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Found 3 results

  1. eXiLED_oRigINs

    CorePack Installer v7

    It would seem that all of the repacks I've tried so far that uses the new version 7 of the CorePack Installer (CPI) has an error in the installer script were the Start Menu Shortcut & Desktop Shortcut settings are mixed up. What I mean is that If you set it to just create a desktop shortcut for example it will instead create a start menu shortcut and no desktop shortcut, and if you do the same but instead set it to create just a start menu shortcut, it creates a desktop shortcut and no start menu shortcut. It's a minor issue but an issue nonetheless. For reference, the installer I'm talking about looks like this:
  2. Hi Team You create such a great repack. you create small repacks size but with such blazing installation speed. But, yesterday, i re-downloaded Assassin's Creed Repack (III & Rogue) but no shortcut was made by the installer, so I had to create it myself after installing is finished. Could you add this feature in your upcoming repacks? Oh yeah one more thing, the installation doesn't register itself to the App & Feature, so i have to search through installation folder for uninstall exe file. On previous version of repacks you have these features, or am i missing something? Thanks Awesome works anyway.
  3. Just that, add a checkbox to enable shutdown pc when installation ends. When installing highly compressed games they take a lot of time and resources so this way you can go to sleep while installing. ALSO have you guys seen CODEX installation dialog? it has an easy way to choose the drive you want to install the game, instead of writing the route or navigating to it, you can just click and pick D:\
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