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Found 7 results

  1. blvvdy_mvvpet


    Hello all. Well I posted here like a few days ago talking about the issue that I had in ac origins that there are no voices during the cutscenes. And someone replied with audio files to download that actually worked for the first sequence in Siwa. But as soon as I traveled to Alexandria then the bug comes back. No voices during the cutscenes. And although this time they don’t even move their lips. But they react with their hands. Weird huh. I’ve done research and all they are suggesting is the audio configuration like changing it into studio. And turning off the surround effect which all of these are ok in my pc. And this is happening to many people and even in odyssey. No matter what is the console even on Xbox and PS people are complaining about this. I’m a big fan of assassin’s creed and I loved origins. But I’m loosing hope.
  2. Hello all and merry Christmas. I just installed assassin’s creed origins and it works perfectly well but I found out that there’s no voices audio especially during the cutscenes. Now I’ve had this issue with mafia 3 which I couldn’t find a workaround for it online. But just to be clear that my pc is quite good and actually it’s new. I bought it like 4 months ago. I finished lots of games such as the assassin’s creed syndicate recently. Played need for speed. Stuff like that. And the voices on them worked alright. So the pc isn’t defective. Only so far AC origins and mafia 3 has issues with the voices only. Because I can hear the environment audio. Any help ?
  4. Hey ! So I have my game save from the AC:O offline activated version, and just downloaded the v3 repack of ACO-CPY and installed it. I know the game has a different version there but is it possible for me to transfer my save ? Do I have to do anything to make it work ? Thank you in advance ! <3
  5. getting unarc.dll error code = -1 any solutions? SS-
  6. Hello guys! I have recently downloaded Farcry 1 from CP and i can't get it to run properly in my Windows 10 64bit machine. My problem description is this: After installing the game, i start it from the desktop shortcut and after a short delay i am in game. Then i go in the graphics options and i put everything in their optimal settings. The game then warns me that it must be restarted in order for the new settings to be applied. So far so good! When i double click again the desktop shortcut, i am being pre sented with an endless blackscreen and the game refuses to start and it is just freezes. After a carefull and thorough search i did find a workaround about this problem and i was able to start it once again without any problems and with the full graphics settings! But, the problem now is, that when i start to play there is always stuttering and lag when i con front new enemies, new site/maps, and when i open doors. The game just freezes, i am hearing my gun firing and then after 3 or 4 seconds the action is getting resumed and me standing as an idiot because i didn't kill a single opponent! Anybody experiences the same issue/issues with lag, freezing with optimal graphics settings? Ps. Yes, my computer is very strong to run a 2004/2005 game with optimal settings. Hell i have even more demanding games that pur like kittens with my machine, why not an old pc game?
  7. UNICORN1-50

    Encountered Major Issue

    Hi guys. This message is for the admins of Corepack. Recently I've tried downloading some games from CP which have been uploaded earlier probably 6-7 months ago, but the problem what I'm facing and most of the ppl I know who have tried downloading are facing is as the upload date keeps getting older the game links start to go dead. Say I was trying to download Witcher 2 and Battlefield 4 which I was not able to as when I clicked on the link to download it gives me page cannot be displayed error. Tried using with proxy and using https:// yet the pages dont open. The Single ISO files of CP repacks which have been added require a premium account to download which most of them don't have. CP repacks are the best everybody knows that but once the repacks start getting old there is no platform for games who wish to download the games. So kindly look into this matter as there are many games which I personally want to download but I'm unable to as I've mentioned earlier.