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  1. Anybody else having problems downloading PART 17 from the OPENLOAD links?
  2. Bring it on, i loved RE7.
  3. Yup, that makes sense! I played the game some time back and its really good!
  5. Thanks man Any plans for a single link on uptobox or even 5gb kbagi links?
  6. Its good to have the site back, thank you
  7. Yeah my folder structure was odd, it seems to be working now, still had to download an update.
  8. Having a hard time getting this activated with another account that has a legit Dishonored 2 game in it. I installed the repack in the common folder of steam. What have i done wrong that i can't play this game even with the legit copy of Dishonored 2 in steam? It won't verify the game files. It wants to download the entire game again.
  9. I downloaded this one, no viruses, works perfect on my phone >
  10. Just google BULLY ANNIVERSARY EDITION APK for android, its easy to find. A google search will help you find this a lot faster than waiting for replies from us. revdl has the apk for bully.
  11. Welcome to the community
  12. The Knight will you ever release that resident evil nemesis repack? I saw it months ago. Just asking.
  13. Ok guys i have donated Thank you for the awesome site!

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