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Found 18 results

  1. thepunisher7


    When start the game, it keeps on a black screen for 2-3 seconds and then crashes. The instalation was just fine, I don't know what s going on.
  2. Violet


    it took me 5 hours to just install this game,and it hurts when some bad thing happens! this is what im getting.it looks like after black screen my game crashes.... Any solutions? im literally dying to play this game!!
  3. Hi, i have AC Syndicate codex version and all updates are installed but the game will crash when i start first mission of Dreadful crimes dls or click on Dreadful crimes in Progress log menu. for installing update 1.4 BAT should i select "Apply patch" in last step or not ?
  4. Mariusika17

    AC origins crash

    Hi guys, so im getting that error whenever i try to play AC Origins, the longest i managed to play it without crashing is 30 mins, now its crashing from 5 to 5 mins, or whenever i open map, attack an enemy etc, i also finished Ghost Recon Wildlands, like last summer, and it was running perfect, however, when i tried it today, it also gives me the same error as AC origins, crashing to desktop, i also get this error in Event Viewer: The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID {D63B10C5-BB46-4990-A94F-E40B9D520160}and APPID and i also get this after crash: Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered.{9CA88EE3-ACB7-47C8-AFC4-AB702511C276}My PC specs: RX 570 4GBCPU: G4560 3.5 ghzRAM: 8GBI tried everything, changing the registry TLDR to 8 seconds, unninstal drivers, closing applications in the background, everything, my GPU temperature is normal, im afraid the only solution is to reset my OS (windows 10). Note: Watch Dogs 2, does not crash, or any other game, the only game i crash is AC Origins and for some reason now Ghost recon Wildlands.Edit: my RX 570 is OC from fabric, at 1340 mhz, i tried to underclock it at 1200 mhz, and memory cloock from 1750 to 1600, still same error.
  5. UNICORN1-50

    Assassin's Creed Origins

    Hey guys....i seem to have run into a problem with this game. It used to with perfectly well until a few days back where due to an infection in my system i had to run ADWCleaner Malwarebytes and Hitmanpro. After running the above 3 softwares this game fails to start n just gets stuck on splash screen. All the drivers updated. Like i said it was working just fine prior to running those 3 softwares. I've tried reinstalling the games many times. Tired Corepacks n Fitgirls repack however the same result. But every other game works just fine without any issues. Specs ain't that great but it gets the job done. Intel i5 AMD HD 8670M 6 GB RAM Its an old timer but a good one to atleast allow me to play the latest games on 20FPS. Appreciate all the help.
  6. Hi my game crash in sequence 2 memory 1 in a specific location, how should i fix this issue ? pls help me my version is Reloaded (updated to v1.5) windows 10 v1703
  7. Try to install Max Payne 3 repack (ShivShubh's version), but it says, low on memory, please close this program cls- or clz-lol... something, archive corrupted etc.. Installation progress on 0%. even my Graphic Driver got crashed & logged off. I've tried to install it several times. on my OS drive (Windows 10), also on another drive, but still have same problem. My HDD free space is 60GB on my OS drive, 52 GB on my other drive. my RAM is DDR3 8GB, Video Memory 2GB, CPU i5 7th gen @ 3.2 GHz After installation got crashed, my paging file (I set it to automatic) on OS drive is reaching 20+ GB.
  8. UNICORN1-50

    Battlefield 1 DX Error

    Hi guys. everytime I start this game I get this problem. Every game works fine except for BF1. can play for like 2-3 minutes and then boom. This error. Reinstalled drivers by uninstalling thru DDU, have the latest drivers. Google aint helping much. Reinstalled all the redist as well yet the problem persists. ANy ideas to fix it. error
  9. I installed Hitman Absolution in my Win10 PC but it seems to crashes as soon as the menu loads. My PC meets the recommended system requirements. I searched many solutions and tried many of them still the game doesn't seem to work.
  10. CP Hardline links dead so downloaded from Darckrepack, Installed the game and when I launch the game black screen comes and get error stating BFH stopped working. any fix?
  11. Steverogers

    DiRT 4 Keeps Getting Crashing

    Guys need a help. When I try to play "DiRT 4 POWYS Wales" event,game keep getting cashing to the desktop with "DiRT 4 has stopped working" error massage. I tried to lower the Graphics settings / Lower the resolution / Disable to mirrors on video settings / Changed the compatibility mode to windows 7 & Update the video drivers as well but no luck at all. any help? This is the event I mention. and here is the error massage. Help me to fix this guys.
  12. I have been having an issue with First Skyfortress mission as soon as i start the Mission after Cartoon sketchy cutscene gamer crashes with Error JUST CAUSE 3 STOPPED WORKING If anybody knows how to fix it please respond. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
  13. Downloaded Dead Island GotY. there is nothing happening everytime I try to launch the game. Running as admin or without admin it doesnt start. All drivers up to date All redist up to date DirectX up to date .net up to date Any suggestions on how to make it work??
  14. Hey Guys!! I´m having some problems with Dragon Age Inquisition. The game worked perfetly when started to cash to desktop without any error messege. I have a DELL notebook, intel i7, 16GB RAM, AMD Radeon R7 M260. Someone could help me?
  15. So i stumbled upon this VN at this site, and since it was a Corepack (reduced size) decided to try it out. It goes along fine, the issue is that it crashes at the ending, not only at the endings, but also it crashes whenever you try to view the A.O.S. After some investigating the Steam release also had that issue but fixed it later with a patch at 03/03/16. Long story short, is it possible for the patch only to be uploaded here? Or maybe re-upload of the game with the patch already in it? The game becomes un-finishable because of said issues. Much appreciated for any info given. Thanks in advance.
  16. Can someone please help me, my games keep crashing during Mr. Weaverbrooks mission to find his son. When i nearly reached the goal place, it keep crashing for me, I'm also use Corepack version by the way.
  17. Hi guys. Trying to play Age of Empires 3 on my laptop but it keeps giving me this error. Any fix? Age of Empires III requires at least a 64 MB video card. This computer appears to have a 32 MB video card. If you wish to upgrade your computer, please contact your computer manufacturer for any necessary assistance. System information: 2300 MHz, 6032 MB, 32 MB (vendorID 1002, deviceID 6660) After which it shows as Initialization Failed. Anyway to fix it please.
  18. PROCEDURE TO INSTALL/FIX THE GAME PROPERLY ! ROPE/GRAPPLE FIX INCLUDED(UPDATED)! 1.Disable your Anti-virus and add the Game Directory as an exception in the Anti-virus. 2.Make sure that you have enough space in the Installation Directory.And then Install the Game. NOTE- If you are getting any "Unarc -x" dll error or something while installing the game ,then Re-check(Re-hash) the downloaded ISO file in the Utorrent. *********************************************************************************************** 3.Apply the Rope/Grapple Fix (UPDATED). I have updated my ROPE/GRAPPLE FIX. With this you dont need to use the 3dm crack compulsory to fix the rope/grapple issue. You can now use the crack of your choice .ie RELOADED , ALI213, 3DM etc . DOWNLOAD LINK:- http://www24.zippyshare.com/v/va42IzdR/file.html INSTRUCTIONS: -just extract and copy the content to game directory and no need to delete anything -And also there is a read me file provided inside just read it. ********************************************************************************************************* 4.Install the SEREBY AIO from the below link: http://www.sereby.org/site/aio It is a ALL-IN-ONE Runtime Installer which includes all the latest(VC++,.NET ,DX ,etc). Just run the installer as Admin and click on the second tab and install. It should fix the random crashes or error while launching the game 6.If you are on a Dual Core System, then you gota use the DUALCORE/BLACKSCREEN FIX. I have made an Updated zip file including the latest Injector and Dll (Which will work with windows 10 too and much more) DOWNLOAD LINK:- http://www39.zippyshare.com/v/CNLCRbqO/file.html HOW TO USE THE INJECTOR:- -Extract and copy the content to the Game Directory. -Run the Extreme Injector(AS ADMIN) -Run the Game(AS ADMIN) -Now go to your settings and decrease your Graphics to have a smooth gameplay on a dual core system. NOW YOUR GAME SHOULD RUN /AND IT WILL ALSO FIX YOUR BLACKSCREEN PROBLEM.
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