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  1. Actually repairing windows will take the same time as installing new windows or sometimes it will take better install fresh copy.And to say windows 10 pro is the best version.Its like the windows 7 ultimate version which has no restrictions in it and has all options enabled for full use.(windows 7 is still badass)
  2. Windows 10 pro is the best and the most used version as windows 7 ultimate
  3. Same here I just installed windows 10 lastest with latest and relive fine
  4. See how much ram is free during your installation.If enough ram then if you have two ram sticks then remove both and use only one during installation.close UAC because it blocks repack files.
  5. Man what a creepy wallpaper.piss in the pants.
  6. Yes good.Best hide and kill game.
  7. Ubisoft : Hutchinson you leaving us.That's not good. Hutchinson : yes I am leaving you.Making new ip and new studio.(nevermind my ass sin's creed was total crap). Ubisoft : ok Hutchinson we will still continue our crap and unoptimised work and make new assassins until we get bankrupt.hope you learnt something from us. Hutchinson : LoL thanks. Way to go ubisoft.keep it up.Good.Good bye Hutchinson farewell.
  8. By my thinking there is nothing like 2 core or 4 core installation.just remember the more less number of cores installation time is more and more number of cores powerful ones the installation takes less time.even i5 is 4 core and i7 also 4 core but installation goes faster on i7 due to powerful there is nothing like it will not install on a dual core.just keep up the ram free and AV off you are good to go.BTW all repack teams support 2 core installation.They just write 4 core on their NFO because most of them have 4 core cpu.(nevermind kaos crew uses old school repacking method never heard of their repacks not installing on 2 cores.)
  9. If 60gb one worked for you then this should work without any problem.He meant to say your rig is not enough for this game.That's all.
  10. Crack is completely stable it's by a scene group and denuvo is also removed it's the game that's unoptimised.Better have a good rig to play it.
  11. Knight completely forget about the game.I just asked him and then he remembered.Good one btw.☺
  12. I guess 75 GB as it's written in NFO.maybe I may be wrong.
  13. No solid proof till now whether it affects performance till now.But by my thinking it affects.

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