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      1. Having Weird Problem With my Computer System

        Ok... Its Fixed Now... Here is What I did.. I used AMD Cleanup utility driver for Clean uninstall then used DDU It also deleted some files.. Then Turned off my PC, Ejected GPU then Re-entered it and downloaded an Old Driver Redeon Crimson 17.5.2 and its working now... Fault starts From Redeon Crimson 17.6.1 till latest 17.7.2 Lets hope AMD fixes this damn new issue..... PS: There is a feature in Crimson called 'Wattman' that is blocking Core Clock.....
      2. Having Weird Problem With my Computer System

        Post Was Edited Please Check it..
      3. Having Weird Problem With my Computer System

        Tried Not working.. Edited Post Pleas check..
      4. Having Weird Problem With my Computer System

        I have Windows 7 SP1 and its not windows related..
      5. So Usually I When I play Games Like Witcher 3, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Batman Arkham Knight, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Just Cause 3,ETC, they use 100% CPU For Some Reason Now Every Game is Using 50% CPU, I have no Idea Why??? And now game are lagging Like Hell Like I'm Playing on Pentium 4 CPU.... My Specs: Processor: Core 2 Quad q9650 3.0GHz Ram: 6GB GPU: R7 250 2GB OC EDITION GIGABYTE [I Didn't Overclocked My GPU] PSU: Antec 650W [http://www.antec.com/product.php?id=1228&lan=uk] HDD: 1- 500 GB Seagate 2- 1TB Hitachi I have searched google for 5hrs continuously No Valid Fix Some Results say PSU is Faulty... Some say Ram is Faulty... Some say HDD is Faulty... Some Say GPU is faulty Every post has different Solutions I tried None Worked for me... Please Somebody Provide a Proper Solution.. Thanks............ EDIT: Found the Issue Its GPU Driver related but I used DDU and AMD Cleanup Utilities Not Fixed Tried Old Version GPU Drivers and Latest.... One more thing My Core Clock Gets Stuck at 400mhz But Memory Clock is OK... My GPU Temp usually Goes 80% now stucked at 45%.
      6. Suggest me some good games!

        The Witcher 2,The Witcher 3, Just Cause 3, Batman Arkham City, Batman Arkham Knight, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, DMC4, Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain,MadMax. Bro there 100s of games to choose from....
      7. @The Wizard Dude Reply Please Upload Update 13 on Kbagi....
      8. @-RAVEN- What is the difference between this and V2???
      9. Bro can you please upload Updates to Kbagi... Openload is kinda slow on my broadband... and sometimes it doesn't respond..
      10. Re-Downlaod Part 17 and Part 24....and use 7zip if winrar fails...
      11. Alright... Can't Wait to Swing The Sword of New Mech they've shown....
      12. @THE KNIGHT Just Repack the update 1.3 if you please no new Game repack is needed....
      13. I say Make Repack of Patch that would save from Redownloading the Whole game... The kind of Repack I'm asking is both 1.2 and 1.3 made to one Repack... But The Choice is all your's Boss...
      14. Bro Steampunks Size is 2.40GB and This Repack's Size is 2.17GB Why so Small Difference?

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