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  1. Oo very nice, thank you. UPDATE: Corrupt download with browser... will try with jd2 instead, working! :) xD
  2. +rep loves haley and pepe

  3. Nice picture, xD
  4. I thinks I'm gonna give this one a go, looks scary, good thing I don't own white boxers.
  5. I CAN'T WAAIIITTT! Actual strafe jumping for speed too, excellent... BRING BACK THE SKILL!
  6. Never said you could, but it DOES work, you can play it on lower settings decently!
  7. yeah, he should just shut up lol... with a pc like that, you don't worry about specs, you just get whatever game you want and make it work, cause it will work decently in the end,
  8. shut up lol
  9. So what gpu, any stutters at all? How are so many people getting away with only 4gb ram on newer games? I remember my old PC, q6600, 4gb ram, 5850 1gb, stuttery mess with cod ghosts, a game needing 6gb ram to run but had a fix to make the game run with less than 6gb ram... when I upgraded to 2500k with 8gb ram, STUTTERS GONE!
  10. Not all games have the same requirements, BAK has 6gb minimum for a reason bro. Maybe you can get away with it, but that depends on how much VRAM you have. Generally, having more VRAM means less RAM is used by a game.
  11. topic moved to games issues
  12. Topic moved to games issues!
  13. 1. Google it... 2. Check results... In short, UNPLAYABLE!
  14. lol, I like your serious answer, I was making a dirty joke here... you pretends it didn't happen,
  15. hmm, but why bother with a pc for local co-op if you want to have a manly joust? Seems a bit of a faff tbh.

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