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      1. hey buddy the Hitman for all corapikians Hitman has been removed from family view will it be re added? just like to know also if not best to update thread... thanks very much... its mainly for I need the latest dlc just came out yesterday the Colorado dlc... thanks buddy
      2. not quite sure how the hell this is 3GB ish the full game, all the dlc's and all high res packs it can't be I dont believe this has all of that no compression could get 30GB+ to 3GB I'm sure HD texture packs aren't included but I could be wrong (though doubt it lol) Anyway I need a different copy of this for a project I'm working on.. And my main one is a mess from years of mods and hacks etc, still works just need a fresh one... Do you mind telling me what version this is if you know? thanks doesnt say what version of the game it is in description or nfo cheers would really help me, thanks alot
      3. ? you clearly haven't read the thread. If you already have NBA2K17 either legit version on steam or the Cracked Codex version with Update 1 and Revolts Online fix crack so you can play online with the Cracked version of NBA2K17 literally all the threads and links and info is in the thread above.. If you have NBA2K17 cracked CODEX but not the online fix and Update 1 then go to the links I provided at top. And then if you want to hack and mod your game stats money points VC etc then you use the Cheat Engine tool with the provided Cheat Table.. Everything in in the thread above I suggest you read through it properly buddy Honestly if you have no idea about what I'm on about or have ever done it before I wouldn't bother you will just mess it up and have problems. Really for people who have used CheatEngine before
      4. There are also some great Trainers for this game already I recommend MrAntiFun but if you want to google the below lines you will find them NBA 2K17: TRAINER (+7) [1.0] {MRANTIFUN} http://mrantifun.net/index.php?threads/nba-2k17-trainer.9272/ Options: F1 - Inf.Stamina F2 - Inf.Points F3 - Inf.UpgradePoints F4 - Super Stats F5 - Freeze Game Timer F6 - End Game Timer F7 - Reset Stats Also FLING is good NBA 2K17: TRAINER (+15) [1.0] {FLING} https://cloud.mail.ru/public/58iT/Y4LkDvx4s <-Grab this so you dont have to go through the BS of redirects etc from FLING http://flingtrainers.com/nba-2k17-v1-0-update-1-plus-15-trainer-fixed-fling/ Trainer options Numpad 1 - Add 10 Score (Home Team) Numpad 2 - Add 10 Score (Away Team) Numpad 3 - Infinite Stamina Numpad 4 - No Fatigue Numpad 5 - Freeze Timer Numpad 6 - End Current Quarter Numpad 7 - Infinite Points Numpad 8 - Add 5000 Points Numpad 9 - Ignore Attribute Limits Numpad 0 - Max Upgrade Availability Numpad (.) - A+ Rating Numpad (+) - Infinite Fans Ctrl + Numpad 1 - MyGM Infinite Experience Ctrl + Numpad 2 - MyGM Add 5000 Experience Ctrl + Numpad 3 - Infinite Price Changes Ctrl + Numpad 4 - Super Speed Ctrl + Numpad 5 - Slow Motion Home - Disable All
      5. I have been personally using this for last couple days. Some but very little bugs but primarlly works great, and yes VC works.. has just been updated to work better to. Us the multiplier its safer and don't go mad. And yes this works on "NBA2K17-CODEX" with "NBA.2K17.Update.1.and.Crack-3DM" and Revolts Online Fix "NBA.2K17.Update.1.Online.Fix-RVTFiX" which you can get from below links http://corepacks.com/index.php?threads/nba-2k17-update-1-online-fix-rvtfix.18997/#post-128581 And original site with Updated links for Online Fix http://revolt.loginto.me/index.php?/topic/3116-nba-2k17-download-thread/page-1 Cheat Engine is a free program that you can use to hack into nearly any PC game. You can download it for free: http://www.cheatengine.org/ (Just released while I was making this thread v1.2) Version 1.2 20/09/16 Improved MyPlayer pointer yet again. Removed End of match VC earnings multiplier as it didn't work right all the time Added hidden badges to badge selection sections. Added Attribute Override (same function as the Attribute Manipulator in my 2k16 table) Please be aware that I made and tested it for single player use ONLY. Version 1.1 19/09/16 Updated CE table with a couple new features. Fixed MyPlayer pointer so it works if playing offline also Added Attributes & Badges data. (Doesn't save if changed as its synchronized with the server) Added Fans under MyCareer Added option to fill up Doin' Work bar to maximum on any progress Added End of match VC earnings multiplier (Use common sense on this one to not end up banned) Added offline points Added MyPlayer Teammate grade & match stats From Previous Version 1.0 17/09/16 Sliders & Settings Create a Player MyPlayer Vital Info (No stats, badges etc yet) VC (Display only, is stored on server cannot change) Match Data (Quarter Number / Clock / Match Stats) This should go without saying but backup your saves etc Download links: Latest: v1.2: http://wikisend.com/download/692044/NBA2K17-Release_1.2.CT v1.1: http://wikisend.com/download/198700/NBA2K17-Release_1.1.CT v1.0: http://wikisend.com/download/353848/NBA2K17-Release_1.0.CT I'll try keep them updated but best to keep a eye on source and for support & questions Note: Addresses will automatically update while on the menu ONLY. If you disable the table script you will have to return to the main menu after re-enabling it for addresses to be updated again. Warning There is always a risk when using cheats specially if you're tying to hack the in-game currency for online modes. Don't try to cash in crazy amount of VC. You have no one to blame but yourself if you use this table and receive a ban. Gameplay Settings Sliders - Allows you to modify the sliders settings for User and CPU. Set the value to 1 to enable or 0 to turn it off Season Settings Game per season - You can set it to 14 games, 29 games, 58 games, or full 82 games (full season). Playoff format - You can change the amount of games needed to win the Quarterfinals, Semis, Conference Finals and NBA Finals. You can change it to single elimination, best-of-3 or best-of 5. The default is best-of-7. Sim quarter length - The amount of minutes per quarters when you simulate a game. Create a player - Under this category you'll find various options you can use for your MyPLAYER in MyCareer. You can change your first name and last name, primary and secondary position, scoring style [balanced, outside, inside], height (cm), weight (lbs), handedness & dominant dunk hand [left, right], years pro, peak age and peak end. Note: You can only adjust the height during player creation. The max height you can use before your player become distorted is 7 ft 7. Wingspan and body length will automatically all adjust. MyCareer Free Agency Salary - Note that changing the default value could lead to you getting banned. Cyber face ID - Allows you to use the face of an NBA player, coach, staff, celebs and pretty much everyone that has cyberface in the game. Please refer to the cf id list. You must restart the mode in order for the changes to take effect. My Minutes - Minutes per game in MC. Team Chemistry - You change the value from 0 to 100. Fans - Number of fans in MyCareer. Getting 5,000,000 fans will unlock the Man Of The People achievement. MyPark Rep Level - Changes your reputation level at park temporarily. Options are available from Rookie 1 to Legend 5. Server will overwrite after you exit the game. Max upgrades - By default you can only unlock up to 100 attribute upgrades. This cheat allows you to get more. 120 is the maximum which allows you to fully maxed out all skill sets of your player. Take note that by doing so, you will get a "One of a Kind" tag and people can easily identify you as a cheater in MyPark. Offline points - The points you earn in offline game modes. VC - Fake value. Real value is stored on 2K server and cannot be modified. You can only use this to buy upgrades. End of match VC earnings multiplier - Use common sense on this one to not end up banned Upgrade cost - Set to 0 and freeze [X] to buy upgrades for FREE! Creator Cheat Table: Veryan77 Source: http://www.nba2k.org/2016/09/nba-2k17-all-in-one-cheat-engine-table-steam.html
      6. NBA.2K17.Update.1.Online.Fix-RVTFiX

        links have been fixed the site wasn't down just the 3DM update 1 link was dead http://revolt.loginto.me/index.php?/topic/3116-nba-2k17-download-thread/ Oh and you wanted the VC thing, well I posted the links in where I spoke of it, its just a cheatengine file works great can do almosty everything... You cant directly give yourself VC well you can I did 999,999,999 and got banned on a spare account to see it I could, but you use the VC multiplier make it x4 or x5 so when ever you get VC it will be xwhat ever you set it at I made a thread on NBA2K17 hacks and stuff here http://corepacks.com/index.php?threads/nba-2k17-all-in-one-cheat-engine-badges-upgrades-attributes-sliders-stats-salary-caps-vc-more.19159/
      7. NBA.2K17.Update.1.Online.Fix-RVTFiX

        you'd be suprised buddy. But cool no worries I'm just set in my ways and honestly anyone whos knows who Revolt is would already be there and have it. So 9/10 of the people getting it from here won't know who they are and will expect and think your the creator. Just how it is. But I'm not having a go, just personally its how I am.. I never like to post something without original links etc... but nw
      8. NBA.2K17.Update.1.Online.Fix-RVTFiX

        I know you guys aren't massively bothered about it. But I really feel when you basically take someone else work from another site and use the exact same post, links (and make money of someone else links with your cypt.ga redirects) not add any extra info (nor will you be able to provide proper support) I just really feel you should credit the creators and post original link "[URL]http://revolt.loginto.me/index.php?/topic/3116-nba-2k17-download-thread/[/URL]" So people can get proper support, and updates give thanks for the hard work etc... Maybe just me being old guy been around for long time running websites etc, just feel should show respect and lead by example to the communities users that you do things properly and with respect.... maybe just me. By the way for anyone interested this works great all features online work, been playing against legit game owners all day. Also for anyone wanting VC it can be done only with a Multiplier on Cheat Engine google this> "CheatEngine with NBA2K17-Release_1.1.CT" here is straight dl link [URL]http://w2.wikisend.com/node-fs/download/873d8feb3479ee5d74b7bccceeb5e451/NBA2K17-Release_1.1.CT[/URL] Credit to: CheatEngine and [URL]http://www.nba2k.org/2016/09/nba-2k17-all-in-one-cheat-engine-table-steam.html[/URL] [USER=82793]@IMZZZ[/USER] you may want to add these to the OP and there very useful and I can confirm working

        yeah mine is the v1.33 cracked and mine runs fine with it been playing at 4K with the V3 reshade that comes in the folder looks absolutely amazing..

        Ive had this "can't move cursor issue myself, its something to do with your save and it not liking the mods, simply reload a different save and it will be ok 99% of the time

        Here you go guys Day one Patch Mediafire: https://t.co/5qKV73G7Rp Or Google drive:[MEDIA=googledrive]0B-4Hr1JAC98bSTdhQXFJUkJCb1U[/MEDIA]

        Here is a torrent for the 3.3GB GTA5_REDUX.zip https://uploadfiles.io/a5f51

        to be honest dude, no offence. But anyone who has a monitor 1366x768 really should get a upgrade man... and if your GPU isnt good enough to run this then just leave it.... you can find 1920x1080p moitors cheap as chips on ebay £20-30 christ my 1440p 21" I just got for my sons PC was only £109 on sale brand new I have the GTX1080 my son has the GTX1070 both MSI gaming x varients

        if anyone has the " REDUX_PATCHDAY1.zip " upload it please cheers

        sadly the whole site is dead https://gyazo.com/767e2f793c8f241072c78478bf045877

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