobox/1Fichier direct link.
  12. UNICORN1-50

    Battlefield 4 Complete Edition

    Guys Battlefield 4 Complete Edition links are dead.
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