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  1. Dims

    Control V 1.03

    An update was released with an important change, which is an option in the settings for motion blur. Control Patch 1.03 Release Notes General – Bug and crash fixes to missions, combat and overall game play – Fixed multiple issues with the PC launcher related to DX11/DX12 crashes Performance – Improved title stability on all platforms – Improved general frame-rate performance through optimizations made to multiple systems and content UI – Improved map loading times (map will no longer tease information) – Motion Blur On/Off toggle added to Options menu – Film Grain On/Off toggle added to Options menu – Fixed incorrect UI behavior on ultra-wide monitors (PC) – Fixed multiple issues when incorrect subtitles are shown for multiple languages – Fixed issue when the game centers the aim on Jesse’s head – Fixed multiple UI related issues Progression – Fixed an issue when player could not acquire ‘Pierce Charging Efficiency’ and ‘Spin Grouping Efficiency’ upgrade – Fixed issue when Crafting Charge and personal Mods would not give the Weapon/Mod but take the materials (Sorry. The Board was greedy) – Fixed issue that prevented players activating the Pierce weapon form upgrade – Fixed issue when Jesse is unable to cleanse the ‘Transit Corridor South’ Control point upon returning from Prime Candidate Program area in the mission The Face of the Enemy – Fixed an issue when Heptonstall would not spawn during certain story missions in the “Old Friends” side-mission (still looking for his buddy Remus) – Fixed issue when Hiss Barrier remains in the Directorial Override mission’s Control Room if the player dies during the binding cut scene Sound – Fixed issue when certain licensed music tracks play after enabling the ‘Mute Copyrighted Tracks’ option – Fixed and issue when audio is out of sync in the Dr Darling videos (PS4) Misc – Fixed issue with the Charge weapon forms erroneous blast radius causing (way) too much visual damage to the environments – Fixed an issue where game would stall when completing a story mission and unlocking a trophy (PS4) Links: Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=111xsyq0UEQx3diCkGZYOHZHsg5SVbVrF Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uztugv7ir0z4utj/CNTRL update v1.02 to v1.03 - twoelv.rar?dl=0 FileBin: https://filebin.net/ykhycj88rtfm6gut GoFile: https://gofile.io/?c=cIMAzD Torrent: https://www.dropbox.com/s/54lqd6af1xl8oaz/CNTRL update v1.02 to v1.03 - twoelv.rar.torrent?dl=0 game working great no problems, time needed depends on your specs Credits to: TwoElv from Cs.Rin.Ru Proof:
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