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Found 29 results

  1. After the success of life is strange ( Totally mesmerizing ), they announced another game, yet to be released named "VAMPYR" So the good news is they won't be implementing the denuvo in the game, its free from those performance chewers. lets hope, developers stay user-friendly, rather being lousy greedy money grabbers! p.s: this game looks promising if possible support the devs ( SAYS THE PIRATE PEASANT ) JOKING! ENJOYYYYY
  2. the game’s Steam store page has revealed that it will be using the Denuvo anti-tamper tech. Jurassic World Evolution will feature 40 different dinosaurs and five islands. In addition, the game will not support mods at launch. Jurassic World Evolution places players in control of operations on the legendary island of Isla Nublar and the surrounding islands of the Muertes Archipelago. Players will build their own Jurassic World as they bioengineer new dinosaur breeds and construct attractions, containment and research facilities. Jurassic World Evolution releases on June 12th!
  4. Hey ! So I have my game save from the AC:O offline activated version, and just downloaded the v3 repack of ACO-CPY and installed it. I know the game has a different version there but is it possible for me to transfer my save ? Do I have to do anything to make it work ? Thank you in advance ! <3
  6. KanzRazor23

    AC Origins

    Previous assassin's creed titles were cracked pretty quickly, Why is Origins so hard to crack?!
  7. MindGamer

    Gears of War 4 -Repack Request

    Hi, I'm new here, I just saw the repack of Fade To Silence, like it has been crackd by "piratka".. So, Gears of war 4 has been cracked by Piratka and so is the Forza Horizon 3, so can you please upload their repacks too.. Thanks..
  8. Denuvo Says It’s Still Winning the War Against Games Pirates !! Despite a number of recent setbacks, anti-piracy company Denuvo says it is still winning the war against video game pirates. In a new interview the company's CEO and marketing director say it's all a question of maintaining perspective while understanding that no anti-piracy technology is flawless. There have been a number of anti-piracy technologies that have become loathed by video games pirates over the years. Some are hated due to their tendency to reduce the quality of the gaming experience. Others are predictably hated due to their effectiveness. In fact, if one took the time to map dislike of a particular technology and place it on a timeline of how long it takes it to get bypassed or ‘cracked’, those graphs would look very similar indeed. So, when we say that Denuvo is currently the most-hated of all anti-piracy technologies, there’s no real need to ask why. Just recently, however, pirates have had reason to celebrate. In a matter of months, Denuvo has gone from pretty much uncrackable to a little bit vulnerable. Early August, a cracker known as Voksi found a loophole in Steam which allowed many Denuvo-protected titles to be played for free. It was a Denuvo bypass, not a full crack, but pirates were grateful. Then, just a few days later the gratitude developed into glee when the first full crack of Denuvo appeared online courtesy of cracking group CPY. But pirates are always hungry for more and immediately wanted to know when new games would become available. They didn’t have to wait long. Just a couple of weeks later the iteration of Denuvo protecting ‘Inside’ was cracked in record time. Not long after, those victories were followed by cracks for new games including Doom and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, so was this the beginning of the end for Denuvo? Well, it all depends on one’s perspective. Over the years, anti-piracy companies have learned that claiming their technology is flawless has always come back to bite them. Denuvo is no different. In a new interview with MCVUK, the company explains that being uncrackable is neither the claim nor the aim. “You have to have a realistic view of anti-piracy measures,” marketing director Thomas Goebl explains. “There is no such thing as unbreakable protection. That’s something we always tell our clients to help manage their expectations. Our scope is to prevent early cracks for every title. We want to allow an initial window when a game is released to have an uncracked version and thus guarantee sales.” When one considers the effort and funds expended leading up to a game’s release, it’s no surprise that the first few days and weeks are the most important in terms of sales. For so-called ‘AAA titles’ (a big target market for Denuvo), marketing expenses can run into millions of dollars, with every cent designed to make gamers salivate with anticipation while moving their hands ever closer to their wallets. Any delay on stopping a pirate copy appearing quickly translates to more sales, Denuvo says. But despite notable recent setbacks, Denuvo-protected titles still do not appear online on day one. Or week one. Or even month one. If people want these games, they’re going to have to pay for them. In fact, it is not unusual for games to remain unpirated for months, something that was unthinkable only a year or two ago when titles often appeared online before launch. Denuvo CEO Reinhard Blaukovitsch told MCVUK that there are a number of strategies that can be employed by developers in order to recoup their development costs and Denuvo is just one piece of the puzzle. “Some trust in DRM solutions, ones that are user-friendly. They also trust in our solution. There may be other solutions, where you go DRM free or do different price ranges in different territories. This is a marketing decision and strategy that the publishers may want to use. If they decide on some DRM technology or techniques, we can help them,” Blaukovitsch says. Marketing man Thomas Goebl says that good games will always sell well but as soon as a working pirated version is available online, suddenly developers have to compete with free. “Even if the service is good, if it has nice community features and so on, those people who don’t want to pay for it simply won’t pay because there is free competition,” he says. Interestingly, Goebl notes something that many pirates will understand already. Multi-player games that require constant access to an online service are in many cases less vulnerable than variants that can also be played substantially offline. Just Cause 3 (released 11 months ago but yet to be cracked) might be considered one such example. “Especially for single player games, or if there’s a big single player portion to the game, it makes perfect sense to use an anti-tamper solution like ours to prevent any cracks during the launch window time frame,” Goebl says. Some pirates might be asking why it’s possible to quickly crack Inside, for example, but not other games that have been released since. The partial answer to that is while crackers like CPY burn the midnight oil circumventing Denuvo, the developers at Denuvo are doing the same with CPY’s work. “The procedure [after a crack] is the same every time. We analyze how the crack was done and then we update our protection. It’s a game of cat and mouse that we play,” Blaukovitsch says. “There are many techniques we use to prevent people from debugging, reverse engineering and otherwise tampering with our software. We are improving that technology or those techniques on a day-to-day basis, and coming up with new ideas that are almost entirely new inventions on a monthly basis on how we improve our service.” The end result, no matter how unpopular with pirates, is that by the company’s own metrics, Denuvo is winning. In the majority of cases the technology does indeed stop games being pirated before, during and after launch, and indeed many months on in most cases. Whether that will continue to be the case moving forward is unclear, but right now Denuvo is still the most-hated anti-piracy technology on the market. As long as it remains that way, it will be doing its job. SOURCE :TORRENTFREAK
  9. Virtual7

    DOOM-PLAZA Repack Request

    The Doom Setup that I have is 86.2GB including the doom-cpy and Update 1-to-5 PLAZA.. The update searches for the files while updating, that corepack ripped during repacking. The corepack setup of doom have denuvo in the game while in later updates denuvo was removed and game performance was optimized. Please if you could make a smaller setup of the the complete game "SKIPPING MULTIPLAYER AND SNAPMAP" would be so much help to save the space. _/\_
  10. Denuvo keyword not found. BUT It says DRM may limit the no of activations. (That's DENUVO's thing)
  11. Cappy22


    Im feeling like Far Cry Primal will be the last denuvo cracked game ;(
  12. Exelab is a community of reversers, they like challenges and now they have released a tutorial for finding and patching license checks of Denuvo........ Video File Link >> They thanked : Convery, Sokie and deadmau5 for the old Steam Emu sources Voksi - made the weekend hard for Denuvo team CPY/CONSPIRACY - the outstanding solution to make the Denuvo work for itself Src - Reddit/crackstatus
  13. Looks like denuvo got updated again.......... This time it comes i the lates update for DOOM as it now generates a new random number license file again inside the "userdata" folder. It isn't called "dbdata" anymore & the game uses two different .exe files one for OpenGL and one for Vulkan api's just like Hitman. Its pretty obvious that Denuvo changed something again. Emulation will be harder now... � � � � DOOM UPDATE 3 - Src - reddit
  14. My Opinion: Most of the high profile games like Mafia 3, Battlefield 1, Tittanfall 2, Mirror's Edge Catalyst so on so on the list just keeps growing, they all have one thing in common Denuvo. As we all have come to know that denuvo requires alots of effort and time to properly crack. So doesn't it make sense to stop waiting for a proper crack and then make a Prepack. While i greatly appreciate Corepack team's effort, i would like to formerly request to Corepack Team that please consider making Prepacks of future and past(not yet cracked games). What do you think Denuvo games should have prepacks right away or not.
  15. Urosh Uchiha

    Denuvo Bypass and Offline Mode

    Greetings fellow gamers, I've been wondering something and I can't find a concrete answer for it so I was hoping someone here has more knowledge/info than I do. When Steam/Bethesda remove Doom Demo from the Store, how will that affect people who play Denuvo protected games using Voksi's bypass in Offline mode? Once we've bypassed the Denuvo protection and went into offline mode we no longer have to worry no matter if they release a fix? Not until we have to go into online mode again, right?
  16. Essentials for Installing, Playing and Fixing PC Games This is a quick guide to help avoid the most common of problems one will get when trying to play PC games on a freshly installed OS, or even after installing a few games with the included redist files. Also the best apps to help fix game problems with and information on finding any available fixes. If you have Windows 32-bit, it's time to upgrade to 64-bit, as many games are now 64-bit only due to higher RAM requirements. All downloads here are 100% adware and virus free! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ CorePacks Game Information CP V1 - Everything at time of release included | CP V2 - some things removed and/or further compressed. Prepack - Wait for Crack | Repack - Crack Included MULTI7 | MULTI9 etc - Which languages are included, usually means just subtitles and interface and audio is in english only, but check the game's steam page as it is usually accurate about included languages. Always remember to READ the NFO's on the game pages so you know what the repacks contain and disk spaced required etc. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Redists - You need redists to play most games on your PC. All in One Runtimes Installer - This includes ALL Microsoft Net Framework, Visual C++ and DirectX files. Also installs Java, Flash, Shockwave and Silverlight for your other games and in-browser internet gaming too. Fully automated and works for any Windows OS version. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Drivers Ensure you are up to date with your drivers, the GPU, audio and motherboard drivers are the most important for gaming. A quick way to get up and running is to use Driver Booster, but as it tends to install bad drivers for some things, your next step is to manually install your Motherboard, GPU, Audio drivers and any other missing and wrong drivers afterwards to ensure you have the correct drivers and best performance. Display Driver Uninstaller - DDU is used when updating video card drivers, as you should always uninstall them with windows and then use DDU to ensure a full clean wipe before installing new ones. Download the new DDU everytime you update your video drivers. Nvidia Physx - Some games need the Physx drivers installed even if you don't have an Nvidia Physx device for allowing CPU calculations of physics in games, some of which work great without FPS slowdowns. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Programs to Install Games - Other apps are NOT recommended! Only use Power ISO to mount and Winrar to extract, this will lead to the least problems! Power ISO - CD Image mounting software, considered the most useful as it mounts any virtual CD Image you will come across correctly. Winrar - Archive software, considered the best for extracting due to having the most compatibility with archives, also among the fastest with great multi-core support. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Other Useful Things Notepad++ - Some game fixes require changes to the games configuration files, opening them with this instead of standard notepad makes it a lot easier. Registry Workshop - Game fixes can also require editing the registry, this application replaces windows regedit and makes it a lot easier to change registry settings, allows copying and pasting of reg key locations and proper navigation and undo features. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Low on Drive Space? Space Sniffer - Uses tiles to represent the size of the folders on your hard drive, making it really fast and easy to recover free space on your hard drive. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Downloading and Installing Cracked Game Prerequisites As well as IDM, try using Jdownloader 2 for direct links as it auto CRC checks for you so you know you got a good download... it also makes direct link downloading as easy as torrents. 1. Before downloading a game or a crack that you are sure is not a virus, disable your anti-virus first. 2. Once you have downloaded and installed your game or crack, add the game folder to your anti-virus exceptions before enabling anti-virus again. This includes Windows Defender, if you have any other anti-virus software installed, Windows Defender shouldn't even be turned on! If you had anti-virus turned on by mistake during a torrent download, disable your anti-virus and then force-recheck your torrent to get the crack files back. This also works if you had anti-virus turned on during extraction of game files, just disable anti-virus and extract again. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Best Google to Use If you don't have Set this as your homepage, as when you are finding game fixes, cracks, files, torrents, missing NFO's etc... is the one that has them all. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ What to do when Trying to Fix a Game Problem First, believe it or not, as long as your game download is not corrupted or fake, redownloading the same game again is not going to help. The exception to this is getting a game from another repacker if you cannot get the installation to work after trying to fix it. Once you have a game download that's it, you now have all you need. From here your options are... reinstalling the game to fix a bad installation and/or downloading missing/mismatching files and then adding them to the game folder... and downloading crack fixes and updates. New game release? Be aware that new releases sometimes need crack fixes rather than official game fixes or updates. Also due to this fact, always try and download the latest available repack when deciding to download a game to help avoid such problems. When you run into a problem with a game, if you get an error message, Google the exact message and you will most likely find fixes. No error message? Try describing what happens to Google with the game name to find fixes. Still stuck? Try searching the forums here and on games torrent comments on Kickass and The Pirate Bay. You can always try asking yourself in the forum or the shoutbox too. Just try every fix you can find to do until the game works. Joypad Emulation Software, other USB devices plugged in other than keyboard and mouse? - Unfortunately, these can sometimes be a cause of game problems, such as lag, start up and in game crashes. A part of your fixing strategy should be to Google about it and/or only have your keyboard and mouse plugged in and joypad emulation software disabled to rule out these problems. Reinstalling the OS is a LAST resort, you really shouldn't need to do it to fix game a problem, only do it once you have exhausted all other possibilities and have tried all the fixes you can find and if you really think it will fix your problem, i.e. if googling tells you it is required due to a Windows problem you find out you have. Guide about OS fixing here - You will not lose any installed applications or personal files using it. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ SAFE PC Gaming Tweaks Reduce Stutter, network gaming lag and Improve Installation Times - It's a guide, click it. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Stuck on anything? What else should be added here? Let us know! Check out the game issues forum too!
  17. Well they finally did it. They managed to crack & play the game but said there are still much to do & will share more later. You need update 1 to play with the crack !!!! DOOM Crack V2 >> DOOM Update 1 >> or Steam Lite & GreenLuma >> DOOM Profile >> For Full Game Go Here >> How To Crack The Game Real tickets from an owner of the game is needed for the crack to work 1) Download steamlite and greenluma & extract both to steam folder. 2) Once Steamlite is running, log in with the details of steam account that owns Doom and the enter Doom ID which is "379720" when asked to add a game. 3) Enter 10 and 11 to dump the tickets for Doom (supply ID 379720 when asked). 4) The tickets will be dumped in respective folders "AppOwnershipTickets" and "EncryptedAppTickets". The folders are in the same folder as the Steamlite executable. 5) Replace folders "AppOwnershipTickets" and "EncryptedAppTickets" from steam lite to the crack folder and overwrite. 6) Put the profile inside "C:\Users\XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\Saved Games\id Software" 7) Put crack files inside game folder & run "DOOMx64YYY777x55.exe" to play game. Working Proof According to MKDEV: "LEGIT VER WORKS FINE PACTHED PROFILE GAME WORKS OK MAYBE WILL NEED TICKET TEST IS COMING LATER TODAY IF ALL PASSING OK… SOON SOME WILL LINK SOME SCREENS RED OFFLINE MODE NEEDED TO PLAY BETTER…" Post your results to help others........ENJOY & Leave a like To Support Corepack Team <p><a href="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2016_06/CjIh5c1.png.7c2fa3250fb866471d6f73b79dec13ab.png" class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image"><img data-fileid="999" src="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2016_06/CjIh5c1.png.7c2fa3250fb866471d6f73b79dec13ab.png" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt=""></a></p>
  18. Cracker under the name Bronco was able to crack the protection Denuvo in the game Rise of Tomb Raider. He spent on hacking for about 2 weeks. Here is video proof >> Mkdev have leaks that Reloaded Cracked ROTTR , but it's gonna be released by a russian hacker (bronco) and they said on pastebin by thier contact , that they will use loaders to crack the game Last message Bronco on Russian crackers forum >> Bronco is also grateful RLD and v00doo. More >>
  19. What is DirectX 12 ? DirectX 12 is a new API promised to deliver the same low-overhead benefits of AMD’s custom Mantle UI, along with vastly improved performance and superior hardware utilization when compared to DirectX 11. DirectX 11 Vs. DirectX 12 [media] [/media] GTX 1080 Benchmark [media] [/media] What’s Special About DirectX 12? Short answer, it can make your PC games faster, if developers decide to tap into DirectX 12 to its fullest. See all features & advantages of dx12 by going here >> Main advantages are: Backward Compatibility As said above DX12 will be backward compatible with older DX11 hardware. This basically means that if your graphics card is less than two years old, you probably won’t need to upgrade. Of course, there are parts of the DX12 APIs that will likely not be available to older hardware that isn’t specifically “DirectX 12 Compatible” but in the end, if you graphics card supports DX11, then it will enjoy the significant bulk of the features DX12 brings to the table. Laptop Users Rejoice Microsoft promises that DX12 will run well on lower-end systems, which means laptops and tablets. Both of these computing form factors are known for having less gaming power.DX12 will at least make gaming on lower-end systems more tolerable. New Multi-adapter Capabilities DX12 works on a low level, which means it has access to far more hardware options than its predecessors. Of these, the multi-adapter is perhaps the coolest. Simply, the multi-adapter strategy allows developers to split processing duties between your main GPU and your CPU’s integrated graphics. This means that when implemented skillfully, your big beefy video card that you paid hundreds of dollars for will only have bear the brunt of the heavy lifting leaving the CPU graphics to do lighter, busy work like post-processing. Microsoft claims this could result in a performance boost around 20 percent. 4K Gaming It’s abundantly clear that 4K video and gaming is the future for now & game makers are clearly moving gradually in that direction.DirectX 12 will definitely accelerate that adoption because it significantly reduces GPU overhead. How to Check & Upgrade DirectX It’s easy to check what version of DirectX you are using right now. Here’s the simple process: Go to Start > Run or press Win + R. Type “dxdiag” (without the quotes) and press Enter or click OK. This will open the DirectX Diagnostics Tool. The bottom of the pane will show which version of DirectX you’re on. If you think you are lagging behind, you can manually download and install DirectX from Microsoft, or just run Windows Update. Which OS is needed to play in DX 12 ? As of now Windows 10 is the only operating system that support DirectX 12. DX12 comes pre-installed on Win10. Which graphic cards are needed to run DX 12 ? DirectX 12 is currently supported on all Nvidia GPUs from the upcoming NVIDIA 1080 to old 400 Series & AMD supports DirectX 12 on GPUs from the HD 7000 series & above) & on "E1/E2/A4/A6/A8-6000" Series APUs codenamed “Beema” & above. For a full list of compatible gpu's NVIDIA >> AMD >> But what about my NVIDIA 900 & AMD 300 cards, aren't they true directX12 cards ? Yes. whilst dx12 can run on almost all above gpu's some of its features can only be played on a true dx12 based card like 900 or 300 series & above. List of current & upcoming games supporting DX12 go here >> If you liked the post support the Corepack Team by commenting or liking the thread
  20. Delirium

    Denuvo (First Version)

    Can anybody explain me how CPY or 3DM "cracked" first denuvo version (2014) all i now is 3dm emulated the game with the game launcher in the game i now there was a something called "loophole" any ideas how they done this.....? 2. whast exactly the problem with the new updated version of denuvo? Please help me thx Delirium
  21. I am sorry if i am asking a dumb question. Since I am new to the denuvo-bypass world I want to know what hardware changes in my pc will affect the activation ( ram, gpu, ssd....) Lets say i install a fresh win 10 copy on my ssd and later i add a second hdd for storage .. will i lose the uplay/steam activations of my games ? of course which was activated for offline use.
  22. So....While everyone's waiting for a solution to Denuvo to pop up...A select few people, are hard at work...and fewer even, have partially sneak past it.. (Special props to Team CorePack for coming up with "Deadnuvo") Now while people are having to come up with ingenious new ways to break Denuvo...I was wondering...and hoping someone could give me a solid answer... Is it even possible to "crack" games that come with Denuvo Protection..? Like, would the classic "crack" system, as we know it, even work..? Or will someone have to come up with a new system that works for this.. Or is it just flat out Not Possible to play Denuvo-Games for free.. Is the "Age of Cracks" truly over..? As a long-standing pirate gamer...It truly hurts..
  23. Denuvo is not going to stop Killing pirates like us.... Even in P0rn games lol.... From Reddit r/crackstatus
  24. Ganesh mgk

    Farcry Primal Crack status

    Will there be a crack deadnuvo release for farcry primal like ROTR..? I came across a post in corepacks that farcry primal has denuvo version 2 so it can be cracked soon or less..
  25. Over twenty years of gaming and computer experience and never had a hard drive issue. I treat my PC like the son I never had. I know hard drive issues can occur by random too but given my personal experience and the rumors that has been around since the start of DENUVO I have reason to believe that DENUVO damaged my hard drive. I'm playing my second DENUVO protected game through felix's method and this is what happened to me. It has been said that DENUVO damages SSD devices but I've also read that it can damage HHD devices all the same. <p><a href="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2016_02/hardDriveDamageDenuvo.png.9e91dd522b2118e4483c8b9dbeb5bb90.png" class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image"><img data-fileid="691" src="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2016_02/hardDriveDamageDenuvo.png.9e91dd522b2118e4483c8b9dbeb5bb90.png" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt=""></a></p> I have to pay for a new hard drive now. Let me know what you think about this.