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  1. i was looking for it .. many thanks . is this game need sse4.1 ?
  2. same problem .. thanks
  3. welcome back corepack missed you
  4. thanks cpy thanks corepack
  5. finally i can play ROTR . with a legal account owend by my frind i activate the game . without any family share crack or luma emu or deadnouvo . just downloded the game with an account and still play the game on offline mode of the steam . now i and my frind can play the game with the same account but me on offline and him on online is there any way to skipe the first launche on online mode requested by steam ? after format the system
  6. prince of persia warrior within tomb raider 2013 resident evil 5 alien resurrection on ps1 the mommy on ps1
  7. very thanks. but if i use the crack what i do if i setup new win ? is the game still activated ?
  8. helo . i want to know the difrance between family share Without crack ...... and th family share crack ????? if i use the family share crack can i save the game normaly ????? If my frind whose give my family share is play the game (online) I will be kicked .but what about if he play offline ??? and how i will be kicked when i play the game on offline mode . i mean how the steam know this. ??? I take about rise of tomb raider game. Thanks.
  9. thanks for your help
  10. yes he buy the game and he give me the account and the access code as a gift but he now want to play the game with his account . my question is a way to keep the game for me with any method { deadnuvo or lumaemu) and give him his accont to play the game . wich beter method and the steps for that -----..thank for your kind rainbow rambo :60:
  11. you mean that i can now ply the game on offline steam or without net connection. and he will able to play his game with online steam .?? what if i want a new window ? ((thank very will bello99 and rainbow rambo)
  12. i have both of the account included the game and the access code . i can play the game now without internet connection .. can i use this access code with deadnuvo crack . i afried his account get banned.. and how i use family sharing with his account to me . pleas help me with simple steps. i wont know how i get family sharing with his account without bannding the accont

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