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  1. good luck with that. I have played the other versions of this game and had to switch the data files around. Hopefully, this 1.6 version will be better. Had to do some troubleshooting for the guys who had issues playing this game.
  2. This is a good idea. It is something that I have suggested months ago. Creating a small section where we show the folks in Corepack how much money it takes to maintain the site a month and having a donation button with it is something that should be done. It should also where the donated money will go to such as paying for server costs, etc.
  3. moving thread to appropriate forum.
  5. It has japanese subs and language.
  6. reporting dead links for call of juarez.
  7. Do you have windows live? You need windows live in order to play this game. That is why it's saying you're missing that particular .dll
  8. Bro, there is no such thing as an online crack...and we don't crack games, we repack cracked games.
  9. don't really know, whenever cpy decides to crack it, we will have it repacked.
  10. moving this thread to the right section.
  11. Homefront: the Revolution has not been cracked. Are you asking for a prepack of the game?
  12. so you turned off your antivirus and firewall before you installed the game. When the game's installation is complete, you double-clicked on the game icon and nothing happens? is that what happened?
  13. what's the issue? Can't really help when the problem is game is not working.
  14. Ok, then this topic can continue.

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