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  1. Title: Grand Theft Auto V Genre: Action, Adventure Developer: Rockstar North Publisher: Rockstar Games Release Date: September 2016 When a young street hustler, a retired bank robber and a terrifying psychopath find themselves entangled with some of the most frightening and deranged elements of the criminal underworld, the U.S. government and the entertainment industry, they must pull off a series of dangerous heists to survive in a ruthless city in which they can trust nobody, least of all each other. Grand Theft Auto V for PC features a range of major visual and technical upgrades to make Los Santos and Blaine County more immersive than ever. In addition to vastly increased draw distances, Grand Theft Auto V for PC runs at 60FPS in 1080p, with the ability to display visuals in 4K resolution. Players will experience a range of additions and improvements including: • New weapons, vehicles and activities • Additional wildlife • Denser traffic • New foliage system • Enhanced damage and weather effects, and much more. All these features are enhanced by stunning resolution, dramatic improvements to lighting, shadows, and textures, and a smooth frame-rate. The PC versions of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online will also feature First Person Mode, giving players the chance to explore the incredibly detailed world of Los Santos and Blaine County in an entirely new way. Grand Theft Auto V for PC also includes the new Rockstar Editor, which gives players a full suite of editing tools to create and publish gameplay clips direct to both Social Club and YouTube. Grand Theft Auto V also comes with Grand Theft Auto Online, the dynamic and ever-evolving Grand Theft Auto universe. Enhancements to Grand Theft Auto Online for PC will include an increased player count, with online play for up to 30 players. All existing gameplay upgrades and Rockstar-developed content created since the original release of Grand Theft Auto Online will also be available for PC, with much more to come. EXCLUSIVE CONTENT FOR RETURNING PLAYERS To reward loyal Grand Theft Auto V fans for playing on PC and experiencing a newer, more detailed version of Los Santos and Blaine County, Rockstar Games has an array of exclusive items specifically for these players returning from PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360 - with each of them connected to activities designed for them to experience the game's massive world in new and exciting ways. Kbagi Single ISO - Click Here Google Drive Single ISO - Click Here Diskokosmiko Single ISO - Click Here 1Fichier Single ISO - Click Here Uptobox Single ISO - Click Here 1GB Parts - RG / UL / UB / 1F / FF - Click Here Another 1GB Multi Links - Click Here Torrent File - Click Here
  2. Hi, this is my 1st post in this forum. I installed GTA V corepack v1.41 v3. played 28% of the game. after that, windows defender deleted my steam_api64.dll file. so that I cant run my game. I have tried to replace steam_api64.dll file by downloading, but its not working. still i am facing the problem. I also tried fresh install, but before launching, windows defender deleting the file. What to do? Thanks
  3. GTA V Installation Guide & Fixes - UPDATED 15/05/2016 Latest Update: Grand.Theft.Auto.V.Update.v1.33-RELOADED (678.1) Latest Crack: RELOADED Latest GTAVVerifier: v1.5 (See section 3) Foreword If you are having issues, I cannot stress enough how important it is to verify your installed files. Please see Section 3. THIS GUIDE SHOWS HOW TO INSTALL GTA V & APPLY THE LATEST UPDATE + CRACK! Table of Contents: 1. A Little Background Info 2. Installation Guide 3. Installed Files Verification (GTAVVerifier) 4. Applying Latest Update + Crack 5. Common Issues 6. PrePack (36.4 GB) Missing/Stripped MP DLC Folders/Files 7. R* Update Changelogs Here is a guide I want to share with people who may be having issues. 1. A Little Background Info [SPOILER="A Little Background Info"] 1.1 CorePack Releases There have been three releases: Grand Theft Auto V Inc. Update 1 PrePack (36.4 GB) Grand Theft Auto V Inc. Update 4 RePack (31 GB) Grand Theft Auto V Inc. Update 4 RePack (31.8 GB) You should get this release! 1.2 Differences of Releases For those that don't know, the releases are based on the Full Retail DVD. 1.2.1 PrePack (36.4 GB) Update 1 included. Does NOT include certain files: \update\x64\metadata.dat \update\x64\dlcpacks\mpchristmas2\dlc.rpf \update\x64\dlcpacks\mpheist\dlc.rpf \update\x64\dlcpacks\mppatchesng\dlc.rpf The dlcpacks\mp folders\files were removed, as they were all originally believed to only be MultiPlayer (MP) DLC's. As it turns out, some missions were not playable, and I discovered you actually needed: \update\x64\dlcpacks\mpchristmas2\dlc.rpf \update\x64\dlcpacks\mppatchesng\dlc.rpf These can be downloaded from section 6. PrePack (36.4 GB) Missing/Stripped MP DLC Folders/Files below, or from a full 60GB torrent. mpheist is NOT needed, this truly is Online Heist’s DLC. NOTE: Some MODS use vehicles from this DLC... The 'metadata.dat' is required, although is added during section 4. Applying Latest Update + Crack below. 1.2.2 RePack (31 GB) Update 4 included. Does NOT include:\update\x64\metadata.dat \update\x64\dlcpacks\mpheist\dlc.rpf (Online Heist’s DLC) MP sound files. 1.2.3 RePack (31.8 GB) Update 4 & Online Heist’s DLC included. 1.3 The Trade Off Due to the highly compressed files of the releases, as with anything compressed, time is needed to un-compress the files! The RePack (31 GB) has been further optimised and does not take as long to install as the PrePack (36.4 GB). Another IMPORTANT factor, is when un-compressing files, it is possible for error's to occur! 1.4 What Can We Do? After we have installed the game, and to ensure our files are IDENTICAL to those of the Full Retail DVD, we can compare the MD5 hash of the files. GTAVVerifier is a small program I wrote to check your files, it will also state what update version and crack you have applied See section 3. Installed Files Verification (GTAVVerifier) below. [/SPOILER] 2. Installation Guide [SPOILER="Installation Guide"] Before you begin, you must disable you’re Anti-Virus! (or it will stop the installation!) Do NOT create a free R* Social Club account! And do NOT try to configure it at all! Grand.Theft.Auto.V.Update.v1.33-RELOADED R* Social Club is NO LONGER REQUIRED! DO NOT INSTALL IT! 2.1 RePack Install Guide PDF with Screen Shots http://loook.ga/1429 1. So you have downloaded CorePack's Repack If you have 32 files (i.e. part01, part02, etc...) 2. Extract the 2 ISO files from the RAR's (32 files) using WinRAR or 7Zip (Right click the first part01 (i.e. CP-GTAV.part01.rar) and choose 'Extract Here'). 3. You now have 2 ISO's 'CP-GTAV_DVD1.iso' and 'CP-GTAV_DVD2.iso' 4. Ensure you have minimum 85GB of free space on HDD where you choose to install the game! Please also note you should NOT get any error's during installation! 5. Mount your 'CP-GTAV_DVD1.iso' (with Daemon Tools or simply use Windows 8's inbuilt virtual drive, i.e. double-click .iso) 6. Choose to Install and select a file location 7. Once complete, click finish. 8. Mount your 'CP-GTAV_DVD2.iso' 9. Choose to Install and select the same location you chose in step 6 10. The Processing Files (batch un-compressing) command windows begin... This does take time, please be patient and do not close them! 11. Once complete, push any key in the command prompt window (like it says to do), and click finish. 12. Continue at 2.3 Both Releases Continuation of Installation 2.2 PrePack (36.4 GB) Install Guide PDF with Screen Shots http://loook.ga/1430 1. So you have downloaded CorePack's Prepack If you have 37 files (i.e. part01, part02, etc...)2. Extract the 2 ISO files from the RAR's (37 files) using WinRAR or 7Zip (Right click the first part01 (i.e. PRECP-GTAV.part01.rar) and choose 'Extract Here'). 3. You now have 2 ISO's 'PRECP-GTAV_D1.iso' and 'PRECP-GTAV_D2.iso' 4. Ensure you have minimum 90GB of free space on HDD where you choose to install the game! Please also note you should NOT get any error's during installation! i.e "Unarc.dll / ISDone.dll Error Code -8" (if you do, please see https://corepacks.com/index.php?/topic/34-fixed-unarcdll-isdonedll-error-code-8) 5. Mount your 'PRECP-GTAV_D1.iso' (with Daemon Tools or simply use Windows 8's inbuilt virtual drive, i.e. double-click .iso) 6. Choose to Install and select a file location 7. Once complete, click finish. 8. Mount your 'PRECP-GTAV_D2.iso' 9. Choose to Install and select the same location you chose in step 6 NOTE: You may get another warning here about free space, however you just copied about 74GB from DVD1, so I believe you can ignore this message. 10. The Processing Files (batch un-compressing) command windows begin... This does take time, please be patient and do not close them! ~2 hours 20 minutes on i5-2500K @ 4GHz 11. Once complete, push any key in the command prompt window (like it says to do), and click finish. Now you may wish to add the missing DLC folders/files, if you have downloaded them: \update\x64\dlcpacks\mpchristmas2\dlc.rpf \update\x64\dlcpacks\mppatchesng\dlc.rpf See section 6. PrePack (36.4 GB) Missing/Stripped MP DLC Folders/Files below. 12. Continue at 2.3 Both Releases Continuation of Installation 2.3 Both Releases Continuation of Installation RECOMMENDED: Block 'GTA5.exe' & 'GTAVLauncher.exe' in your firewall, and disable you’re Anti-Virus. PLEASE SEE section 4. Applying Latest Update + Crack below before continuing! At this point, IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to follow the steps in section 3. Installed Files Verification (GTAVVerifier) below! If you have verified your installed files, and it check's out, you are ready to continue. If you are using RELOADED's Crack... Start the game with GTAVLauncher.exe If you are using 3DM's Crack... Start the game with Launcher.exe Have fun :2guns: [/SPOILER] 3. Installed Files Verification (GTAVVerifier) 1. Download GTAVVerifier v1.5 https://mega.nz/#!n0JgnJ7Z!gEVRfcbXhaGVNkeOmaIkYjjWnyv3Uo-IrDHdDMiijg0 2. Extract it and run the exe... NOTE: Microsoft's .NET Framework v4.5 or higher is required. 3.1 What GTAVVerifier Does It will check your files by computing the MD5, and compare the value to the legitimate R* Retail/STEAM MD5 hashes. It will check what update is installed, and what crack is applied. [SPOILER="Example Output"] GTA V Verifier v1.5 @ 15/05/2016 7:15:45 PM Crack: RELOADED 1.33 OK Update: Update 1.33 (678.1) OK DLC: MP Apartment OK MP Christmas 2 OK MP Halloween OK MP Heists OK MP Jan 2016 OK MP Lowrider OK MP Lowrider 2 OK MP Luxe OK MP Luxe 2 OK MP Patches OK MP Replay OK MP Valentines 2 OK MP Xmas 604490 OK Patch Day 1 OK Patch Day 2B OK Patch Day 2 OK Patch Day 3 OK Patch Day 4 OK Patch Day 5 OK Patch Day 6 OK Patch Day 7 OK Patch Day 8 OK Patch Day 9 OK Game: File: GFSDK_ShadowLib.win64.dll variant Update 1.33 (678.1) OK. File: x64a.rpf variant Update 1.33 (678.1) OK. File: update\x64\data\errorcodes\american.txt variant Update 1.33 (678.1) OK. File: update\x64\data\errorcodes\chinese.txt variant Update 1.33 (678.1) OK. File: update\x64\data\errorcodes\french.txt variant Update 1.33 (678.1) OK. File: update\x64\data\errorcodes\german.txt variant Update 1.33 (678.1) OK. File: update\x64\data\errorcodes\italian.txt variant Update 1.33 (678.1) OK. File: update\x64\data\errorcodes\japanese.txt variant Update 1.33 (678.1) OK. File: update\x64\data\errorcodes\korean.txt variant Update 1.33 (678.1) OK. File: update\x64\data\errorcodes\mexican.txt variant Update 1.33 (678.1) OK. File: update\x64\data\errorcodes\polish.txt variant Update 1.33 (678.1) OK. File: update\x64\data\errorcodes\portuguese.txt variant Update 1.33 (678.1) OK. File: update\x64\data\errorcodes\russian.txt variant Update 1.33 (678.1) OK. File: update\x64\data\errorcodes\spanish.txt variant Update 1.33 (678.1) OK. Finished @ 15/05/2016 7:18:01 PM [/SPOILER] If you get an error on a file, it will display the filename with the mismatch. NOTE: Variant's are OK Mismatches usually happen because something went wrong during your installation or processing (un-compressing) files phase. It also allows you to check your ISOs (Only the first two releases, as I didn't download the third) 3.2 What To Do If You Get Errors You can PM myself with the Result from GTAVVerifier (use the Copy to Clipboard button, and paste it in the PM) You can also just try the installation again, if you get a lot of errors. ALTERNATIVELY: Just select the particular file(s) you need from a torrent of the Full 60GB Retail DVD, and put it in the right location obviously. Hope this helps someone or a few people :60: 4. Applying Latest Update + Crack http://corepacks.com/index.php?threads/grand-theft-auto-v-update-v1-33-reloaded.12203/ 5. Common Issues NOTE: Grand.Theft.Auto.V.Update.v1.33-RELOADED NO LONGER REQUIRES R* SOCIAL CLUB! [SPOILER="Common Issues"] 5.1 Social Club Sign-In Issues What should happen if everything goes well for you, when you run 'Launcher.exe' the game starts and it should automatically sign-in to R* Social Club using "3dmgame1" (in the top right of screen). What you can try is this: 1. Un-install R* Games Social Club 2. Delete "C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\Social Club" directory. 3. Delete "C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Social Club" directory. 4. Use regedit and navigate to and delete [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Rockstar Games Social Club] (so there are no traces of it ever being installed) 5. Delete "C:\Users\\Documents\Rockstar Games\Social Club" directory. 6. Re-install R* Games Social Club. 5.2 Change Language As of 3DM crack v4, the language is now in '3dmgame.ini', you can edit it with notepad. Just un-comment the language you want (by deleting the ; at the begining of the line) and comment the other one 5.3 Switch-able Graphics (i.e. Laptops game not loading) I believe this only relates to Intel + NVIDIA consumers: Option A: 1. Change in switch-able graphics 'GTA5.exe' to "Power Saving Mode" 2. Browse to "C:\Users\\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V" directory 2. Open your 'settings.xml' file with notepad or text editor 3. Find the line and change to 5. The game will run on "Power Saving Mode" via switch-able, and as soon as it loads, and you can see the game... 6. Change from "Power Saving Mode" to "High Performance" 7. It will show a blank screen to some people for some seconds, and then BOOM the game should work Option B: Thanks [USER=31001]@domax[/USER] 1. Turn off your antivirus program 2. Go to Start---->Control Panel---->Control Manager 3. When "Control Manager" opens go to "Display Adapters" and right-click on your HIGH-PERFORMANCE Graphic card and "Disable" it 4. Next is launch "PlayGTAV.exe" as Administrator 5. When game starts and you hear some sound go back to Display Adapters and re-enable your graphic card AND BOOM YOUR GAME WORKS 5.4 No Cops/Police during Prologue / Self Radio No Sound Issue This is usually caused by issues during the install phase, and most notably missing file/s: '\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday2ng\dlc.rpf' '\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday3ng\dlc.rpf' If you ran the SFV check mentioned above in section 3. Installed Files CRC Checksum Verification (SFV) you would have seen MISSING and red crosses! Download these from the full 60GB torrent. [/SPOILER] 6. PrePack (36.4 GB) Missing/Stripped MP DLC Folders/Files You will need to acquire these yourself. ALTERNATIVELY: Just select the particular file(s) you need from a torrent of the Full 60GB Retail DVD, and put it in the right location obviously. 7. R* Update Changelogs Update 2 (331.1) https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/articles/205509157--4-17-15-GTAV-PC-Patch-1-01-Notes Update 3 (335.2) https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/articles/204909368--4-21-15-GTAV-PC-Patch-335-1-Notes Update 4 (350.1) https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/articles/205086728--4-30-15-GTAV-PC-Patch-350-1-Notes Update 5 (350.2) https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/articles/205771387--5-1-15-GTAV-PC-Patch-350-2-Notes Update 1.33 (678.1) https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/articles/218069787--UPDATED-5-13-16-GTAV-Title-Update-Notes-1-33-PS4-Xbox-One-PC-
  4. Evolve Stunting presents 'Vice Vacation'. From its wonderful team montages to its spectacular solo skits, I'm a keen admirer of Grand Theft Auto 5's stunt subculture. Evolve Stunting is one of most prolific crews on the scene—whose latest showcase exhibits some typically jaw-dropping set pieces within a familiar sunkissed playground. The video is called 'Vice Vacation'. Prepare to feel nostalgic. Using a Vice City map mod available via FiveM—the open source community modification best known for housing roleplay servers—the old school, faux-Miami landscape admittedly looks a bit tired against GTA 5's high definition character and vehicle models, but it's neat seeing some old haunts nonetheless. The enduring success of GTA Online and the arrival of Red Dead Redemption 2 (hopefully) this year suggests GTA 6 is a ways off. Part of me hopes the series breaks from its pseudo NYC-LA-Miami trifecta whenever it is announced—but when I see things like this, I remember how much I adored Vice. Perhaps a modern day VC would suffice? Wherever it lands, I can't wait to see what stunt crews like Evolve come up with when the time comes.
  5. Hello I finished downloading the GTA V 1.41 repack and unpacking it. At the moment of installing I check the files and everything is fine, but when it is being installed it reaches up to 14.5% or in other cases 54.6% and it is there. Disk usage goes down to 0% and RAM usage is 1GB. I'm using clean install of Windows 10 x64 with 4GB RAM and 240+GB of free space. Windows Defender is disabled and no other programs are open. PC Specs: • Intel i5 3340 • RAM 4GB DDR3 • GTX 1050 Ti I have downloaded this via 1GB links.
  6. GTAV-CP.part24 : file is removed please reupload openload link or any server
  7. Alright, so I applied the RELOADED crack (that also includes 1.0.350.1 update and Social Club v1.1.5.8) right after the repack finished installing and after playing for five hours non-stop, I did not run into any problems whatsoever (I even got on a bicycle at one time), but during my second gameplay, the character would freeze trying to get on a bicycle, while the game's still in progress (no crash or anything) and the character also able to do anything else, even after failing to get on the bicycle. The problem became somewhat irritating in my third gameplay, when as a part of the story mode, you've got to ride a bicycle. Any fixes for this?
  8. Hi I have a problem with GTA V I just download from CPV3 the game run smoothly but only have intro sound, when the game start it doesn't sound, can you guys help me to fix this ?
  9. So I tried installing the latest repack of GTA 5. And the installation went good untill I hit 52.6%. after that it just stuck. I waited for an hour then checked the task manager and the setup was using 0% of my CPU. So I knew there's a problem. Then reinstalled after disabling antivirus and all the other security things but still same. Gets stuck at the exact 52.6% where it extracts patchday3ng/dlc.rpf Can someone help me please.
  10. Im using the Reloaded Crack 1.350.1 with the stock update.rpf that comes with the crack. I want the latest update.rpf thats works with the crack and also please tell me all the files and changes required to make the game work and should not crash after updating.
  11. Millares10

    please Help GTA V 1.36

    the server this file is located on is under maintenance, try again later. i comeback everyhour , every day. but always appear that error GTA V 1.36 http://filecloud.io/zt364mq7a part12 http://filecloud.io/szoh5rj64 part16 http://filecloud.io/bfrpiw4t5 part21 http://filecloud.io/6z0pgnaqt part24 http://filecloud.io/b84watkm6 part33
  12. DragonFireLord

    GTA 5 Texture fix

    Please give a fix for the Gta 5 texture vanishing issue.
  13. I have installed DirectX and registered unarc.dll and ISDone.dll but still not working... Before few months with this installer I installed totally working GTA V and now I upgraded Windows 7 to Windows 10 and now, its not working :( I tryed a lot of solutions but nothing work... If somebody have some solution tell. That only crash on 0%
  14. Hello guys I downloaded the GTA 5 31,8 GBs I installed the first part everything worked fine and then I installed the second the second one but when it was at the point were pop up windows come up 5 cmd windows came up saying something about 64.cpf to 64.rpf and a blank cmd window and they i left them there for a good 20 minute nothing happened so i closed them and a pop up window came up saying "terminate batch job" i typed Y and the Installer said everything is installed fine but when i try to open the game nothing happens even when i try to run it as administrator nothing happens i even downloaded scripthook nothing happened. Need Help!!!
  15. AKmaster

    [GTA V] TwoPlayerMod

    I want to share a great mod. Please support the developers for the mod has potential. Original site: TwoPlayerMod [.NET] by benjamin94 Grand Theft Auto V - TwoPlayerMod DESCRIPTION Play GTA V with 2-4 players in one screen which can be controlled using any USB gamepad. Download link INSTALLATION Just install and copy. Do not open/run the game yet. 1. Latest .NET Scripthook 2.5.1 or later (Already included). 2. Latest NativeUI 1.6.1 or newer (Already included). 3. Latest Community Script Hook V .NET (Not included) 4. [skip step 3 if you have any XInput1_<version>.dll] Copy XInput1_4.dll to main game folder where GTA V.exe is located. 5. Install motioninjoy-0-7-1001-en-win.rar 6. Extract contents of x360ce_x64.rar to main game folder. 7. Install the latest TwoPlayerMod [.NET] (Already included). FIRST TIME SETUP Skip if you did this already... 1. Open x360ce_x64.exe A dialog window will appear, just select "Search from internet" then click Finish. Close it afterwards. 2. Open motionjoy and plug-in your controller. Go to Driver Manager and select the USB port where your controller is plugged in. Click "Load drivers". Wait until finished. -Go back to Profile tab and select Xbox (X-input). Then close the program. CONTROLLER AND IN-GAME CONFIGURATION Note: When using a Xbox controller you don't have to do the configuration part. You can just have to assign it to the player you want. Make sure to remove any gamepad/controller before proceeding... Run motionjoy but don't plugin your controller yet. Don't do anything just run it... 1. Launch GTA V and start story mode until you can move the character. 2. Plug in your xbox controller (in my case PS3 Sixaxis Dualshock) 3. Alt tab and open x360ce. -Your controller should be recognized as controller 1 (At this point you are in the "General" menu) -Then go to the "Advanced" menu -In Advanced there is the "Device" configuration -Change "One" to "Two" in the Pass Through ID selection and press "save" 4. Unplug your controller and Plug it again. 5. Close x360ce. 6. Alt tab back to GTA V. Keys: The by default F11 key opens/closes the menu.Change camera view (default V): It will toggle the GTA:SA camera You should now be able to control player 1 with mouse + kbd and player 2 with the controller. Enjoy! NOTES Just update the NativeUI and Scripthook if new update on the mod's site is released. Github: https://github.com/BenjaminFaal/TwoPlayerMod Contributors: LetsPlayOrDy - Improving camera and other nice additions
  16. ham09

    gta v stuttering

    I am having some problems with gta v my specs are above recommended requirements while on foot I got 60 fps most of the time but when driving or shooting it drops to 20-30 and stutter like hell.. specs i7 3770 gtx 770 asus 2gb intel z77-sl50k 12gb ddr3
  17. BedBug

    No Start

    Just Now the game Installed and was waiting for its gameplay but it didnt start at all. Man any suggestions about how to start it. Tried to run in both intel and nvidia GPU.
  18. Hi Corepack I have a Bug in my GTA V the repack was 27.7GB i installed update 5 and the build number is 350 online 1.27 before it was 505.3 here i am a bit confuse should the build number go up or down not sure even after installing the V5 update still stuck at the same screen when i go to dead man walking mission with Michel it get stuck on loading screen after the video i even asked in chats but they said download 33GB torrent i dont want to download the whole game again so can you post the all bugs fixed update only
  19. The Pinnacle of V - World Enhancement Project V1.8.1 [GTA V MOD] FEATURES: The Pinnacle of V - World Enhancement Project is a massive game enhancer modification bringing you only the best of GTA. Not only is this a visual enhancement, but literally every aspect of the game has been tweaked, adjusted, and fine tuned to create the most realistic, stunning, and immersive Grand Theft Auto experience to date. Check out the full features list below to get a grasp at the size of this ever expanding project. 1. VISUALS - The best and most realistic Reshade & Enb configurations included to provide a perfect color balance and bring new life to the game. Totally redone every in game weather, removing chromatic aberration, noise, vignetting, and other postfx. Improved clouds, lighting, color control, reduced fog to realistic amounts and much more. Major overhaul! (Letting the game change weathers in its natural cycle provides the best experience! Don't always use a trainer, you'll be surprised.) Photo realistic rain and puddles. Increased global reflection and shadow intensity. Added Volumetric Lighting to all weathers during night. Removed flashing from pickup objects(weapons cash wallets etc.) Enabled shadows from weapon, explosion and other smoke/particle effects within near vicinity of player(uses the same distance as the general shadow box) Removed most lensflare and limited corona size. Improved/stronger wind effects. Edited particle effects to allow more collision, as well as made more objects breakable(more coming in future updates). Better grass and plant general settings. Global smoke effect improved, everything from exhaust to chimneys to explosions Better weather lighting, fog control, and atmosphere. Much improved storm weather waves and water effects. Massively improved reflections. Increased farclip. Longer lasting footprints, better tire water, dirt, and burnout smoke effects. 4k and improved Bokeh Depth of Field Effects. Improved vehicle lights, coronas, flare, spotlights and police lights. 2. TEXTURE OVERHAUL - Plants, grass, bushes, vehicles, water, blood, stars, moon, and more! The texture overhaul is a massive project on its own, and it will be receiving regular updates as progress is made. These textures are not just simply upscaled. They are entirely brand new textures being introduced into the game. 4k Clouds 4k Water 4k Stars and Moon 4k Plants and Grass 4k Blood 4k Fire Sprites 4k Coronas 4k Rain Drops and Splash Textures 4k Cloud Noise 4k Vehicle Bottom Shadows 2k Real Vehicle Replacements for Carrier Types(Coke, Pepsi, graffiti, and more!) 3. 100% REWORKED VEHICLE HANDLING - Every car, truck, van, SUV, commercial, utility, transportation, water, and air vehicle has been modded to provide realistic deformation, top speeds, weight, handling, crash physics, avoidance control, ai control and more! Finally you can drive around Los Santos in a vehicle that doesn't feel like a toy! 4. RELATIONSHIPS - In game relationships have been edited between the police, gangs, animals, and the player. This creates a much more lively environment, seeing gangs and police battle it out on the streets, and allowing the player to enjoy their encounters with animals to a higher degree! You can also stand closer to pedestrians for a longer time without them running away! 5. POPULATION - All population levels have been increased by specific area, time, and day of the week. This provides realistic city rush hours, and a much more alive feeling to the city of Los Santos. All dlc vehicles now spawn in traffic naturally, as well as many other pedestrians, both ambient and scenario are now present on the streets! New activities and new faces! Accurate police patrols, on foot and in cruisers! 6. WEAPONS DESTRUCTION VIOLENCE AND MORE - All of the original weapons in game have been extremely modified. Every weapon now has realistic recoil, bullet spread, tracer fx, muzzle flash fx, reload animation speeds and more. Bullets now travel at a realistic speed instead of being instant hit. Certain materials can now be shot through, such as thin metal, wood, plastic, and other non metal/concrete/hard surface materials. Bullets can now shoot apart fences and other in game objects that were previously unbreakable. Helicopters now fire missiles semi auto! Changed grenade explosion to the rpg effect, and altered and changed every single explosion effect in the game. Accurate rag doll responses from weapon fire. Increased burn time, spread, and improved visual look of all fire and the materials it touches. Police and gang weapon loadouts have been modified to allow them carry different weapons and pack more of a punch! Realistic blood textures, as well as blood sprays and mist. Blood decals and damage now appear from a much farther distance. Overhauled bullet impact effects and particles. More and better controlled debris, as well as bigger environment bullet holes. Big overhaul to melee fighting and general ped interaction, kick less, punch faster, fight peds longer! 7. AUDIO - Every weapon sound has been fully replaced with custom weapon sounds,bringing the immersion to an even deeper level! http://goo.gl/aLm83p Full iso game http://goo.gl/UBLvmd
  20. Herbert Slaith

    GTA V - Multiplayer!

    Five M is now dead and not available anymore.
  21. GTA 5 DLC: Liberty City expansion coming to single-player GTA V September 17, 2013 date of the present serious situation as a period of time in history and the other series that will directly impact the story has come out of the DLC and time is running out. GTA Online's always up to date and specific time intervals can move up the bar again with a comprehensive story mode DLC expansion pack may come to know a great time. However, a continuation of the story in a package is waiting for us in the end. Such theory that very famous Youtube videos are mrbossftw According to the information put forward by the Liberty City of GTA V's story as you will be staying. According to leaked information that will affect the story mode before talking about DLC Lowriders 2 Christmas update mrbossftw 'also be noted that the exit. Players with mod makers of GTA V and Funmw2 Online GTA Liberty City map set out by adding the allegations are consolidating. And it's easy to say that the map of GTA V added. Because GTA IV and GTA V RAGE game engine is the same. If we consider the possibility that the allegations are not true advantage for Rockstar Games it has provided. ALLEGATIONS they continue to idda are going to take his head. Time will show us the truth of this assertion. Let's do our characters will make a trip to Liberty City to Los Santos. Liberty City Coming To GTA 5 EXPLAINED! https://youtu.be/bjNbovuW250
  23. IT's HERE! FINALLY! Grand.Theft.Auto.V.Update.2.and.Crack_v3-3DM https://cloud.mail.ru/public/2KnRtz1Lvv3Y/PUNCH%202.7z http://uptobox.com/2w354tlmd0t5 http://uptobox.com/leevestu2l1q http://www55.zippyshare.com/v/9o6QsUyV/file.html http://www55.zippyshare.com/v/qHHikscs/file.html Grand.Theft.Auto.V.Update.3.and.Crack_v4-3DM http://hugefiles.net/9g732zz1tgzr http://uptobox.com/4qd7va1vo6mt http://hugefiles.net/49a1kxhvslhv Grand.Theft.Auto.V.Update.4(v1.0.350.1).and.Crack.v4-3DM.7z http://pan.baidu.com/s/1o6OdBsQ (Click on the download icon on the upper right, when a pop up comes, click the grey tab) https://mega.co.nz/#!EogzFQTJ!GU9MA9qpJypNSOLWaPFuTDzdnPHDCD4jLiVJGurJVaM Grand.Theft.Auto.V.Update.5(v1.0.350.2).and.Crack.v4-3DM http://pan.baidu.com/s/1hOHI2 (Click on the download icon on the upper right, when a pop up comes, click the grey tab) https://mega.nz/#!PgRkTBYL!qPXownyuupkcPYirhMcL3qsNSFguSW10C8isG8NxnVk http://www.uploadbaz.com/jmlmh8m4l5t2 Crack v4 Only (3dm) http://www31.zippyshare.com/v/49Ai75aw/file.html Crack v5 Only FIXED (3dm) http://pan.baidu.com/s/1ntutYad (Click on the download icon on the upper right, when a pop up comes, click the grey tab) Reloaded Crack (SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW!!!) (if you hear anything about rld release being nuked, ignore it, it was unnuked later, also this is the only reloaded release for this game so far, NO Proper or FIX was released) https://mega.nz/#!nsZT1aCS!doWWYbLyuqGeMPD0Qsu8sG0Ubo1QXAPuSAGHeDbOGm8 you still need update 4 or 5 before using the crack Exclusive Content Unlocker for Returning Player: http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/CHui25pW/file.html this will unlock new weapons, new missions, new vehicles! instructions in the file! P.S. this was tested 100% Working! Still it is advisable to keep a backup of your profile before overwriting anything... Crash fix! (Great Work by PhippsieKhunt & ASFOMP!) (NOT NEEDED FOR V5 3dm or reloaded crack) https://corepacks.com/index.php?/topic/3773-gta-v-update-3-fix-for-q-button-crash/ GTAV Launcher Patch 1.0.331.1 http://patches.rockstargames.com/prod/gtav/Launcher_EFIGS/GTA_V_Launcher_1_0_331_1.exe GTAV Launcher Patch 1.0.331.2 http://patches.rockstargames.com/prod/gtav/Launcher_EFIGS/GTA_V_Launcher_1_0_335_2.exe GTAV Launcher Patch 1.0.350.1 http://patches.rockstargames.com/prod/gtav/Launcher_EFIGS/GTA_V_Launcher_1_0_350_1.exe RGSC v1.1.5.8 http://patches.rockstargames.com/prod/socialclub/Social%20Club%20v1.1.5.8%20Setup.exe GTA V Registry Tool and Language selector by AVG http://www31.zippyshare.com/v/YykCBSS1/file.html INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Get a Retail Copy or Corepack Version of GTA V 2. See if yo have these files and delete them: ''social club from c:\program files.'' ''rockstar games folder from Documents''. 3. Install RGSC v1.1.5.8 from above 4. Use the registry tool to fix the game path and language. 5. apply update (either 2, 3, 4 or 5) 6. install GTAV Launcher Patch 1.0.331.1 (for update 2) or 1.0.331.2 (for update 3) 1.0.350.1 (for update 4) 7. Apply ASFOMP crashfix PLAY from playGTAV.exe 8. (Optional) Use Administrative Privileges and Maximum performance in task manager 9. FOR RELOADED CRACK: move the save location from %userprofile%\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\Profiles to C:\ProgramData\Socialclub\RLD!\271590 10. FOR RELOADED CRACK: start from GTAVLauncher.exe ADDITIONAL 1. 3dm crack is for the retail version of the game, to convert steam game into full retail you need the following four files (includes mismatch and missing) [these are NOT needed for corepack repack] mismatch: common.rpf and x64b.rpf missing: GPUPerfAPIDX11-x64.dll and NvPmApi.Core.win64.dll http://www75.zippyshare.com/v/tQoIayhi/file.html 2. Possible workaround for crashing problem after the first heist mission (RB crash to aim from inside the car) -finish the first heist without firing any bullets - exit the game - go to 3dmgame.ini , open it and add a space, then "-bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff" just like this: [settings] ExeName=GTA5.exe -bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff and save it. -Run the game -go to setting and : Landing Page => off Autosave => off - play a few minutes -go back to setting and set both options ON again - restart the game 3. Possible workaround for crashing problem in Garbage Truck Heist Mission; crash while changing character: 3.1 After exploding the garbage truck drive east to get closer to the position where Micheal will be.This way the whole zooming out and back in is avoided and the game wont crash anymore. 3.2 go to Settings; Saving and Startup set the landing to ON (if it's on OFF it save, restart the game and then turn ON) then restart the game and you will be able to progress. Other random crashes are caused by exclusive fullscreen mode (use borderless) and the pause when lose focus setting (set it to OFF). MANY PEOPLE REPORTED THESE FIXED THEIR CRASHES... ALSO INSTALL MICROSOFT DOT NET FRAMEWORK 4.5.2 IT HELPED SOME PEOPLE. 4. Possible fix to ''NO MISSION AFTER FATHER AND SON!'' you need to play some Stranger and Freaks (?) mission to continue the story... the corepack version have some missing files (ppatchesng, mpchristmas2) that are need for S & F missions. so download and put them in appropriate location to continue. links are in the section 10 of the thread added below. file location should be Grand Theft Auto V/update/x64/dlcpacks https://corepacks.com/index.php?/topic/3643-gta-v-corepack-prepack-install-guidecorrupt-game-data-fixed/ This is a suggested fix. i didn't experience the problem so could not test for myself. But you will need the S & F files regardless... so worth a try. PM me if it does not work for you! 5. Aim any weapon and press G to do a quick throw - apparently it circumvents crash issue. 6. if a particular thing in a mission is causing game crash then you can always die three times and skip that part. 7. Stock Exchange Workaround: https://corepacks.com/index.php?/topic/3835-stock-exchange-workaround-grand-theft-auto-v/?p=16627 CAUTION 1. Not all Repacks are good.... use corepack or get a full unlocked retail version 2. There are some game breaking bug reported in the game... these have nothing to do with crack.... legit gamers have them too! 3. the Missing files of Corepack are available elsewhere in the forum! 4. do not change the game location. 5. the cover crash is due to anti piracy trigger. so i still believe it's safe to stay on update 2 before an official 3dm release. because there maybe other triggers too. you can wait for a proper 3dm fix! 6. a crash occurs when you throw anything and then try to aim while in a car. if crashfixes shown above does not work for you then DO NOT use any throwables (Sticky bombs or grenades) or Only Use them from a Car! (update 4 with fix fixes it!) Thanks to punchao and machine4578 CHEERS MATE! Long Live COREPACK! Don't forget to upvote!
  24. Let me start by saying Stock Exchange for GTA V is extremely buggy at the moment. So use it with caution. Save your game! Keep Backups! Below is the workaround guide on how to bypass the big bug where shares dont save in PORTFOLIO when you buy them, and you lose all cash on them, but first to understand 2 things: 1: LCN is the stock exchange for offline single-player, BAWSAQ is for online multi-player 2: small bug - the names for market shares atm in game are bugged, Ex: if you click AnimalArc shares, you get AirEmu option to buy 3 characters, only 3 individual shares, they cant have multiple shares. ex: Michael cant have shares at 2-3-4 company's at same time. GUIDE Let say you want to buy 1000 shares for RadioLosSantos (RLS) - open phone => internet => money and services = LCN = > markets - here you need to find the REAL NAME where RadioLosSantos is hidden (dont warry, made a full list below for you with all real names), click on Merryweather and you will see that now you're at - RadioLosSantos shares - here click to add only 1, yes buy ONLY 1 => confirm - if everything worked find, you're at PORTFOLIO and now you have 1 share at RadioLosSantos, if for some reason PORTFOLIO is EMPTY, go back and buy 1 more share, if again is EMPTY, than you need to do the optional step below coz game is bugged and it doesn't save properly - now that you have 1 share in PORTFOLIO, click on it and buy 1000 more => confirm - click again on the share you have on PORTFOLIO, and now you should see in the box at OWNED that you have 1001 shares for RadioLosSantos, job done, now just wait till you think you're good to sell them for profit - you can do w/e you want now, do missions, do other stuff and if game crash or u close it, dont worry, if you did all good and shares in PORTFOLIO now they saved till you decide to sell them. Optional Steps: Install take Ownership from below and right click the following flies and folder and Take ownership. http://www26.zippyshare.com/v/tS39BOQR/file.html - Rockstar in ProgramFiles(x86) - Rockstar in %appdata%\local - Rockstar in My Documents - Main game GTA 5 directory folder - for the fallowing .exe in the 'in game' directory set them to run as administrator 'GTAVLauncher, GTA5, Launcher, playGTAV' Bellow are 2 lists, one with the CORRECT names for shares, other one with the names you should NOT click, since they open the online BAWSAQ market DO NOT CLICK THEM = BAWSAQ (online market exchange) AuguryInsurance Bullhead Hammerstein&Faust Hijak MazeBank RadionLosSantos Slauthter,Slaughter&Slaughter Up-n-Atom WorldwideFM CORRECT names for shares = LCN Original Redirection/ Real Name AnimalArk: ARK AirEmu: EMU AuguryInsurance: AUG N/A CoolBeans: BAN FlyUS: FUS Beanmachine: BEN Burgershot: BGR Bilkinton: BIL Bilkinton: BIL Bank of Liberty: BOL WorldWideFM: WFM BobMulet: BOM CoolBeans: BAN CluckinBel: CLK eCola: ECL Debonaire: DEB GoldCoast: GDC DollarPils: DOP GastroBand: GAS eCola: ECL GoPostal: GOP AirEmu: EMU BobMulet: BOM Fleeca: FLC RadioLosSantos: RLS FlyUS: FUS GruppeSechs: GRU GastroBand: GAS Krapea: KRP GoldCoast: GCD CluckinBel: CLK GoPostal: GOP Lifeinvader: LFI GruppeSechs: GRU MaxRenda: MAX Hammerstein&Faust: HAF N/A Hijack: HJK N/A Krapea: KRP PostOP: POP Lifeinvader: LFI ProLaps: PRO Logger: LOG WorldWideFM: WFM MaxRenda: MAX Redwood: RWC Mazebank: MAZ N/A Merryweather: MER RadioLosSantos: RLS MorsMutualInsurance: MOR MorsMutualInsurance: MOR PostOP: POP RichardsMajestic: RIM ProLaps: PRO TacoBomb: TBO Raine: RAI Beanmachine: BEN RichardsMajestic: RIM Vangelico: VAG RadioLosSantos: RLS N/A Redwood: RWC Up-n-Atom: UPA Slaughter(x3): SSS N/A TacoBomb: TBO VanillaUnicorn: UNI VanillaUnicorn: UNI Merryweather: MER Up-n-Atom: UPA N/A Vangelico: VAG Logger: LOG WorldWideFM: WFM N/A Guide developed by doisitrei CHEERS MATE! Long Live COREPACK! :batman: Don't forget to upvote! :batman:
  25. bagaspati47

    GTA 5 PC patch reduces CPU usage

    Over the weekend, GTA 5's first PC patch went live—hopefully clearing up a few of the lingering issues that surround the game. Not only does 1.01 fix the infamous Windows special character issue, it reduces the CPU usage of the GTA 5 launcher. It also paves the way for 'iFruit' PC support. The companion app isn't currently compatible with the PC build, but implementation is clearly planned. It lets you train a dog, or something. Update: iFruit PC support was added to the app this morning, and can be downloaded through iTunes or Google Play. It still lets you train a dog, or something. You can see the full patch notes below. Has the patch fixed any issues you've been having? Fixed an issue where the GTAV Launcher would use an abnormally high percentage of CPU and sometimes crash Fixed an issue where frame rate would drop when left-clicking the mouse while driving Added a grid to the Golf mini-game to show the topology of the green while putting Fixed an issue where a character’s eyebrows or other facial features could change erroneously when transferred to PC Fixed an issue where a some players were asked to transfer their GTA Online character while a transfer was already in progress YouTube uploads via the Rockstar Editor will now correctly resume if Internet connection is lost during the upload and later restored Fixed a rare issue where the game could crash while using the Rockstar Editor Projects containing deleted clips will now load properly in the Rockstar Editor and warn the player of the missing clips Fixed an issue where birds were not recorded correctly in Rockstar Editor clips Corrected an issue where certain characters in Windows usernames would cause the Launcher to fail to load or other undesired game behavior. For details, see this page. Fixed an issue where players with one garage would not be able to replace an existing vehicle if the garage was full and the new vehicle was purchased from an in-game website Additional fixes to prepare for iFruit support Crew Tire Smoke can no longer be purchased if you are not in a Crew source:http://www.pcgamer.com/gta-5-pc-patch-reduces-cpu-usage/
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