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  • Tekken 7 Deluxe Edition [Update 2 +V1.03+ Multi12][countable to old ones] - 35.5 GB | AVAILABLE ![updated]

  • Dying Light The Following – Enhanced Edition Lossless-[ v1.12.2 + All DLCs] Selective Download From  11.6 GB | AVAILABLE !

  • FIFA 17 Deluxe Edition V1 [Multi15 + Latest Squad Updates] - 26 GB | AVAILABLE ! { Updated , Lang Packs}

  • Titanfall 2 Digital Deluxe Edition Lossless - 23 GB | AVAILABLE !

  • Titanfall 2 Digital Deluxe Edition V2 [Singleplayer Only] - 19 GB | AVAILABLE !

  • Mass Effect: Andromeda Super Deluxe Edition[V1.09 + All Packs + Bonus] - 38 GB | AVAILABLE !

  • Mass Effect: Andromeda Update v1.09  ONLY - 3.3 GB | AVAILABLE !

  • Alone In The Dark[2008] - 4.3 GB | AVAILABLE !

  • Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare - 999 MB | AVAILABLE !

  • Kane & Lynch: Dead Men [re-repack]- 2.59 GB | AVAILABLE !

  • Aporia Beyond The Valley - 7.7 GB | AVAILABLE !

  • Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles - 858 MB | AVAILABLE !

  • Dreamfall Chapters: The Final Cut | WIP

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  1. Whenever i use these links i always get a client error 117b error with chrome when you have to enter the captcha. I can download fine via another browser. Anyone else experience this?
  2. Pretty cool game
  3. Thank you!
  4. Thanks for this bro, any plans for a single link on uptobox?
  5. Awesome, that worked, thank you!
  6. Hmmmm, game won't even start running for me but i can see it in Task Manager.
  7. Thank you for the single UPTOBOX link, much appreciated
  8. Awesome man, thank you
  9. Ok all fixed, just needed to install the update, sound fixed. Enjoying the game right now.
  10. Okay got the game to launch but the audio is really messed up.
  11. I keep getting this error when i try to launch the game.
  12. Anybody else having problems downloading PART 17 from the OPENLOAD links?

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