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  1. What is DirectX 12 ? DirectX 12 is a new API promised to deliver the same low-overhead benefits of AMD’s custom Mantle UI, along with vastly improved performance and superior hardware utilization when compared to DirectX 11. DirectX 11 Vs. DirectX 12 [media] [/media] GTX 1080 Benchmark [media] [/media] What’s Special About DirectX 12? Short answer, it can make your PC games faster, if developers decide to tap into DirectX 12 to its fullest. See all features & advantages of dx12 by going here >> Main advantages are: Backward Compatibility As said above DX12 will be backward compatible with older DX11 hardware. This basically means that if your graphics card is less than two years old, you probably won’t need to upgrade. Of course, there are parts of the DX12 APIs that will likely not be available to older hardware that isn’t specifically “DirectX 12 Compatible” but in the end, if you graphics card supports DX11, then it will enjoy the significant bulk of the features DX12 brings to the table. Laptop Users Rejoice Microsoft promises that DX12 will run well on lower-end systems, which means laptops and tablets. Both of these computing form factors are known for having less gaming power.DX12 will at least make gaming on lower-end systems more tolerable. New Multi-adapter Capabilities DX12 works on a low level, which means it has access to far more hardware options than its predecessors. Of these, the multi-adapter is perhaps the coolest. Simply, the multi-adapter strategy allows developers to split processing duties between your main GPU and your CPU’s integrated graphics. This means that when implemented skillfully, your big beefy video card that you paid hundreds of dollars for will only have bear the brunt of the heavy lifting leaving the CPU graphics to do lighter, busy work like post-processing. Microsoft claims this could result in a performance boost around 20 percent. 4K Gaming It’s abundantly clear that 4K video and gaming is the future for now & game makers are clearly moving gradually in that direction.DirectX 12 will definitely accelerate that adoption because it significantly reduces GPU overhead. How to Check & Upgrade DirectX It’s easy to check what version of DirectX you are using right now. Here’s the simple process: Go to Start > Run or press Win + R. Type “dxdiag” (without the quotes) and press Enter or click OK. This will open the DirectX Diagnostics Tool. The bottom of the pane will show which version of DirectX you’re on. If you think you are lagging behind, you can manually download and install DirectX from Microsoft, or just run Windows Update. Which OS is needed to play in DX 12 ? As of now Windows 10 is the only operating system that support DirectX 12. DX12 comes pre-installed on Win10. Which graphic cards are needed to run DX 12 ? DirectX 12 is currently supported on all Nvidia GPUs from the upcoming NVIDIA 1080 to old 400 Series & AMD supports DirectX 12 on GPUs from the HD 7000 series & above) & on "E1/E2/A4/A6/A8-6000" Series APUs codenamed “Beema” & above. For a full list of compatible gpu's NVIDIA >> AMD >> But what about my NVIDIA 900 & AMD 300 cards, aren't they true directX12 cards ? Yes. whilst dx12 can run on almost all above gpu's some of its features can only be played on a true dx12 based card like 900 or 300 series & above. List of current & upcoming games supporting DX12 go here >> If you liked the post support the Corepack Team by commenting or liking the thread