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      1. I have do what have to do,i press esc and open back steamloader.exe and the infinite please wait still occurred.help plz @THE KNIGHT
      2. Is the infinite 'please wait' will happen one time only,or every time we open dawn of war 3 must do the same thing?(like press esc and then open back the game)@THE KNIGHT
      3. Planet Coaster - CorePack | 4 GB

        This include what update?pls reply
      4. prey fully updated - cracked | 18.4 GB

        Hello,do you guys will repack the Prey 2017 from CPY version,they have released it.thank you.

        I want to request planet coaster that have available in steam....but,damn this game using denuvo....but,I think cpy have crack this game when it still in alpha version,thanks
      6. can I play this game online?or can I play LAN with friends??
      7. Grand Theft Auto : Anthology - Corepack | 47.5 GB

        hello,may I ask is gta v update 4 have online gameplay AND how can i play GTA 5 online with this update 4,thank you???????pls reply
      8. Can anyone tell me what is prepack?tell in detail please,i really want to know.thanks

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