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      1. Corepack Team, soaked in the majestic tri-colors, wishes all its members Happy Independence Day on the occasion of Indian Independence Day. In the words of Late Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, "Vande Mataram", which means, "I bow down to thee, Mother Land", either it is Mother India or Mother Earth. -RamiroCruzo Admin, Corepack
      2. Happy Birthday Sheepy
      3. Watch Dogs Complete Edition - CorePack | 14.4 GB

        @-NORO- Ahem..!!! We were not that respectful in that thread either, were we? @PromaG Well, that cmd is actually installation, its used to *blabbers tons of non-sense repacking stuff*...Rest easy ;) function ISExec(CurComponent:Cardinal; PctOfTotal,SpecifiedProcessTime:double; ExeName,Parameters,TargetDir,OutputStr:AnsiString;Show:boolean):boolean; external [email protected]:ISDone.dll stdcall delayload';
      4. Watch Dogs Complete Edition - CorePack | 14.4 GB

        Calm down fellas @Grim Nova and @PromaG ...No swearing in forum :D As for Bitcoin miners, they are not there, her repacks are not user-friendly that's all...And why worry when we are here XD ;)
      5. *Demotes me to compete* Bring it on
      6. ISarcextract error

        Why are you running setup.exe separately? Run it from the folder where .cpi files are
      7. CorePack OFFICIAL Android App

        Nice work mate Looking forward for more apps As for iPhone, @-PUNISHER- and @-Herbert-, here ya go: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ipb-buddy/id458328962?mt=8
      8. CorePack OFFICIAL Android App

        I donate ya 500 trillion Z$ :3 Send me your animal fantasies ;) XD
      9. Corepack Members & Staff Remembrance Day

        @[ShadowHacker] ofc we remember the naughty you ;)
      10. Corepack Members & Staff Remembrance Day

        "Even if I can't see you... no matter how far away you may be... I will always be watching you." ? Don't remember their names, but Uncle Iroh from GTA V debug thread and Kakaka Dark Jackal, I miss them, guys were always goofing around :3
      11. Whaddup Y'all....

        Welcome matey
      12. Gui/Installer Problem

        Automated Message : The Topic has been Moved from Forum Basics > Complaints And Suggestions to Game Issues > Off-Topic > Solved Game Problems .
      13. Gui/Installer Problem

        Done done :D Happy ending, anyone with the same problem, just revert back "Custom Scaling" in advanced display settings
      14. Gui/Installer Problem

        Got TeamViewer? PM me details if you have no problem with it

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