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      1. When errors and issues while browsing happen usually going incognito can solve the issue.
      2. When did u get the game from Origin ? The game on Origin probably is updated. You should apply the crack to the corresponding updated game files. That means, if the crack is for ME:Andromeda v1.005 then u should get the game files with only the update v1.005 applied, not any other version. BTW this applies to the game save files too, although partially.. If u have the game v1.005 but the saves from a version later, the saves might not work. The other way around is fine though, coz it's one of the use case scenarios considered while writing the code for the game. Hope this clears your doubts and solves your issue.
      3. NieR Automata Day One Edition v1787043 Cracked-BALDMAN

        Guys, if the game crashes for you try removing SmartSteamEmu (but keep the NierAutomata.exe from the BALDMAN crack) and use another Steam Emu (for example, I use the CODEX one). Saying this coz I was using SmartSteamEmu and the game started up once for me. After that I applied the 3C3C1D119440927 DLC and then the game wouldn't go any further than the logos and it would crash. Using the CODEX SteamEmu solved the issue. Even FAR v0.5.6.8 works fine (doesn't detect pirated version).
      4. Does the prepack for Nier Automata work with this crack ?
      5. Thx for the reply
      6. Thx @-FURY ™- !!
      7. Does the game crash even with the crackfix ? Anybody who's applied the update+crackfix care to comment ?
      8. Which is the best movie quality?

        You are welcome.
      9. Which is the best movie quality?

        6CH stands for 6 channel audio (5.1 surround sound), x265 is the latest encoding standard. The two things are not related, but supposing that the encode with 6CH audio is x264 the choice is almost basically just whether your device can handle x265. x265 uses a more complex algorithm to reconstruct the image which is more taxing than x264's encoding algorithm. So, if your device can't handle x265, the choice has been made for you, otherwise I would go for x265 coz it should theoretically give a superior image quality to x264 for the same file size. If u have stereo speakers or heaphones/earphones, either 6CH o regular 2CH audio is the same. Usually 6Ch audio gets down-mixed to 2Ch audio automatically if 6Ch hardware isn't detected.
      10. Which is the best movie quality?

        Yeah, I'm of the same opinion. Each encode varies in quality based on the settings that were used to make it. U need to check the sample pics. They give a rough estimate of quality. I say rough cause the settings applied may affect the reconstruction of the picture during playback. It's in the hands of the encoder, generally speaking. There are encoders that do a pretty good job generally, others are hit or miss.
      11. I meant the thread abt this bypass
      12. can we know the source link ( crack watch page) ? Coz here it seems nobody tried it. Maybe there someone did and has shared their result.
      13. Happy B'Day @ShivShubh !!! Wish u an awesome day !

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