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Found 2 results

  1. UNICORN1-50

    Battlefield 1 DX Error

    Hi guys. everytime I start this game I get this problem. Every game works fine except for BF1. can play for like 2-3 minutes and then boom. This error. Reinstalled drivers by uninstalling thru DDU, have the latest drivers. Google aint helping much. Reinstalled all the redist as well yet the problem persists. ANy ideas to fix it. error
  2. Essentials for Installing, Playing and Fixing PC Games This is a quick guide to help avoid the most common of problems one will get when trying to play PC games on a freshly installed OS, or even after installing a few games with the included redist files. Also the best apps to help fix game problems with and information on finding any available fixes. If you have Windows 32-bit, it's time to upgrade to 64-bit, as many games are now 64-bit only due to higher RAM requirements. All downloads here are 100% adware and virus free! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ CorePacks Game Information CP V1 - Everything at time of release included | CP V2 - some things removed and/or further compressed. Prepack - Wait for Crack | Repack - Crack Included MULTI7 | MULTI9 etc - Which languages are included, usually means just subtitles and interface and audio is in english only, but check the game's steam page as it is usually accurate about included languages. Always remember to READ the NFO's on the game pages so you know what the repacks contain and disk spaced required etc. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Redists - You need redists to play most games on your PC. All in One Runtimes Installer - This includes ALL Microsoft Net Framework, Visual C++ and DirectX files. Also installs Java, Flash, Shockwave and Silverlight for your other games and in-browser internet gaming too. Fully automated and works for any Windows OS version. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Drivers Ensure you are up to date with your drivers, the GPU, audio and motherboard drivers are the most important for gaming. A quick way to get up and running is to use Driver Booster, but as it tends to install bad drivers for some things, your next step is to manually install your Motherboard, GPU, Audio drivers and any other missing and wrong drivers afterwards to ensure you have the correct drivers and best performance. Display Driver Uninstaller - DDU is used when updating video card drivers, as you should always uninstall them with windows and then use DDU to ensure a full clean wipe before installing new ones. Download the new DDU everytime you update your video drivers. Nvidia Physx - Some games need the Physx drivers installed even if you don't have an Nvidia Physx device for allowing CPU calculations of physics in games, some of which work great without FPS slowdowns. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Programs to Install Games - Other apps are NOT recommended! Only use Power ISO to mount and Winrar to extract, this will lead to the least problems! Power ISO - CD Image mounting software, considered the most useful as it mounts any virtual CD Image you will come across correctly. Winrar - Archive software, considered the best for extracting due to having the most compatibility with archives, also among the fastest with great multi-core support. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Other Useful Things Notepad++ - Some game fixes require changes to the games configuration files, opening them with this instead of standard notepad makes it a lot easier. Registry Workshop - Game fixes can also require editing the registry, this application replaces windows regedit and makes it a lot easier to change registry settings, allows copying and pasting of reg key locations and proper navigation and undo features. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Low on Drive Space? Space Sniffer - Uses tiles to represent the size of the folders on your hard drive, making it really fast and easy to recover free space on your hard drive. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Downloading and Installing Cracked Game Prerequisites As well as IDM, try using Jdownloader 2 for direct links as it auto CRC checks for you so you know you got a good download... it also makes direct link downloading as easy as torrents. 1. Before downloading a game or a crack that you are sure is not a virus, disable your anti-virus first. 2. Once you have downloaded and installed your game or crack, add the game folder to your anti-virus exceptions before enabling anti-virus again. This includes Windows Defender, if you have any other anti-virus software installed, Windows Defender shouldn't even be turned on! If you had anti-virus turned on by mistake during a torrent download, disable your anti-virus and then force-recheck your torrent to get the crack files back. This also works if you had anti-virus turned on during extraction of game files, just disable anti-virus and extract again. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Best Google to Use If you don't have Set this as your homepage, as when you are finding game fixes, cracks, files, torrents, missing NFO's etc... is the one that has them all. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ What to do when Trying to Fix a Game Problem First, believe it or not, as long as your game download is not corrupted or fake, redownloading the same game again is not going to help. The exception to this is getting a game from another repacker if you cannot get the installation to work after trying to fix it. Once you have a game download that's it, you now have all you need. From here your options are... reinstalling the game to fix a bad installation and/or downloading missing/mismatching files and then adding them to the game folder... and downloading crack fixes and updates. New game release? Be aware that new releases sometimes need crack fixes rather than official game fixes or updates. Also due to this fact, always try and download the latest available repack when deciding to download a game to help avoid such problems. When you run into a problem with a game, if you get an error message, Google the exact message and you will most likely find fixes. No error message? Try describing what happens to Google with the game name to find fixes. Still stuck? Try searching the forums here and on games torrent comments on Kickass and The Pirate Bay. You can always try asking yourself in the forum or the shoutbox too. Just try every fix you can find to do until the game works. Joypad Emulation Software, other USB devices plugged in other than keyboard and mouse? - Unfortunately, these can sometimes be a cause of game problems, such as lag, start up and in game crashes. A part of your fixing strategy should be to Google about it and/or only have your keyboard and mouse plugged in and joypad emulation software disabled to rule out these problems. Reinstalling the OS is a LAST resort, you really shouldn't need to do it to fix game a problem, only do it once you have exhausted all other possibilities and have tried all the fixes you can find and if you really think it will fix your problem, i.e. if googling tells you it is required due to a Windows problem you find out you have. Guide about OS fixing here - You will not lose any installed applications or personal files using it. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ SAFE PC Gaming Tweaks Reduce Stutter, network gaming lag and Improve Installation Times - It's a guide, click it. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Stuck on anything? What else should be added here? Let us know! Check out the game issues forum too!