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  1. game won't start for me, funny because the first version of the game worked just fine
  2. hmm im not sure its possible to convert into files on specific filehosts, although there are sites like zbigz that convert torrent into direct link, but they have a limit on file size if u dont pay
  3. then u have a deal
  4. well ok then, so u really want bf1 ?
  5. nah, im just looking for the games i've stated so sry
  6. not interested in those games
  7. I am verified owner of battlefield 1 my own one, want trade for watch dogs 2(when it comes out), fifa 17 or dishonored 2
  8. yep i also got that error when using the denuvokiller bypass i'm not sure what should i do now?
  9. I can confirm that when you play longer, the framerate gets much better. Also putting fps lock to MAX helped me alot... Also there is another way to get the game back when you alt tab from it, at least it works for just press on the game in the taskbar really fast and it will come back
  10. Niceee, I really enjoyed this game and the soundtrack was absolutely fabulous!
  11. after you change the settings, they only apply when you restart the game
  12. That GPU doesn't support DX12 so when you upgrade to a GPU that does support it, you will see DX12 in dxdiag also quantum break won't work unless you have DX12

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