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      1. FH3

        Yes i think u hit the cancel button...you need to install the whole game again and dont poke around this time.. let the installer run and have patience till the game installs.
      2. Sniper Elite 4, how to connect server?

        Try this multiplayer fix. Download Here
      3. Ghost Recon Wildlands Activation for FREE

        you want the game
      4. Ghost Recon Wildlands Activation for FREE

        Done. Enjoy
      5. Ghost Recon Wildlands Activation for FREE

        Yes I got the following
      6. Ghost Recon Wildlands Activation for FREE

        yes NORO got me verified
      7. ruLeS: 1. liKe tHIs PosT. 2.You must have the game files. Also post a screenshot of the game files. 3. You must have UPLAY installed on your computer. 4. Also install Teamviewer or Anydesk. NOTE: Dont ask for activation if you dont have the game files. Also dont PM me for activation else i will not activate your game. Download the game HERE Game Has Been Cracked By STEAMPUNKS!! Cheers
      8. Just Cause 3 DLC

        Find a steam rip torrent that has all dlcs then deselect all and keep bavarium sea heast folder checked and start the download. Hope that helps you.
      9. GTA V problem in installation

        Try running it in compability mode. Also Rehash your game with torrent to check if it is corrupt.
      10. ReCore Repack

        Please repack ReCore.
      11. Watch Dogs 2 Balck Screen Startup

        Uninstall the game. then install it again after that disconnect from internet and launch the game using game icon...also i just need to install uplay dont login using an account just install uplay dont login into it.
      12. How to reinstall Forza Horizon 3

        1.Uninstall the game(If its installed) 2.Turn off your anti-virus(Windows Defender or what u have). 3 Reinstall the game 4. When the CMD window appears press the correct option i think its 3. as far as i can remember. If it still fails then go to the directory where the game is installed and run fhtool.exe as admin. Let me know if it works.
      13. torrent is dead can someone please reupload it...i accedently deleted the game and managed to recover the files but the problem is that each file is corrupt i rehashed it with the old torrent and seems like 500 Mbs are corrupt but the torrent is dead...please reupload it
      14. Happy Eid Al-Fitr to all

        Eid Mubarak to everyone on CP

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