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      1. We cannot fix the peers lol... peers are you and other members, it is down to all corepackians, you must all seed to fix the peers! A quicker solution is to use the direct links with...
      2. Password for binbox? Included in link, it is just bad link handling. This is a more common issue on mobile browsers. If you notice the URL at the top of your browser, it is missing the #qRW8sFJI part of the URL... and binbox.io asks for a password beginning with #... so password is right there in not so plain sight. If you just follow the clues, it makes perfect sense. Besides, this post is from retired staff, why would it be a scam link, he has no good reason to provide scam links... We do NOT DO SCAM LINKS!
      3. Best downloader for Corepacks Repacks!

        A screenshot or two would help here bro.
      4. GTA 5 Texture fix

        https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Gta+V+texture+issue&oq=Gta+V+texture+issue&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0i7i30k1j0i30k1j0i8i30k1l2.4120.4441.0.4760. The game has been around so long now that google is very helpful, there are various fixes and you may or may not be able to fix it depending on your pc specifications, i.e. if your pc is below minimum specifications it is harder to fix. Try your best to solve the problem, try all fixes! I hope that you downloaded the latest repack of GTA V as well!
      6. A request

        Openload does work properly with Jdownloader 2, a guide for this is in tutorials.
      7. GTA Vice City

        We do not make repacks with mods, also the game is very very old (2002) and not that big of a download. Solved and locked.
      8. Please do not make false requests, all kbagi links are working.
      9. An idea for the CP Installer

        Anyway... it is decided that NFO's are best kept seperate to the installer. This because it makes the most sense to have the NFO available to you before downloading the repack, not after! We could make an NFO database of our own and/or include NFO's separately in a game torrent. For now you can simply use Google and Reddit as a database for now, as most of the NFO's are actually on other sites. Topic solved and locked.
      10. An idea for the CP Installer

        Well that is normal really, bit of a steep price, should have haggled the price down.
      11. An idea for the CP Installer

        Damn, but bought as physical copy or online?
      12. An idea for the CP Installer

        Hmm ok.. @-PUNISHER- @THE KNIGHT @ShivShubh Any chance of uploading all broken link NFO's in a post? Also many of the NFO's are posted elsewhere on the net too.
      13. An idea for the CP Installer

        how is this even relevant to the topic?
      14. Redout - CorePack | 3.4 GB

        Owww, you need to make reupload request in dead links forum section
      15. An idea for the CP Installer

        Why do you need a manual? It is a fully automatic installer and straightforward to use. Do you mean.. a game manual? Can't really source these off the net, they hardly exist anymore lol.

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