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  1. between nier automata and me or the two in same time everything is possible with cpy
  2. ah naruto my first anime and now i follow his son
  3. thanks noro or the chance to win good luck for every one Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands 50
  4. hey bro welcome on board with us
  5. maybe be yes denuvo have no secrets anymore for cpy
  6. u know me so much
  7. New hère welcome on board
  8. always a good work thanks bro
  9. NOTE: This guide applies to Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. How to start the Performance Monitor in Windows The are many ways to start the Performance Monitor. One that works in all versions of Windows is to open the Control Panel and go to “System and Security -> Administrative Tools - Performance Monitor”. You can also use search. For example, in Windows 10, type inside the search box on the taskbar the text “performance monitor” and click or tap on the appropriate result. The same is done in Windows 7: hit the Start button and type “performance monitor” in the search program and files field. The appropriate search result should be the option at the top of the list of results. In Windows 8.1 however, the same tactic doesn’t work: on the Start screen, type “perfmon.exe” or “perfmon.msc” and click or tap on the only search result being shown. How to analyze system performance with Performance Monitor To begin an analysis of your computer's current performance, click Performance Monitor under Monitoring Tools on the program's main panel, as indicated below. If you want to see how your computer performs while using a certain set of apps and programs, make sure to open them now, so the graphs will take note of their impact on your system's resources. By default, the graph shown by Performance Monitor measures Processor time, which is the amount of time that the processor is busy working on running active programs (shown in percentages). This gives you a basic measure of how hard your processor is working. This graph can be customized with additional columns and several other options. For a more in depth analysis, you can add counters to the graph that will detail other data. To do this, hit the green plus sign above the graph. The Add Counters window is opened. Here you can select from an endless list of counters to monitor in real time. They are organized by type. If you double click on the name of a counter, you will see several individual objects and you can select to monitor any of them, as well as all of them. When you are done selecting the counters and the objects that you want to monitor, click or tap the Add button. You will see the added counters on the right side of the window. When you click or tap OK, they are added to the graph that is shown by Performance Monitor. For the graph below, I used the Processor counter set. It shows very technical but useful data such as Interrupts/sec (The numbers of interrupts your processor was asked to respond to. They are generated by hardware components like hard disk controller adapters and network interface cards) or %User Time (The total amount of non-idle time that was spent on User mode operations). Now you can go ahead and perform the activities that you want monitored using the selected counters and see how they change in real time. How to customize the way data is displayed in Performance Monitor You can also look at the data in other formats by clicking the Change graph type button (or hitting CTRL+G on your keyboard) and choosing the Histogram bar or Report options. This picture shows the data in Histogram format. And here we have an example of the data display for the Report option. You can further change how the data is displayed, by clicking the Properties button highlighted below or pressing CTRL+Q on your keyboard. This opens the Performance Monitor Properties window, where you can customize how each counter is displayed, in what color, using which type of lines and so on. Both the Data and the Graph tabs can be used for this personalization. When you are done personalizing everything as you wish, don’t forget to press the OK button.
  10. moded or no ?
  11. thanks for share @erika asuna
  12. what ?? it says full unlocked not full cracked there no crack for wd2 if u have th game u can play it not then wait crack
  13. Thanks knight but there is french language avaible in thèse prepack ??
  14. how much do u need guys ?
  15. I really think that soon even Skidriw and reloaded started cracking denuvo

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