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Found 25 results

  1. Xiao En

    State of Decay 2 Links

    Hey! I tried the links given in the State of Decay 2 [V 1.3187.26.2 + ALL DLCS + MULTi17] - CorePack | 9.2 GB By THE KNIGHT, June 11 in CorePack Releases Page Yet, these does not download. I tried to use torrent but it does not start waited for hours. I have a good and reliable internet connection. Please re-upload the game. Thanks! I also tried to use JDOWNLOADER 2 in the links given some files are present but some of them are now gone. Even tried downloading them individually.
  3. Hitman 2 v1 34GB installation taking very loong time almost 6 hour on i5 6500 cpu in safe mode. Antivirus is off but still loong time. Help me broother.
  4. Hey Guys! Wanted to create this topic, if anyone is also playing GTA Online and needs some help, or just want to team up, you can add me in Social Club. social club id: MrSweetCheeks looking forward to hear from you!
  5. Guys I Know So many Users Face This Problem And Even Somebody Facing That Steam Won't Connect to Internet After Deadnuvo Launcher.And Some Guys Who Already Play Shadow of the Tomb Raider (SOTTR) And Want to Play Legit Games Again With Internet. So I Have A Fix For You That How to Go Online Again And Play Legit Games With internet. Simply Just Open Control Panel: And Then Click Large Icon in Category Option Then Click Window's Defender Firewall: And Then Click Restore Default On the Left Side: Now Done Your Steam Again Goes To internet And You are Playing your Legit Games Again. Also its Help on Those People Who Does Missing Something or Not Following The instruction in Deadnuvo Launcher. Note: Guys if You Play Shadow of tomb Raider And its works fine On you or you won't lose your Access then i told you Don't Use This Method. I am Not Responsible For Losing Your Access.And Game won't work Again.If You End the Game And Play Legit Games on steam. Then Use this Method But This Method Lose Your (SOTTR) Access.But It Helps on Those Guys Who's Missing Something And Not Follow The instructions And Facing Problems And Won't Play Game. Guys I am Also Using Revert Firewall And its Not worked for me.But this Method Works to All so Thats why i made This Topic.
  6. Resident Evil 7 DLC's Only download link pls? Can anyone give me Resident Evil 7 DLC's? I want all dlc's. #Banned Footage Vol 1 #Banned Footage Vol 2 #End Of ZOE #Not A Hero But only the dlc files, not the whole game. I've downloaded the game files already.
  7. Hey ! So I have my game save from the AC:O offline activated version, and just downloaded the v3 repack of ACO-CPY and installed it. I know the game has a different version there but is it possible for me to transfer my save ? Do I have to do anything to make it work ? Thank you in advance ! <3
  8. I cant play assassins creed origins because this error
  9. Plz can anyone help me and upload those two files DataPC_15_dlc_dx11.forge 22mb DataPC_16_dlc_dx11.forge 22mb
  10. Hi I have a problem with GTA V I just download from CPV3 the game run smoothly but only have intro sound, when the game start it doesn't sound, can you guys help me to fix this ?
  11. Hi guy, i lost 2 day to download this. When I installed 91%, it crashed, I found everything on utube but I still can not find the solution can anyone help me with this error? pls!!!!
  12. Friend please help me. My brother had an account in corepack which he signed up with his facebook. For arround 1 month he has been away from gaming. Now when he tries to login with fb here there occurs a problem. He initially had a rediffmail account as primary email address in fb. He logged in with that in corepack also. But he changed his primary email in fb to a gmail account few months ago. Because he forgot the password of rediffmail and changing password in rediffmail is very problematic. Now when he tries to login to corepack via fb it is saying - "login to corepack first and then associate with external accounts data". So, then we tried to login to corepack by the new gmail and password of fb but it is saying no account is associated with the gmail. Then we tried to login with the username but the password is not matching. Even When we are trying to reset the password in corepack it is sending email to the old rediffmail account. So what can we do friends. Why has corepack shutdown the direct login option from facebook id. Please help.
  13. indiangamer007

    Steam Error

    Everytime steam gives error "Steam needs to be online to update." Even though internet is working, and I'm to download files as well. Tried uninstalling then reinstalling, didn't work. Any solution?
  14. Hi To last time I always download official scene game releases like codex,prophet,reloaded but last month I download few repacks because I have no place on external hdd now(must bought new one soon)...So I downloaded: -Bioshock 1 NosTeam -Assassin Creed Anthology (some from Corepack team,some from Elamigos releases,some from Mr Dj repacks) -Gothic series repacks from FitGirl repacks... So before I put those downloads on my external HDD I installed all of them for a moment to check they working properly...Then uninstall them and put to my warehouse HDD... And I lived in ignorance of a few days that a some kind of worm(ransomware) encrypt my files with RSA-4096 key on other partition and there was a txt file in any encrypted folders where the cybercriminals demands from me 500E in 48 hours to get a key to decrypt my important games screenshots ,if not pay in 48 hours payment will be double to 1000E(In Uploaded .txt file its a talk about bitcoins but a sum of payments is close to those numbers)...Something about 8000 files was encrypted and i must delete them...Hapilly there was almost only .jpg files( lots of my games screenshots) and some mods for dark souls 1...Ransomware added to encrypted files .crypz extension what qualify this software as CryptXXX 3.0 Now I am secured like "Barrack Obama" with few anti-ransomware monitors,antimalware/spyware monitors,virus checks,processes are monitored,registry is defended,HDD is truecrypt encrypted,access to folders with my all data is locked even from cmd level so nothing encrypt and change my files extensions now,all files operations(name/extensions change) are impossible,nothing happened without my knowledge and my 64 characters passwords. I dont tell its you guys,but if this site brings together people who like repacks so maybe someone registered here have in the past some kind of similar "adventures" with repacks from any of listed above groups/repackers??? I upload a demand txt file as warning... Help me find a guilty repacker to avoid in future a problems...I am sure its from one of repacks,this is not from a firefox...I am enough advanced user to avoid almost all advanced threatments...someone know which group put inside repacks this kind of surprises?? Also there was first time i was infected with ransomware what I treat as a challenge and opportunity to learn something new about defense...I treat it as a curiosity but terrifying when ransomware absorbs another files one by one and you are helpless because av software cant find it.Now situation is under control without major losses.<p><a href="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2016_06/!8E26857D4DF9.txt.1803829836e7ac88783f129f9884a0c6.txt" class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image"><img data-fileid="1017" src="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2016_06/!8E26857D4DF9.txt.1803829836e7ac88783f129f9884a0c6.txt" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt=""></a></p> !8E26857D4DF9.txt
  15. Carlo-v

    New : Corepack Game Test Movies

    Check this video i made for Corepack / THE KNIGHT [media][/media]
  16. Jake Long

    Corepack Avatar Size !

    Guys i'm really having difficult time in reducing an image size to 50 bytes ! how do you guys do that ?!
  17. Hello guys I downloaded the GTA 5 31,8 GBs I installed the first part everything worked fine and then I installed the second the second one but when it was at the point were pop up windows come up 5 cmd windows came up saying something about 64.cpf to 64.rpf and a blank cmd window and they i left them there for a good 20 minute nothing happened so i closed them and a pop up window came up saying "terminate batch job" i typed Y and the Installer said everything is installed fine but when i try to open the game nothing happens even when i try to run it as administrator nothing happens i even downloaded scripthook nothing happened. Need Help!!!
  18. Ganesh mgk

    Shadow of mordor error

    During extracting its shows a warning like this.. [ATTACH]2077.IPB[/ATTACH] After extracting when i click setrup its hows like this.. [ATTACH]2078.IPB[/ATTACH] Any fix for this ..Thanx in advance
  19. |-adi007-|

    Max Payne 3 Links Are Dead

    Downloaded quite a lot of repacks lately & finally went o MP3 & the links are all dead. Can anyone help out ?
  20. ham09

    witcher 3 crashe

    I am on the story quest The King is Dead - Long Live The King. the game keeps crashing after talking with the fatso crach (don't remember the spelling) I cant proceed in the story.. anyone else had this problem? specs: I 7 3770 (non k) gtx 770 asus 12 gb ddr3 1333mhz
  21. ham09

    gta v stuttering

    I am having some problems with gta v my specs are above recommended requirements while on foot I got 60 fps most of the time but when driving or shooting it drops to 20-30 and stutter like hell.. specs i7 3770 gtx 770 asus 2gb intel z77-sl50k 12gb ddr3
  22. ham09

    hitman closed alpha

    anyone played this game? how to play it?
  23. nairoa

    GTA 5 Hashes Request

    Hello, I tried installing GTA 5 Corepack (31.8GB) edition and it installed but I could not start the game (even though I ran it with admin right). So, I want to make sure I got the files intact. Can anyone give me the hashes (any hashes) for the corepack files which are: CP-GTA5PRO_DVD1.iso CP-GTA5PRO_DVD2.iso I need those badly to verify I got the files without them being incomplete or something. You can use a program such as hashcalc or use the extension Hashtab. Then give me the SHA1 or MD5 hashes for the files. I really appreciate it if someone can help me with this. Regards and thanks.
  24. Hi guys, Since its almost obvious that Rise of tomb Raider will have denuvo, I thought pre ordering might reduce some cost rather than purcahsing after game is released. As the title suggests, I'm looking to pre order. I checked and it's listed for 35$ for pre order. So guys, if you have experience with this, please suggest me whether its safe to go with g2a pre order. If you have other ideas and suggestion, please feel free to say. Thanks in advance dudes..