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  1. some dead links need openload links!!!

    make a new topic in dead link .... some one will reupload them
  2. some dead links need openload links!!!

    the link are almost 1 and half yrs old ...u can't expect them to be working ....
  3. Link Dead

    Thanks @Anees-A and @THE PRINCE for reuploading.... waiting for other 2 ...
  4. Link Dead

    if possible pls provide google drive single iso link ... thank u
  5. Link Dead

    link are dead
  6. first of all cp won't repack Wolfenstien game due it's bad compression rate (repacking won't do much good) and if u want to request other games then go to forum > request repack (https://corepacks.com/index.php?/forum/12-request-repacks/) but pls confirm that repack hasn't been already posted
  7. link dead

    pls reupload the link for Tomb raider goty ed, Dragon Age Origins : Ultimate Collection
  8. Advice to Moderators, Esp. SENIORs

    that for sure will be smaller as it will be a V2 repack but it might be lossy repack
  9. Advice to Moderators, Esp. SENIORs

    Every game has diff. compression ratio ....compare mad max and wolfenstien .... and are u sure the video in the game lossless because id they are lossy then it's okay ... and installation times matters too bro ....
  10. INCREDIBLE..........Keep up the great work..
  11. [Closed]- Hello world

  12. Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

    Pls repack this game...
  13. Ubisoft 30th anniversary, new gifts

    Day 16........ But it will be very hard to get a copy...
  14. Just Awesome..................@The Knight Thank for the repack bro...........waiting for such complete ed.