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Found 5 results

  1. blvvdy_mvvpet


    Hello all. Well I posted here like a few days ago talking about the issue that I had in ac origins that there are no voices during the cutscenes. And someone replied with audio files to download that actually worked for the first sequence in Siwa. But as soon as I traveled to Alexandria then the bug comes back. No voices during the cutscenes. And although this time they don’t even move their lips. But they react with their hands. Weird huh. I’ve done research and all they are suggesting is the audio configuration like changing it into studio. And turning off the surround effect which all of these are ok in my pc. And this is happening to many people and even in odyssey. No matter what is the console even on Xbox and PS people are complaining about this. I’m a big fan of assassin’s creed and I loved origins. But I’m loosing hope.
  2. Hello all and merry Christmas. I just installed assassin’s creed origins and it works perfectly well but I found out that there’s no voices audio especially during the cutscenes. Now I’ve had this issue with mafia 3 which I couldn’t find a workaround for it online. But just to be clear that my pc is quite good and actually it’s new. I bought it like 4 months ago. I finished lots of games such as the assassin’s creed syndicate recently. Played need for speed. Stuff like that. And the voices on them worked alright. So the pc isn’t defective. Only so far AC origins and mafia 3 has issues with the voices only. Because I can hear the environment audio. Any help ?
  3. UNICORN1-50

    Assassin's Creed Origins

    Hey guys....i seem to have run into a problem with this game. It used to with perfectly well until a few days back where due to an infection in my system i had to run ADWCleaner Malwarebytes and Hitmanpro. After running the above 3 softwares this game fails to start n just gets stuck on splash screen. All the drivers updated. Like i said it was working just fine prior to running those 3 softwares. I've tried reinstalling the games many times. Tired Corepacks n Fitgirls repack however the same result. But every other game works just fine without any issues. Specs ain't that great but it gets the job done. Intel i5 AMD HD 8670M 6 GB RAM Its an old timer but a good one to atleast allow me to play the latest games on 20FPS. Appreciate all the help.
  4. Yeah, like title says there Hope you guys can share the best screenshot or picture from photomode you guys take. And console can share too, because why not? Uncharted 4 has the best photomode in game IMHO. and here's mine from ACO, once again thank you corepack and especially you @mdaxus
  5. As we all know that ezio is legendary character form gaming history we all loved to play with him. and we can go in adventure with him in any time. So I request that making repack of assassin's creed ezio's story (Inc. Assassin's creed 2,assassin's creed brotherhood and assassin'screed revolution) with complete dlc . Thanks in advance ......