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  1. cool game, thanks
  2. anyone encountered a crash when you go to the desert area to eliminate some robots ? i have played until that point without any crashes
  3. thanks it works now :)
  4. i have a question, i played a decent amount of the game on the baldman release, then i deleted it and now i installed this one so does anyone know where this version keeps its saves so i can transfer them?
  5. amazing game, thanks for repack
  6. so do i actually need to put the update aswell or it will work ok without it? on prepack release
  7. game won't start for me, funny because the first version of the game worked just fine
  8. hmm im not sure its possible to convert into files on specific filehosts, although there are sites like zbigz that convert torrent into direct link, but they have a limit on file size if u dont pay
  9. then u have a deal
  10. well ok then, so u really want bf1 ?
  11. nah, im just looking for the games i've stated so sry
  12. not interested in those games
  13. I am verified owner of battlefield 1 my own one, want trade for watch dogs 2(when it comes out), fifa 17 or dishonored 2

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